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15 Best Gas Pressure Washers (2018)

As far as gas-powered pressure washers are concerned even the cheapest models beat the amount of PSI most electric pressure washers offer at least on paper.

Powered by Honda Pressure Washers, with GC and GX Engines

Most models produce around PSI, and there are even some high-end models that deliver or more. I have come across some commercial-grade gas-powered pressure washers that churn out a massive PSI, but these are strictly for professionals. Once again, gas-powered pressure washers have the upper hand here. Electric pressure washers generally deliver around 1. I was a bit puzzled by this since it is possible to get more out of electric pressure washers. Gas-powered pressure washers deliver more than 1. However, in most cases gas pressure washers churn out about 2. They also feature stronger engines, heavy-duty pumps, brass parts instead of plastic and steel-threaded hoses all of which can handle massive water flow.

First of all, if you want a power washer for indoor use, electric is the way to go because gas produces potentially harmful fumes. However, most people buy a washer for outdoor use and there is no clear winner in this category. Electric pressure washers have the edge when it comes to dimensions, weight, maintenance and ease of use.

But here this won because of its high performance. It comes with a DirtBlaster spray wand which is a rotary nozzle to get full power spray over a larger area and a Vario Power Spray wand to adjust the pressure without having to change nozzles. Their range of products are sold through Canadian Tire, Lowes, Amazon, The Home Depot and Sears and include: highly reviewed and liked battery powered and corded electric leaf blowers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, drills and snow throwers.

We feel this model pictured above with PSI and 1.

Best — Gas & Electric — Pressure Washers in

It has everything you need to get started pressure cleaning small jobs like your car, back patio and garage door. To recap, here are the 7 best we tested so far over s of hours pressure washing concrete, cars, house siding, patio furniture and a wood deck:. The above 7 were chosen after testing 36 models so far over s of hours pressure washing real surfaces at our test facility and around the neighborhood over the last 7 years producing PressureWashr.

First we investigated the online ratings and reviews of all models available while putting the data and findings into a spreadsheet. Then we bought, borrowed or rented anything to get our hands on them those best power washers from different online and big-box retailers to test for ourselves.

The data to narrow down the models to test was in the form of ratings and the pressure washers here are some of the highest rated electric and gas pressure washers to date. Learn more about how we test, review and recommend pressure washers here. Why should you trust this ranking? Our experience — PressureWashr has spent s of hours over the past 7 years researching pressure washers, how they work, how to use them and we have tested 36 so far of the highest rated pressure washer models on homes, driveways, vehicles and more.

Our aim is to help you find the best pressure washer for you — The best 7 are chosen after our field notes are reviewed and comparisons made, then the buying advice is detailed below. Some interior surfaces like ceramic tiles can be cleaned with a pressure washer as well, but ONLY with an electric pressure washer. Never use a gas-powered washer indoors due to the danger of carbon monoxide in the exhaust.

Petrol VS Electric Pressure Washer (Car Detailing)

To power the pump, a gas pressure washer uses an engine, like a lawnmower and other outdoor equipment. The bigger the compression chamber, measured in cc cubic centimeters , the more powerful they are. For instance, a Honda GCV engine has a cc compression chamber. Electric pressure washers use motors to power the pump. They generally have 3 types:.

While you can use a pressure washer without any surface cleaner for light jobs, a soap or detergent can speed up the process.

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Soaps are usually based on natural products such as plant and animal oils and fats. Detergents are usually man-made chemicals. Different pressure washers will have different ways to dispense soap. Some have built-in dispensers. Others have separate ones that attach to the hose. Remember that a downstream detergent injector is easier on the pump because it joins the water after it exits the pump. Most pressure washers on the market use only cold water straight from your garden hose.

However, there are a few hot water pressure washers available, but they are NOT cheap. Electric pressure washers also called electric power washers are appropriate for the vast majority of homeowners. While not as powerful as their gas-powered cousins, electric pressure washers are strong enough to remove most normal grime.

They can easily clean your driveway, deck, gutters, patio furniture, vehicles and lawn equipment. Electric pressure washers have a general range of — PSI.

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  • 15 Best Gas Pressure Washers (2018)?
  • Gas Powered Pressure Washers.

Compare that to gas at 2, — 2, PSI, and you can see why gas has more oomph. However, an electric model is easier to carry and operate and is less likely to cause damage to surfaces. An extension cord can shorten the life of your pressure washer and may even void the warranty in some models. Our reviews list some of the best models currently on the market. For ultimate cleaning power, a gas pressure washer also called a gas power washer is unmatched.

Gas pressure washers are not just for the professionals, however. Over the years, the performance gap has closed between the cheaper gas washers and high-priced electric washers. Gas pressure washers use engines to power the water pump.

8 Best Gas Pressure Washers – (Reviews & Ultimate Guide 12222)

Direct-drive is more affordable and compact. They also vibrate more and are louder. A belt-drive system takes up more space, resulting in a heavier, more expensive washer. The belt, however, extends the life of the engine by absorbing vibration and reducing RPM. Most gas power washers operate with cold water. However, you can find hot water gas power washers that heat water to F. The high temp is really effective in breaking up tough dirt.

From mildew to tree sap and even old chewing gum, a pressure washer is your best friend to remove these stubborn sticky messes.

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  • The 9 Best Pressure Washers of 12222?

Pressure washers rely on water pressure to produce the cleaning power needed for such jobs. They do this by pumping water through a very narrow hose and wand, which increases pressure the narrower it gets. On the wand is a hand-squeezed trigger that activates the flow. Some pressure washer wands have an adjustable nozzle. Others have separate detachable nozzles.

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