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We are a service dedicated exclusively to the needs of the transgender and crossdressing community. Our exceptional level of caring, personal service includes Certified Breast Form Fitters to answer your e-mail or phone questions regarding any of our breast form products. Your satisfaction is important to us, but so is your privacy. The Breast Form Store promises to protect the identity of all its Transgender and Crossdressing store clients by: Never contacting you after your transaction is complete; selling; or in any other way, making use of our client list.

Canadian clients do not pay taxes on breast forms! For shipping to Europe, the UK or Japan, please select the country flag on the top of the page. Whether you're a transgender woman or a cross dresser, living the life you choose should be easily accessible to you. At The Breastform Store, we have the lowest prices on the highest quality breast forms available. It fits perfectly! When I first took it out of the box, I was a little disappointed at how small the pads seemed, but let me tell you, when I put my pants on over the panties, baby got back.

These things are perfect! Thanks so much. You guys are excellent and I plan to continue to shop at your wonderful website in the coming months. I at am a lose for words! They are much healthier looking than I expected, but my wife said they look and fit perfect for my size. I had no idea they would look this great.

I thought I had done everything a man could do to feel like a woman but you have proved me so wrong! This all sounds so very wrong but I feel so very right! Thank you so very, very much for making me feel better than I have every felt in my entire life!

Always, Halley. I think I said this last time I bought breast forms from you, but, it's still true. The forms are heavenly, and the service was professional and personal at the same time. The Gold Seal forms are a spectacular bargain, and amazingly life like. Hugs, Paula. Your committment to customer satisfaction, which is very much in evidence, has made this new and unexpected experience an easy one.

You have very much set me at ease. Thanks again, Annon. In all honesty, I never believe the hype on all this stuff, Female Pheromones , yea right. I am sure it will do wonders for me. I very hesitantly bought the stuff, since your store ensures our satisfaction; I said what the heck, I will try it. I have to say WOW, first of all I have never received more compliments about looking so feminine. I had several fellows mentioning "you look so nice and feminine. I was feeling more like and was treated more like Alicia for a change It may not work for everyone the way it worked for me, but what the heck, try it, it will be worth it!

For the price you can't go wrong, and you might have a wonderful evening just being you. Thanks again, Alicia. I cannot begin to thank you enough! I am a repeat customer and will continue to be in the years to come! I am sorry for not writing earlier. I have had such a great weekend after receiving my new forms on Friday, not to mention the sensational wig and other "goodies. You were so helpful and sincere in helping me pick out my wig, it was like talking to a close girlfriend! Thank you for helping me express the true person inside of me!

It brings tears to my eyes! I wish I had found you years ago. I look forward to my next purchase and what appears to be an expanding catalog, which is simply fantastic! Thank you again for helping me express and become the woman I have always dreamed of being! Feel free to use this as a testimonial so that if anyone questions whether you can change their life for the better, they will know that it possible to be free! Luvs, Hugs, and Kisses, Samantha. Your assistance has been fantastic.

I am amazed by the BFStore 's customer service. Thank you for all your help Sam. I justed wanted to write and thank you for your wonderful service. A few weeks ago, I called and had some questions regarding breast forms. You helped me select a good attachable form and pick the right size for my body. When they finally arrived, they were better than I could have hoped for. The soft silicone is much more realistic than the silicone in the Transform Super Perk. I've truly enjoyed my new forms. But more importantly, I was impressed and grateful for your service and patience.

I will return again and again for all of my breast form needs. Thanks so much!!!!!!!! Thanks again, Jeff.

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What a pleasure it is to finally have an opportunity to write to you. First, thank you for the wonderful service aht you provided me with on behalf of The Breast Form Store. Second, I appreciate how comforatble you make your customers feel, and the light-hearted sense of humor that you bring to the experience of buying breast forms. It was fun! Regards, Marcel. Thank you very much for a wonderful shopping experience. It was delightful talking to you this morning when you patiently listened to my questions and gave me advice and recommendations that made it possible for me to make a good decision.

Your support for Tgirls is very much appreciated and I will recommend you to my sisters. Cheers, Beverly. My breast forms arrived this weekend and they are wonderful, thank you very much. But more than the quality of the forms I purchased, I want to thank you for the quality of the service you and your staff extended to me. The kindness, sensitivity and understanding that was extended to me made me feel quite special.

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It is good to know that the values and virtues of goodness, courtesy and fairness are still very much alive in corporate America, God bless you. Thank you so much, Kelly. Just a short note to let you know how much I love my new Supremes. They arrived less than a week after I ordered them and they are just wonderful! I wanted very big boobs for "Fantasy Dressing" and you suggested the largest size - When they arrived I did not have a bra big enough to use, but thanks to your 'size chart', I knew exactly the cup size I needed an H!

I finally got to wear them just last night and was thrilled! They have a great feel and move so naturally. They also look incredible and I was the center of attention among my friends. Oh, and the free Naughty Nipples made my new boobs look so much more natural, I just can't thank you enough! Thank you for all your help. You have been amazing! I haven't a concern about your return policy, you've been much more than fair.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you kind help. You exceeded my expectations long ago. Just to let you know my breast forms arrived today. Thank you for taking the time to help me out with your suggestion, they fit very well. Makes a person feel special. Great quality at a great price.

The service was awsome as are the staff I'm sure. Thank you very much. I'm very satisfied and happy and will return when I need something else. Hugs all : Tim. I have just bought two new bras for them and they look spectacular! They are so soft and they move like real breasts. This is my second set of forms from you and the service and products are superb! I could hug you all! Thanks again for your help in making us girls feel really great about who we are!

Thanks for your advice and support, gender identity and sexuality are so ladden with guilt and judgement. I love the freedom of admitting I love being fem sometimes, and am excited about the future. Please add my name to your list of satisfied customers. My order arrived yesterday, and all I can say is "WOW"! The forms are much better than I ever dreamed, and the service was exceptional.

Rest assured I will continue to be a customer. Just wanted to drop a line expressing my "thanks" to all your personal attention while attending to my order to purchase breast forms recently. I already received them in the mail. Thanks for your speedy shipment, particularily during this busy time of the year. The forms fit wonderfully. They feel so natural, and look more natural than the other forms which I had bought from another breast form company. It was a little questionable at first because of the size difference.

The forms didn't project as far outward as the other forms did, but they do look more natural. The other forms I have been using didn't have the concave back, thus I had to wear them over my fleshy breast area. Not only did it not look natural, it didn't feel comfortable after a while. So thanks again for excellent service, the best prices on the Internet.

You have my confidence and customer satisfaction. I'll surely come back to you folks for any further needs in form purchases. In appreciation, Destiny. What can I say, fabulous I love them My breast forms arrived a few days ago and they are super. My girlfriend loves them almost as much as I do. Thank you for the quick service and excellent advice. It's taken me a while, but I wanted to thank you for the excellent service on my order a couple of weeks ago.

Your help in understanding the products and sizing was excellent. Mine was the order where the Classics instead of the Triangles were shipped in error. The replacements arrived by that weekend, as requested. Your handling of the error situation made it quite painless for me. In fact, I thought that it was a plus that I was able to compare the products. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

This is one very happy male letting you know that the forms you helped me pick out last week have really made a difference enhancing my feminine feelings and appearance. Thank you so much for being so caring, understanding and professional during the fitting. You are a real sweetheart. Yours enfemme, Jackie. You people are simply the best.

You have no idea how much you have improved my life. It almost makes me cry! I hope you have a great day today! Please thank your staff for their kindness. I don't know what the future brings, but I truly believe that I will never shop elsewhere for the type of products you supply.

I hope one day to drop by and meet you and your staff and let them all know what their kindness has meant to me. I just wanted to say thank you! You have no idea how great I feel. I've never owned a pair of forms before. I've always done the bra stuffing thing and have never been satisfied. I feel so much more feminine now; it's almost like they are a part of my body, that's how natural they feel. This is a huge psychological boost for me.

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How did you ever find such nice, courteous, friendly people? Life is hard enough, never mind the stigma of being "different" whatever that means , but dealing with your staff was a pleasant relief. No shame, no guilt, just help and kindness. Too bad the world isn't full of such understanding souls. You're the best! Thank you so much!!! Lisa ;. I am in heaven! I recieved my new Supremes yesterday, size 16, and wish I had ordered the 17's and just gone for it, but my oh my, I am finally stuffed, with the extra large nipples I have turned some heads and almost had a guy walk right into the side of a building.

I am not petite but not big by no means, I usually wear a size 10 dress and I really like my tops skin tight, especially now, with a white tight top on and a mini skirt and my new huge breasts and big nipples leading my way no one even looks at what a pretty girl I am Thank you so much for your help. These forms have changed my life. I have spent the morning trying on bras, and all those lovely garments seem to have just come to life. They all now fit like they should. Thank you for the great service and product. It was such a pleasure to do business with a company that actually does put the customer's need ahead of making money.

Bless you all. Ginger S. Everything came via UPS today. It fits perfectly and I am so happy. Thank you for all of your help and your privacy. It is truly wonderful to deal with understanding people like you. Sammie Alice. I wanted to write to thank you all very much for all the kind and wonderful help you gave me in selecting my forms. Sorry it's taken me a while to send these thanks off to you. They are wonderful and fit me perfectly.

Its so nice to be able to be comfortable with the people you are dealing with and I look forward to buying and eventually talking to you in the future. Once again, thank you very kindly. Just a quick note to let you know that the Classic I forms , replacing the Classic IIs I first ordered, delivered today, and I am pleased beyond all expectations. All aspects of your site and service have been a delight to experience - but the bottom line is the product and value, and there I have to say I am just blown away. The size 9 classic forms are completely perfect.

They fit me, and they fit the 44C bra, beyond anything I have previously experienced. In fact I don't think I have anything on either side of my closet that fits as well! I never really knew what having a bra 'fit' truly meant; it is unexpectedly exhilarating to have the cups filled completely, but the bra lie flat across the breastbone. And then of course there is the weight, the 'swing', the texture. They're the right size for my size - which teaches me more than I expected, not just about how to be a woman, but about how to be a human being, pure and simple.

Good work, you guys! My first reaction was a surprise, a good one. Thanks for your care trying to get a better match to my needs. I am also surprised that you gave me a break in price. I am just so surprised how you handled our whole transaction. If you tell me most of your customers are returning customers, I have no doubt on your word. I am very looking forward to receiving it in mail. Hope to talk to you soon again. Take care, M. Just want you to know I received my forms yesterday and am now very happy.

Everything fits and looks great. It was well worth the wait. Many thanks also for the complimentary nipples and coupon. Thanks for being there. I just received my new forms today and they are just wonderful. They feel like a part of me. The size was just perfect. We want to thank you for the great service you have given us. Saturday morning we opened the door to go out on our sun porch and there was our order. Our day was made. We are very pleased with them. The weight, size and feel are so close to real and they fill the bra. My nipples came yesterday.

They are wonderful. I would also like to tell you how much I love the Amoena breast forms that I purchased from you in April I wear them often and can't imagine wearing any other type. It has been nice doing business with you over the past couple of years. You have been great and your service has been super. I look forward to doing business with you again soon. The way your business has changed my life is so wonderful, I just can't put to words how feminine I feel with my new Transform Classic Super Soft breast forms and nipples! This is a dream come true! I have returned to purchase a gaff.

One step at a time has made this delightful journey, a truly heavenly experience! I am closer to being the woman, I have always been, than I ever dreamed possible! Thank you once again, Shelia ;. I am ordering nipples to go along with my new breast forms! For the first time in my life, I feel like I have real breasts!! These's are answered prayers! I have stuffed my bra with panties, stockings, and tissue, hoping to get the true form of real feminine breast, always with some deform. I feel, for the first time, that I could go in public and feel confident!

Let me not kid you, I am not blessed with a real feminine figure, I was only blessed with a feminine brain. These breasts help my brain feel more normal, giving me a feature I have always longed for! Coupon Code -

I feel like the woman, I have been since birth, I always fantasize of being!! Shelia ;. My forms were on my doorstep when I got home today. They are perfect, fill my 40C bra like they are my own. To quote Shania Twain, "Man, I feel like a woman! Stephanie here, I just had to say thanks for the Big Girl 14 forms , they do mess the close minded up.

I had them on for 3 straight days. The Hollister works better on the Big Girls than any of the other forms I've got. But I think I may have to get size 17 Supremes some time in the future. Who ever said bigger isn't better was a liar. It's been a while since I received the breast forms you chose for me. I want you to know that I really love them. In fact, everyone loves them. You have made me feel so good, there aren't words to express the way I feel.

You have given me a look that turns heads and makes me feel so sexy. They feel every bit as much as I could imagine real breasts feel like with the way they move and the weight. It feels like I'm the woman I want to be all thanks to you. You are terrific.

Now that you have the newer nipples, I'm gonna have to order them. Received my new forms today! They were perfect, and my next set will come from you. I appreciated the confidential packaging, and next time I'll order them instead of having my spouse do it. The gaff was a perfect fit as well, and will order more very soon. Again, thanks, your service was what it was reputed to be and I'll gladly recommend you. Just wanted to let you know that I received my breasts yesterday. I love them! They are better than I could have imagined. Thank you again for your help and the great service. You are just quite amazing!

Maybe even magical!!! In just a day and a half, I have already received your package containing the gaff , those cute nipples, tape and glue. It takes longer than that for local mail around here!!! My new breasts should be here soon too, I'm sure. I am impressed, as usual, with you and how well managed your business is. Your ethical way of serving your customers is so rare these days, and it is truly a pleasure when I get to place an order with The Breast Form Store. Thank you, so much, again! Your faithful client. You will never know how happy you have made me, how for the first time in my life I feel like the woman I've always been.

You were so helpful, understanding, and I could honestly feel your deep concern. It is truly a privilege to tell the whole world about your company and its support. It is so nice to know there are companies, but most of all people like youself, that really care about the transgender community. With Warmest Regards. Carol Marie.

Everything has finally arrived and I am so pleased with the forms, perfect fit and look. I was so very happy with the way you all helped out on the phone and quickly resolved any shipping snafus. Bless you for your efficiency and for your kindness. A very satisfied customer. Billie Jean. I have had others in the past but the Big Girls forms are the softest and most comfortable wearing form I have ever had the pleasure to wear. There is a certain sensitivity that is transferred through to me when being touched on the form and I love it, the next best thing to the real thing.

You were and are always very helpful and considerate with your personal advice and I will always be your customer and will recommend all my "girl" friends to contact you. Monica Smith, Placerville, California. Thank you for the very fast response in posting my double sided tapes to me, I received them today in Scotland from America in just a few short days. They have already been put to good use and I am wearing my breast forms and they are stuck to me like they have part of me for years.

I placed an order on Wed. I couldn't be more pleased. I'll be ordering more I'm sure. Once again I wish to thank you for your outstanding service!! Love and kisses, Jenny. Thank you SO much for the forms. Why, I never imagined that I was such a well-endowed woman. My god, I even turn myself on. They are the best investment I have ever made. I am new at this but when I wear them I mentally become myself and the 'him' in me completely disappears. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all your help in ordering my breast forms.

I just got them today and could not wait to try them on. Now I know what was missing all this time. After putting them on and letting them warm to my body temperature, they feel so real and like my very own. I cannot wait to wear them while I am out and about and feel the natural bounce that they have as I walk. I will be back to purchase more things in the near future. Thank you all so much. Thank you for all your wonderful help! I really appreciate your help and your running around for those measurements of the larger forms.

I will always recommend your company for quality breast and a great price. Forms arrived today. They are perfect. You can be sure I will be dealing more in the future. Everything arrives in good order and in only 2 or 3 days. Others in the online industry could take lessons. An order I placed 4 days before yours still has not arrived. Oh please stop my racing heart!

I'm extremely pleased!!! Also, thank you for your extra service on delivery this time of year I have to thank The Breast Form Store for being so wonderful. I can't thank them enough, for not only the great forms and service, but for being there for the Transgender community in general and letting it be known that there is someone out there willing to help us. The forms I bought were my first large investment towards my trangenderism and I love them. They were great for helping me for such a long time to find the perfect forms for me and I highly recommend The BF Store to anyone exploring their femme side.

As for me, The BF Store has a new customer for life for all of my breast form transgender needs. I had to write you back. Your help and products went way beyond my expectations. It's so very nice to deal with people like yourself who make you feel good about yourself. And after wearing your products, that's the whole truth. Thanks again so very much. Looking forward to buying from you again. All the Best. I am so glad that I bought them. I am sure that I will be ordering from you again in the future.

I would like to thank the both of you for helping with my order. The bra fits perfect and the forms are just great. Was nervous at first because it was my first time purchasing, but you make the whole experience a thing of joy. The shipping was so prompt and the items were exactly what was described. One happy and very satisfied customer. Keep up the great work and looking forward to some more of your new and exciting items. Absolutely amazing! A company that suggests something in my best interest which will actually lessen the amount they will make on the order.

I'm writing to let you know that I received my replacement breast form with no problems. Your people are very kind and understanding. They made arrangements for my replacement, just as you said they would. I received my replacement much sooner than I thought I would. I'm very pleased with it, as I was when I first did business with you. In a time when there are so many problems with companies in the States, they should take a lesson from you and put the customer first. You put an extra effort to make sure they get the best product for their needs.

It has been a real pleasure to do business with you. I owe The BF Store a thousand plus thanks for these perfect forms. And they arrived a day earlier than expected. What can I do to repay your commitment to service and satisfaction? Just received my breast form order and put them right on. They fit as if they were made from a body mold! At first I thought the concave back would not work but they fit right on better than the other two sets I have. No ridges, just perfect! Wearing the gaff now and it too works better than I expected.

Upon receiving my order I found that I had requested the wrong size and was not happy with the style. I received an answer within 12 hours to my e-mail inquiry about exchange policies. I returned my order by UPS and received replacements within 3 days. No muss, no fuss, no bother. The whole process of ordering, e-mail and replacement took less time than most companies would take sending out the initial order. And less time than a few would take responding to an e-mail. I am very impressed. Thank you for the fast and friendly service. I got my breast forms today.

The Tranform Triangles Super Soft breast forms are everything you said they would be and more. They fit perfect and girls forget the teardrops, the triangle form I will never do without. Thanks again and see you again soon. Just thought I'd drop you a line. I got the forms today Thanks so much for your help and effort; I commend you and all who work with you on your handling of the order.

You all seem to have a wonderful "can-do" attitude that I wish more Internet vendors had. I will certainly recommend you to all of my friends, and look forward to conducting business with you in the future. Thank you, The Breast Form Store , for everything! I was in the Vancouver store and greatly appreciated everyone's professional opinions and help. Cross dressers, if you want breasts to not be a concern when going for a natural look - braless or bare shouldered, talk to The Breast Form Store.

The Breast Form Store is concerned with getting what you need for the look you're creating. My gaff arrived today. Fit is perfect. I will be back to YOU for more items. First off I think your company has given me incredible service. I have been happy with everything I have received. Thanks again for the personal attention. Thanks again for everything and as always your service and generosity is second to none.

Have received the breastforms, in good order, and I am really delighted with them. They fit perfectly and feel just like the real thing. I will no doubt be shopping with you again. Just got the breast forms today what a great product the weight and shape when I have my bra and dress on looks fantastic.

Now my look is complete thanks again for the fast service. My breast forms I cannot tell you what new confidence they inspire. Last evening I went to a dress shop owned by a woman I have come to know, and she said that your forms are the best she has ever seen and she will recommend your business to her female and CD customers. Secondly, please accept my thanks for taking so much of your time to talk with me. My adventures in crossdressing, while a lifetime dream, have been possible only in the last three years.

It's my experience that some merchants who sell to CD's are interested only in money, not the person. You obviously are interested in people. I deeply appreciated your time, your professional tone and your great courtesy in taking my order. Just a quick note to say that my forms and bra arrived on time and fit excellently! Thank you very much for all the help! As always, it's been a pleasure. You'll be hearing from me again when I order again. I really appreciate everything you've done. Shopping can be a very trying situation.

Take care. Thank you very much for the extremely personal, extremely discreet service you gave me on ourrecent transaction. Your help for sizing and product selection was outstanding.

The forms are heavenly. When there was a screw-up in the shipment, you were righton top of it and helped me have the products when I wanted them. And through all of it, you maintained a warm, personal understanding manner that put me at ease in this very nerve-racking purchase. It was a pleasure. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your great service and product.

You were very courteous and patient when I had some questions about the I vs II, and were very concerned that the size I was requesting would be the right size for my frame. When I mentioned that I wished to have them by Thursday, you arranged to ship them second day, with a minimal shipping charge. The end result was that the forms arrived on Wednesday, as promised.

I wore them this last weekend all weekend and was extremely pleased with the look and the fit. I wish to commend you for the quality of your product and the helpfulness and concern for your customer. Your Transform Classic I breast form is a quality form, your prices very reasonable, and your service excellent.

Thank you and keep up the good work. Hugs, Tammy. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and sensitivity in helping me complete this very personal purchase. You made it both a pleasant and worthwhile experience; as well as assuring that I will certainly turn to The Breast Form Store for all my future needs. Thank you for your time suggestions, and patience. I got my Transforms Tuesday, and they feel so wonderfully warm. In fact, I was insistent on a size 5 your suggestion of a size 6 was a wonderful suggestion. I put my forms on Tuesday night and they make me feel so feminine, and the size is just right.

In fact the size you gave me has a sliming effect. I had a pair a friend gave me. They made me look huge, these fit perfectly over my pecs and give me a more natural appearance, and they have a slight bounce just like real breasts. I tried them on with a sheer bra that I have. Its amazing how natural the nipples look and show just a little through a fitted blouse. Cannot thank you enough, and anyone that is reading this: if you want to look your best, buy a pair of forms from The Breast Form Store. They will take the time to help you, suggest the best form for you, and make you feel more feminine than you ever imagined, for those of you that want to feel like the woman you should have been.

I cannot say enough good things about The Breast Form Store , they're wonderful. They are sincerely interested in making you look better than you ever thought possible.

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Call today at 1. I guarantee you will not be disappointed, and if you are, no one will made you happy anyway. And they have the best price anywhere. I just wanted to write to let you know I received my breasts today and they're gorgeous! I love them, they give me a great full rounded natural appearance and they look beautiful. I can't wait to wear them out this weekend. I'm so glad I found your web site. Thanks sweety. The breast forms arrived safe and sound today.

They're perfect!!! I'm delighted with them. I'm sorry I didn't order some years ago. You've been great. Many thanks, Fran. Thanks for all your assistance over the phone, the shipment arrived on Monday.

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I wore my new Amoena s the rest of the day and all the next, taking off my bra that evening and wearing them under a tight, stretch top. Their weight and movement is incredible and so realistic. They're everything I dreamt of and so much more, thank you so much. Yes, had it not been for your insight, I would have been disappointed and somewhat embarrassed over the sizes I had originally thought I would need. Thanks to your sensitive and proactive approach to your customers, you were able to save me from a disappointing error, an emotional letdown, as well as a costly return mailing expense.

You have been so kind, sensitive, understanding, and efficient during this ordering process, that I truly consider you a friend as well as a wonderful professional. The new forms came yesterday, you are truly a man of your word. Just when I thought I was out of luck, you totally backed up your product.

Service and support, something I haven't seen in quite some time. Thank you so much!! Your friend, Beth. I just wanted to let you know that I used the [adhesive] technique you suggested and went braless through Bourbon St. I shook them, they were squeezed and nuzzled and hey stayed where they were put. Thanks again for such great service and products. I wanted to say how much I appreciated the time you took recently to help me choose the best size Amoena breast forms.

Each time I've talked with you, you've been extremely approachable and friendly. You also amazed me in your super handling of the exchange of the one form that was mis-labelled as to size! The forms are a major improvement on what I was using before, and have given me the confidence I needed to appear in public as my true self.

Actually, perhaps one of the best compliments I can give is that when in public I don't give the forms a second thought - they become a natural part of me. I wear them some part of every day, and all day some days - they continue to be comfortable and fit well. I can't recommend you and your products highly enough to others! Keep up the exceptional work!! When I placed an order, the help I got was wonderful!

You made me feel so at ease doing it. These are way better than I even hoped for. They are so real feeling, in weight and touch. I called yesterday morning to place an order for the Amoena breast forms in size 6 with your help. They arrived just now! You also include the bra strap lengthener. I can't wait to try them on. Everything is exactly as you said. I am sooo grateful!

Thank you sooo much! Again, thank you so much for the wonderful service that you provide to our community. I shall be glowing in my referrals. They fit me perfectly. You were right about me needing a size 6. I am very pleased with them!!! I am going to purchase more items from you in the future. The gaffs arrived. Thank you for the quick service. I was a bit doubtful when I first looked at them. But after trying one on, it does work!! I'm sorry that it took me so long to write, but it's been very busy. Just a note for anyone thinking about buying breast forms from you. I will buy all my needs here without a second thought, you should too!!!

Thank you for your courtesy in this most personal matter. Will be ordering with you again as I very much like the service. This was by far the biggest purchase I've made with my illusion. The positive experience dealing with you and your company took the edge off of it and the excellent product makes the purchase seem like such a bargain! The forms are great, they came packaged great, the cleaning instructions and your receipts were crystal clear. I think the most important part was your nice mannerism and overall excellence as a retailer. Thank you for the positive experience.

I couldn't dream of buying forms from anyone else. I want to thank you for your patience and your excellent customer service. I was quitesurprised when the new forms arrived on Tuesday because you couldn't have gotten the returned ones any earlier than Monday. Thanks again and happy holidays. We really appreciate how you stand behind your products.

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  6. When we had a problem with a manufacturer's defect in one of the breast forms that we purchased from you, you were understanding and helpful in replacing it, going to the extra level of sending out a new one that day. Thank you so much for being an exceptional Internet merchant dedicated to customer service! If you need forms, talk to The Breast Form Store and they will deliver the best service anywhere, both finding the right ones for you and getting them to you. I was very impressed with your service when I ordered the Transform Classic I breast forms.

    Thank you!!! Thank you, thank you, I love my breast forms, thank you. You are wonderful to deal with! I got the gaff I ordered from you the other day. It is the most comfortable undergarment I now own.

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