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Stockpiles are amazing. Expecially for free stuff. Like tp and papertowels and toothpaste that we all donate to people in need. Poor people cannot be choosers. People who dont coupon are crazy.! And i understand that people do not have time to coupon but i only spend 10 hours a week and save tons of money. You just cant be lazy. Yes, I really hope one day that they will come to realize how unhealthy their diets are as well. The health challenges we face in this country are very serious and need to be addressed by our food choices.

I was just watching the show and it featured a young women all of 24 years old who weighed probably pounds and her friend. I am almost 50 and I work out, take care of myself and by no means eat processed foods. This girl has too much time on her hands which would better be served spending time in the gym and taking care of her child. I have a son with Autism and I watch what he eats and that means fresh fruits and vegetables not processed dinners and sugary foods. I could not believe that this was a 24 year old, with all that weight she looked 35!

Get a job, work out and find something better to do with your time time, diving in dumpsters is not considered a workout!!! I agree with you. Very unfortunately, the show represents what is going in our country and it is really sad that people are not getting the message. It is a travesty that the U. Hello, they obviously do not JUST eat the perishables. This is to save and help people in the world whom really need it. Also, if you watch more shows you will discover they also eat veggies and fruits.. A big majority of the food on the show is super-processed and can last months on the shelves in the garage.

Fruits and vegetables are rarely, if ever, featured on the program. However, the U. Hi Max! Very good points being made regarding your article! Thank you for writing it! It is funny that I found your post today as I was in the middle of cutting coupons!! I agree that while watching this show I had moments…many…. Though there was one show that I saw with a vegan and she used coupons a little differently, food items bought were Organic ….

I think mostly she used coupons for non food items.


Is TLC Extreme Couponing Fake? The Truth About Extreme Couponing | Daily Dish Recipes

And she saved a lot of money. I personally use coupons. I use them about the same way the Vegan in the show did. That is the way I use them for me and my family. I also have a non profit organization; we help families with various living expenses. One thing we do is to give food to the local food pantries. We use their list of needed items and we use coupons to buy the items. I do not make up the list of foods, the pantries do. I just buy the items. My goal is to one day be so good at this that I am able to donate great quantities to our local food pantries.

As the economy has gone down so has the food in the pantries. Also any expired coupons go to our Military troops; they can continue to use expired coupons for a year beyond the expire date. I know that some of the foods are not what I would feed my family. I am not sure what I can do about that…… but not donating is not an option.

Extreme Couponing Season 1 Episode 1

If I wanted to take a stand for better healthier foods, it would mean not donating. But I admit to being conflicted!! When I use coupons for my family I use it for Organic items or non food items. A Google search for Organic food coupons will get you to the sites with the coupons. And we have a family garden. I agree it is sad to watch the show and see how people are eating and feeding their families. Not only feeding them but raising them to feed their children the same way. If things do not change…our future looks bleak. Although…I see a real trend in eating healthier among my friends, family and acquaintances.

The whole coupons issue is a complicated one. People want a place to save money but at the same time to eat healthy. Unfortunately, organic coupons are just not that widespread and easily accessible because organic food companies have very small margins as it is.

I just watched Extreme Couponing for the first time. I agree, with the majority of the other comments. These people are large, their food choices are poor, they are not teach their children healthy nutrition, and if you have supplies for years worth of food and other products, why on earth do you continue to shop for your home?

The only positive side is when they are shopping for churches, food banks, charities and school athletic teams. She does not need to be dunking anything in milk. The issue with the charity is a tricky one. Are people better off having processed, GMOs or nothing at all? The answer is they need quality, healthy food. Also, I saw a woman on an episode buying 35 bottles of Maalox, no wonder!!! I found that show disturbing.

The fat couple from Washington state made me sick. The woman was so smug about her MBA useless and how it gave her an edge in couponing. The were obviously on a horrible diet and asking for trouble with health problems. I found the show very, very disturbing as well. The food that these people are eating is what really upset me. I was so angry watching this show.

And sure enough they did. Thank you so much! Moderation is commen sense. I saw the same show and started to get excited and watching the shopping experience kind peeved me that we have allowed yet another obsessed compulsion to be glorified. Marketing demography and studies will be off because Couponers will throw record numbers in unnatural shopping trends. Is it at all possible this could affect the stock market? Is it possible to purchase shares of Colgate when the super markets make people buy twenty tubes of toothpaste to redeem five dollars off the next store visit?

What I do hope is that the show will raise awareness of the poor eating habits of the majority of the people in this country and Americans will start to make changes. I do so want to say that I am also concerned as I have been for many years! It has always seemed as though the manufacturers fail to focus on the unhealthy foods that coupons encourage alot of people to buy.

I was as guilty as the next. I would remark many times when going through coupons inserts about how there were so many of them on candy bars, frozen ready to eat foods, energy drinks , sugar coated cerels and the list goes on. As I think about this I would have to say there are not many coupons out there for healthy foods. It would be nice if we couponers start seeing a change. Thanks for being concerned about all of us Living Well!

Yes, I am very concerned about the health of the couponers and want all people to live well. Unfortunately, coupons in the organic world are few and far between. I have compiled all of the organic coupons that I could find here. If we can get people to eat more organic, the healthier we all will be. I am very disappointed as to the way this is misleading people about couponing. If there are couponers like myself watching the show you know what I mean.

For one we know most of the coupons and their value and know you could not get some of the items for free, to say the least give us money back. This has since caused so much confusion in most store that there is now a limit of coupons one can use. I have been told by the Kroger cashiers that couponers are getting very upset when they do not get money back, limited coupons, and you must use your plus card before the order starts to ring thru.

And in no way is it legal to go thru recycle bins for coupons and it plainly says so on them. I am so sad that this show has misled so many people. They need to do a good research. It has given coupons a bad name. Bet these same shoppers could not do the same thing now! My issue with the program is the super-processed, GMO-food that people are buying for the next months that they will store in their garages. As I say in my post, I have absolutely no issue with people trying to save money.

I think it is great. However, we have major health problems in the U. For me, this was the disturbing part of the show — seeing what most Americans are eating. The first time I caught an episode was Saturday. I thought it was so cool. A lady and her newlywed daughter bought over a thousand dollars worth of goods for 7 bucks and change. Most of the purchase was for wash deturgent, soap, pharmas and paper products. They took what was needed for their family for the coming 12 months and donated the rest to local charities. I believe anything in excess can be bad and that the not-so-good for you in moderation is not always that bad, especially when linked to good hearted charity.

You bring up an interesting point. Is genetically-modified food when given to charities better than no food at all for hungry people? I guess it is. However, the primary goal of the people on the show is to feed themselves first and then give the rest away that they are not using. And all the soaps and detergents are filled with chemicals as well. While I agree with most of the comments about this show and the low quality, even harmful foods, that are commonly served on too many dinner tables in this country; I would encourage people to not be so negative and attacking in their comments.

Taking the conversation down that road never leads any where productive and only leads to more negativity. Speaking with anger just causes your audience to disengage. Thanks for your comment. While I cannot speak for other people who commented, I was not speaking about this show from an angry perspective. I was disturbed and saddened. I would like to see the show, or just make another show; about saving money on groceries by growing your own foods and cutting out processed foods that have no nutritional value to save money.

Also, buying fresh fruit, like a peach, uses less packaging rather than buying peaches in a can. Maybe they just go for the buffet? Also what about all the extra fuel it takes to cart those extreame fatties around. Could this be why we use so much fuel, leading to extra fuel charges for ships and planes now? Wake up America! We have become fat, lazy, artificial, boring, materialistic, unproductive, and dumb. We have sold out to have a confortable, conveient, and solitary life on the couch watching others live their dreams. While being isolated and not physically connecting to other humans, waiting for diabiates to set in, to be sick so we can actually have an excuse to justifty sitting on the couch, and then after running up health bills, just dying anyways without giving anything back to the community.

The only mark we are leaving is an increase in global warming, more waste being pumped into the ground and ocean, and a bigger trash heap at the dump. Thanks so much for your comment and feedback. We have a real problem in this country — we are obese and it is killing us. Television shows like Extreme Couponing show how a lot of Americans live, eat and shop. We need some real changes or the next generation of Americans will have shorter lives than its previous one.

It is a very sad commentary. We need to keep raising the awareness and education level of how to eat properly. There really is no mystery to this. I buy less, but healthier and I cook more than the average person, but yes, in the long run you will bee saving on your medical costs and other more important costs, your life! Avoid all non organic and processed foods. We are paying the ultimate price. Great post. Saving money to buy bad food is costing a person in the long run. I am a little confused why it had to be pointed out that they were Chinese, was it that there was some kind of mass-production involved via Chinese labor?

Was it like an online thing?

Extreme Couponing? 5 Reasons Why I’ll Pass.

I am not trying to be snarky. Anyway, my mom was a very laborious coupon clipper, and fat lot of good it did her for a few reasons: 1. I grew up when they started to change to UPC code formats, and it was a known trick to get you in the store and then they hoped you didn't know the coupon expired and bought the food anyway. Or some were simply unreadable, same result. This later was regulated, I am told. I wish highlighters were around back then for the monthly "what expired in the coupon wallet? Most of the coupons were things she didn't really buy anyway. Combined with 1 I am sure she ended up buying a lot of crap she didn't need at full price.

Because this was a chore I was forced to do monthly, my teenaged angst and lack of enthusiasm ended up with a lot of coupons thrown away because fuck it. I am positive coupons inflated our grocery bill, not reduced it. Large Chinese population in my city and they were the ones that were making copies of the coupons and making a fuss when they were called on it by the cashiers. I knew someone would have a problem with me specifying their ethnicity.

My wife coupons, but mostly for things like toothpaste, shampoo, tampons, etc Extreme couponing with fresh foods wouldn't make much sense unless you were big into canning or had a large chest freezer.

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Over-processed crap is shelf stable, so it's better suited for hoarding. I tried to do some coupling when we had our daughter baby stuff be expensive, yo. But I found it tedious and frustrating, so I didn't really stick with it. I would likely have stuck with it if we were stretched thin monetarily, but right now I feel like my time is more valuable than saving 30 cents on pasta or whatnot. Hopers wrote: I tried to do some coupling when we had our daughter baby stuff be expensive, yo.

Careful or you'll end up with double the baby expenses. Autocorrect, FTW. Quote: The show is completely setup. Almost every grocery store I've ever shopped at has a 20 coupon maximum. These people have s. I use a lot of it so I don't consider it a big deal though. Thorvard wrote: Almost every grocery store I've ever shopped at has a 20 coupon maximum. I never knew that.

If you read online in the Couponing forums, all these people really do is hoard coupons which is difficult due to expiration dates until the item on the coupons goes on sale low enough to make it free or nearly free with the coupon. Then they canvas stores and cash in hundreds of coupons. Its not particularly challenging, just time consuming and requires a lot of organization. I tried to keep coupons and I don't think I even saved enough to make up for the newspaper subscription I needed to get the coupons in the first place. Extreme couponing is typically stupid. Most stores, thanks to shows popularizing extreme coupoining has put a lot of limits now on the quantity of coupons that can be used.

I used to coupon, but after a while it's a waste.


The amount of time needed to invest into cutting, the strategy to maximize a purchase. There's a balance too. My wife is a pretty hardcore couponer, but she doesn't buy boxes of TicTacs just because they're a penny after sales and coupons. She enjoys following the crazy people like those on the show or the bloggers because they give her ideas though. Not counting some of my poor choices in snacking, my family eats much healthier than the average household - and there's tons of coupons for healthy food too. Things like fresh vegetables, whole grain products, natural foods, etc also have lots of coupons - just not the boxes-for-a-buck types.

About the only products you can't get with substantial coupon discounts are fresh produce and fresh meat but we get most of that from farmer's markets produce or bulk buying locally raised meat. One really interesting thing about coupons is that here in the midwest we get way shittier coupons than the coasts, but that's offset by significantly lower base prices on items. As a result, the most hardcore couponer thing my wife does is subscribes to a service really just one lady that takes the circulars and advertising inserts from the sunday San Francisco Chronicle and mails them out.

Quote: As a result, the most hardcore couponer thing my wife does is subscribes to a service really just one lady that takes the circulars and advertising inserts from the sunday San Francisco Chronicle and mails them out. My wife buys coupons on eBay occasionally when the expiration lines up with a sale in a store. Punk Walrus wrote: Thorvard wrote: Almost every grocery store I've ever shopped at has a 20 coupon maximum.

This isn't true. They are manufacturer's coupons and the store gets reimbursed for them. You have items and coupons for said items, they will be accepted. There are some stores that limits the amount of coupons in a single transaction.

Some limit number of coupons per item sold. It just varies. JimJimmery wrote: Punk Walrus wrote: Thorvard wrote: Almost every grocery store I've ever shopped at has a 20 coupon maximum. Huh, the Wegmans and Harrus Teeter by me specifically on their receipt there is a coupon limit. Now maybe they'll take more than 20 if you have them but that hasnt been my experience. This isn't entirely true. There are stores that allow extra coupons and still do doubling, etc. They're becoming more rare, and tend to be more independent, ma-and-pa grocery stores, but they do exist. See above. I'm surprised by this.

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  • Now I realize there could be several logical explanations for this. Maybe you just don't try that hard. Maybe you are extremely brand loyal and your brands don't go on sale. Maybe you only buy organic, and they don't go on sale. These are all perfectly fine choices. And I am not knocking you for any of them - it's your life and you have to live it.

    I am, however, directing a bit of angst at those who say it is impossible to save big. It is not. You're simply doing it wrong. Whether it's laziness, lack of application, or simple failure to realize the potential, you are doing it wrong if you if say it cannot work. My wife is an extreme coupon shopper, just not like on the shows. We have 7 of us - wife and I, 17 year old son, 15 year old son, 13 year old son, almost 10 year old daughter, and almost 7 year old son.

    Chicken is mostly boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

    Primary Sidebar

    Pork are mainly boneless chops. We always have potatoes, noodles, or rice as a side and a vegetable. A couple nights a week we'll have rolls or biscuits. Lunches are mostly through school for the kids and that is not counted in the budget. When dinners are fixed they are intentionally fixed with extra portions. Those make up my lunches and currently Monday dinner because I go straight from work to class. Breakfasts are cold cereal, frozen waffles, and pop tarts.

    The waffles and pop-tarts are limited to once a week to control costs. Typically once during the week my wife will get up and fix some eggs and sausage or the like for a "big breakfast. We have a fairly strict rule of eating out once a week. That is typically on Sunday nights after our church kids program. This is the single most important thing one can do in cutting down food costs - not eat out.

    Sure, it might be "convenient" for lunch at work, but it is costly. Fixing extra portions with a dinner meal is simple. Divide the extra up into containers and drop in the fridge or freezer. Back to shopping. I get paid twice a month - middle and end. On payday my wife hits stores with her lists. Sam's Club is always the same because we get the same 15 or so items there. Meijer and Family Fair are our grocery stores. We have a well-honed list of what we buy. My wife typically only buys when it is on sale plus she has a coupon.

    This is where the real world application of extreme coupon clipping comes into play. Buy a larger quantity call it 'in bulk' if you will when you can maximize your savings. Then there is the bakery for day old bread. Drop it in the freezer and it is fine when we take it out for eating. The only thing my wife should have to go get between pay periods is milk. We go through about 1 gallon a day. What about storage of all this stuff? Yeah, you have to be able to store it. If you live in an apartment it's probably not going to happen.

    But you probably aren't in an apartment with 5 kids, either. We have a storage room that has our mechanicals as well as our food pantry. It is in our basement. The pantry section is small right now and things are a big disorganized due to us not having things put back together from our spring basement flooding. We have our carpet held and I am working on the drywall repairs now to get things ready for the carpet. Then I am going to expand our pantry, big time.

    After I have my next knee surgery and get back to work, my wife will have the green light to then stock up. This is when we increase the budget for a few months in order to build up our reserves. The goal would be to have a month's worth of non-perishables on hand. Yes, I believe in doing a little prepping.

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