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Are you undermining the value of your brand through freebies?
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While freebies work to build trust and to entice consumers to take a low risk chance on something new, they are not always used appropriately. For example Colgate sold bundled packs of toothpaste and their mouthwash when they launched their new mouthwash range some years ago for just the price of the toothpaste. Freebie marketing however needs to capture the interest of your target audience and not just pass under their radar due to them being time poor.

So just how does one make freebie marketing work and is it really worth it? Make your freebies an integral part of your whole marketing plan. Many of my clients want to quickly create something and send it out because they figure that scads of people will read it and they will get tons of business immediately. In a good marketing plan the free offer is connected to a bigger strategy that might takes months or years to turn into actual business.

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  8. Know your strategy and why you are offering this freebie. Your freebies can give you:. Understand how it works. A small percentage of the people who sign-up for freebies actually follow-through, but even that small percentage can make a big difference in your business as they are more likely to convert to paying customers sooner.

    What is Freebie Strategy?

    There are people have attended one of my free monthly tele-classes, liked it and then attended again the next month. Eventually they sign-up for a paid seminar.

    How to Create a Strong Freebie Strategy?

    Focus on excellence. Often, consumers will spread the word about a great deal or freebie, eliminating the need for extensive in-house marketing. Successful freebie offerings share similar attributes. A prospect may willingly share a name and email address, but avoid offerings that require more specific information.

    Freebie Marketing What You Need to Know | ViiWorks

    When using the freebie strategy, marketers who maintain clear goals and measure the response rate of each campaign create financial ROI. In addition to increased sales, freebies can improve brand visibility and reach within the marketplace. Your email address will not be published. Recent View all. Direct Mail.

    5 Ways Companies Win by Giving Stuff Away

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    • A company website, for all that’s likely been invested into it, can only offer so much to visitors.!
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    HG Data March 16, 0. VipeCloud February 21, 0. Join them. Home Articles Guides Tools Videos. Your small business can use freebies to boost its sales, too. Set Your Freebie Goal Before determining what type of freebie to give customers and prospects, set the business goal you wish to achieve. It can be one or all of the following: Boost web traffic Generate qualified leads Create a buzz to get people excited Sign up more newsletter subscribers Increase your Facebook followers Build trust and interest in your business Whatever your goal, having a precise idea will help you effectively package your offer.

    How to Market Your Book with Freebies

    Choose the Right Freebie The best freebie is one that costs you little or nothing to produce but delivers measurable results. Other types of freebies include: Software and mobile apps White papers Promotional products branded pens, bookmarks, keychain fobs, etc. Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation. Popular Articles.

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