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A blade, a pair of scissors, a nail file, a toothpick, a pair of tweezers, and a ballpoint pen—all in a multitool that will fit in your fifth pocket. Buy 10 of them and place them in handy locations, including your jeans. Totally unobtrusive, yet so handy. Spyderco is known for its para-military knives and the Tenacious lives up to the company's reputation of no-nonsense gear.

It sports a black laminate handle with steel liners tucked inside for added strength and rigidity. The 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade has a non-reflective coating and ground flat from spine to edge for non-stop cutting. Auto knives are an acquired taste, but it's hard not to like the new Gerber Covert auto knife. They are spring-assist operated for instant side opening, and the 7Cr17MoV titanium-coated blade, measures 3. In his words the knife "stands unflinchingly in the face of modern faux-tactical fare. A modest five-part construction with what you need and nothing else: a carbon steel blade, a wooden handle, a metal collar and pin to hold the two together, and a metal locking ring to hold the blade open for use.

It's a wide blade made of 8Cr13MoV steel, and its drop point style provides tip strength and balance, which makes this small knife feel bigger than it is. The 4.

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Fans of tanto shaped blades will love the SOG Aegis tactical knife. Its partially serrated blade is great for cutting through fabrics, belts, and leather while maintaining a low profile. The SOG assist opening requires little effort to spring into action. In the great Leatherman tradition, the company has added a few extra goodies to its USA-made knife. The handy built-in flashlight adds some bulk, which gives you a more comfortable grip.

This was the best knife for cutting tough plastic tubing. The base of the blade is serrated, but better to avoid that part. It's a little too coarse, requiring a lot of effort to use. Extremely sharp and sturdy, with much more heft than the other options. The Homefront is designed to be field-stripped disassembled and cleaned without tools. Nice if you're gutting a fish. SOG's knife is surprisingly light, considering how tough it looks and feels. Products has it's best quality as promised on your web-site.

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Toggle Nav. Featured Products. We Knife Deacon Flipper A, 3. Add To Cart. Benchmade SBK Vallation, 3.

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Benchmade Contego, 3. Out of stock. Kershaw Knives. ESEE Knives. Benchmade Knives. The overall look and feel of the knife is not overly aggressive or flashy. Case Cutlery, full name W. Case and Sons Cutlery, is based in New York State and mainly produces traditional pocket knives and pen knives. These knives look and feel like classic pocket knives and are not suited for heavy-duty use. The knife is small 4. The blade uses surgical steel and is razor sharp.

The blade opens easily with one hand and features a liner lock. The clip holds the knife securely in your pocket but, unlike other knives featured here, is not reversible. This knife is good if you want a classic looking knife that is ultra sharp for small, light tasks such as cutting an apple and opening a letter.

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Benchmade, a high end knife manufacturer from Oregon, produces great knives as well as balisongs. Benchmade also has a patent on its AXIS lock technology which makes folding knives feel just like fixed blade knives with regards to sturdiness. Part of the proceeds also go to injured veterans. Weighing 12 ounces, it is a tank and, given its military design, is fitting. This knife is for super heavy duty users and military personnel only.

The weight makes it too heavy to be an EDC in my book. The blade is razor sharp and made of D2 tool steel. D2 is a veryhigh-qualityy steel that has high wear resistance. The blade features a small blood groove and a well positioned thumb stud. The drop point and AXIS lock makes the knife feel very tough and uniformed. Given its heavy duty purpose, the blade performs exceptionally well. The handle has three holes that gives the knife a very sturdy hold.

The handle is made of G, a very sturdy and light material. The blade flips open easily out the handle and one is able to open the knife with one hand easily. SOG is a reputable US knife maker who has been producing quality knives designed for military, law enforcement, and outdoors use since Today, the majority of their products are designed with heavy duty use in mind and the Aegis is no exception.

Zytel is a mixture of nylon and fiberglass which gives the handle a very secure and durable feel. Some reviewers online stated that the handle is plastic but they are incorrect, it is Zytel, a much sturdier material. This is great for military members during marches and field exercises where losing a knife is a big ordeal. The clip is reversible for lefties. The blade, made of AUS-8, is a great all around steel. AUS-8 is a Japanese made medium carbon steel that is high in chromium.

The carbon content gives the steel extra hardness while the chromium gives it rust resistance. The blade comes razor sharp right out of the box and is partially serrated. The serrated edge is great for cutting rope and other natural materials. Along with the pointy tip and guard, the Aegis is able to be used in self defense situations if needed. The spring assisted opening also features a safety that prevents the knife from opening on accident.

The Aegis received 4. The Aegis can be a great survival knife as well given its rugged features. Spyderco , a company based out of Golden, Colorado where Coors is brewed , has been around since The company is focused on innovating and creating better knife technology and, because of that, the president, Sal Glesser, was placed in the Blade Magazine Hall of Fame.

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Spyderco specializes in folding knives. The knife is ultra lightweight at 2. It is much more ergonomic than a thumb stud and will not irritate your thumb after prolonged use. The clip is a 4-way clip that allows you to position it in many different ways, giving you ultimate comfort when carrying this knife.

The clip is smooth, sturdy, and yet springy. It can securely attach itself to your pants and, yet, still allow you to quickly remove the knife in a second.

The clip has three screws that prevent it from sliding. Knives whose clip is secured by two or one screws will not be as stable as the Delica4. The texturing gives you grip in a very comfortable and ergonomic manner. The handle has steel liners that adds a feeling of stability to the knife when you use it. The handle also has a pivot screw that allows you to adjust the screw if the blade becomes loose.

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The Delica4 uses a David Boye Dent lock and this lock is a very, very good lock. Even under a super firm grip, the lock still holds. You can trust this lock even under the most demanding tasks. Reviewers have rated this knife 4. To See it, Click Here! Within this article, we reviewed what you should look for in the best pocket knife as well as 10 great knives on the market today. Based upon your needs, the ordering might or might not be accurate for you. Take our guidelines into consideration when you are buying a knife.

If you have any recommendations, leave them in the comment box below. The Spyderco Delica series is a knife that maxes out the qualities of an every day carry knife. They are light weight and do not cause any problems in the pocket.

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The lock up is solid and the carry clip is light, simple and effective. It is not overly aggressive and is slicey enough to make short work of both meal preparation and meal eating. No hot spots in the handle. Less costly than benchmade. Has a great forum for owners to get information about the knife. I have a few of them and the Delica 2 is a great all-rounder.

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