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Keep your needs and experience in mind when viewing advice on line. Taken from s US car adverts. In other words, just because a deal works for a specific person or at a certain store location does not mean that it will work for other person or at other stores. YMMV Your mileage may vary. This is a Blog term used when presenting a discount scenario. The scenario a blogger lays out may not result in the exact same discount for each person because prices vary at store across the nation and I have seen repeatedly that California prices are higher than Get Flicker Related photos.

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While it was supposed to make the audience wonder why someone would put up with him , Marge increasingly became portrayed as extremely vindictive, to the point where she began looking like the abusive one at times. Burns, whenever he tries to atone for what he's done he usually gets rejected.

Frank Grimes is another example. He's had a god-awful life after being abandoned by his parents, was such a No Respect Guy that everyone laughed at his funeral, and had to work with Homer's stupid antics. Launcher of a Thousand Ships : Bart. Marge too, must run in the family. Love to Hate : Sideshow Bob and Mr. Burns are incredibly sinister and Laughably Evil. Threatening the UN with a Doomsday device, Scorpio holds the world at ransom while at the same time becoming friends with new hire Homer Simpson, actually managing to make Homer productive.

Scorpio also amiably parts with Homer when the latter decides to return to Springfield for the sake of his family. Conquering the East Coast, Scorpio gives Homer the Denver Broncos as a farewell gift and assures him they will always be friends. Molloy, a resident of the Springfield Retirement Castle that is in truth the Springfield Cat Burglar, enacted a crime spree across the town.

When arrested, Molloy gracefully returns all his stolen goods before being put in jail, where he tells Homer and Chief Wiggum about where he hid all his stolen loot, leading to the whole town hunting for it. When the location Molloy described is found, all that is present is a note saying Molloy lied and used the time they spent searching to escape. An archetypical Gentleman Thief , Molloy remains memorable despite his only appearance and relatively humble goals. Memetic Mutation : Has its own page. Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales : A strange thing about Apu is that while he has been criticized by Indian-Americans or rather South Asian Americans since even Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who aren't Indians are confused for the stereotype and accent , Apu is well-liked in India itself for the fact that Apu was one of the few Indian-origin characters in American TV, and that he was in the context of his time, non-stereotypical i.

Except Scully was never involved in it. Lisa sometimes gets this from the fans, being blamed for Marge and Homer's bad parenting when fans feel they favour her over Bart. In " Lisa's Sax ", many felt that Bart's unhappiness at school was shoved aside in favour of nurturing Lisa's gift. While the episode supports this to an extent, it's not really Lisa's fault as she was a toddler at the time and not consciously trying to steal their parents' attention.

The show itself gets a lot of blame from fans of classic animation for causing the industry to move away from Deranged Animation and popularizing the more conservative style of TV animation that became the norm from the s onwards, with said fans even pointing to the rejection of the original, more cartoonish version of "Some Enchanted Evening" as proof that the show was trying to kill off that kind of animation. The popularity of The Simpsons did ensure that shows like Family Guy and King of the Hill would become de jure once the "classic animation" resurgence crashed at the end of that decade, but said crash was more to do with studio politics amid lack of audience interest and the emergence of CGI animation than anything to do with The Simpsons.

Moe : Maggie, the adorable Cute Mute baby who is always sucking on her pacifier though she has a dark side. Lisa, being a smart, caring, and idealistic Adorably Precocious Child. Ralph, one of Lisa's classmates, qualifies due to his innocence and being a Cloudcuckoolander. Ironically the character named Moe definitely averts this trope. Moral Event Horizon : Has its own page. Although Ullman was a solid hit for the then-budding FOX network, it is today almost entirely forgotten outside the context of being The Simpsons' parent show and even then, you'd be lucky to find many people aware of the show's origins.

Most Wonderful Sound : The heavenly choir at the beginning of the opening sequence. Similarly Bart said "Cowabunga" in only a couple of instances in the original Tracey Ullman shorts and the second season, despite it being slapped on endless merchandise of the character. DVD commentary reveals the creative team were surprised he even said it in the actual series at all. The townspeople gets virtually no love at all ever since Boys Of Bummer premiered, despite them apologizing for treating Bart badly to the point Bart was nearly Driven to Suicide. One particular case is Chief Wiggum for driving Bart back to the crowd for losing the game and was the one who taunted Bart into jumping off.

One-Scene Wonder : Hank Scorpio. Many fans love him even if they don't like Season 8, and he was so popular that the writers even considered making him the Big Bad of The Simpsons Movie. Even when they didn't do so, the villain they did make was almost completely like him except minus his personable manner. When Marge joins the police in " The Springfield Connection ", one of her fellow cadets is a twitchy Gun Nut who screams "Forget about the badge!

Two main instances stand out. The first one is Marge's animation during the supermarket scene , which went from elaborate movement to a simple turn of her head.

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It's understandable in context her time was shortened in order to add in Gerald and Maggie fist shaking , but still. The second one is Homer getting hit by Marge's car and bursting through the door in the garage instead of him screaming at the sight of the car and running away from it via the same door. Tough Act to Follow : Some of the criticism of the newer seasons comes from the extremely high expectations fans had after the first seasons. Toy Ship : Mary Spuckler almost married Bart, due to the Spuckler family's backwards marital traditions.

She's also the only one of his many love interests to be featured prominently in more than one episode. True Art Is Incomprehensible : The Scully era namely season with the episodes "Saddlesore Galactica" and "A Tale of Two Springfields" got routinely scathing reviews and a good amount of a Broken Base , but it has gotten praise by some as a brilliant surrealist, experimental take on all the cliches The Simpsons was dishing out.

Some art critics have even called it a genuinely good work of post-modernism. Uncanny Valley : The grotesque animation style of the earliest episodes including the Tracey Ullman shorts and in some episodes in which the Simpsons are depicted in another medium claymation, live-action, as drawn by John Kricfalusi , as drawn by Bill Plympton , CGI, Lego, Robot Chicken -style stop-motion, etc The real-world celebrity cameos can come off as this, as they're always drawn as realistically as possible which clashes with the semi-abstract designs of the main and recurring cast.

Other than that, that's all Palmer can do aside from having a lot of HP. Of course, this being Final Fantasy , there are many more than just that. Base Breaker : While subsequent games have made it worse, this is the game that shattered the fanbase, largely due to the sudden shift in art style, atmosphere and console. Camps of fans include those who never got into the series until it came out and hate the games that came before, those that loved the games before and consider this one to have killed the series, those that consider this game the best RPG of all time, those that consider it So Okay It's Average with too much hype, and those that consider it an overrated unoriginal piece of junk.

And then there's fans who love the original game but hate its expanded universe. Correspondingly, Cloud, Sephiroth and Aerith. Aerith in particular, some players just never got over her death, and hate that she died after they got so attached to her. Yuffie and Vincent are Base Breakers to a lesser extent as well. Big Lipped Alligator Moment : The chocobos dancing when you first arrive at the stables. Most anything that happens in the Honeybee Inn borders on this. Complete Monster Sociopathic Mad Scientist Hojo, whose experimental atrocities arguably led to the main conflict. And the conflict before.

And the conflict after.


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And the conflict after that. Let's face it, Hojo could almost be the poster child for Complete Monster-ism. Scarlet and Heidegger are borderline cases as well. They're both totally okay with testing Humongous Mecha of mass destruction against They converse about two things in the game: weapons that kill people, and the funds to build weapons that kill people. Scarlett is responsible for what happened to North Corel, Barret, and Dyne; Heidegger was responsible for the destruction of Sector 7 along with another Complete Monster listed below. President Shinra runs a Mega Corp that makes its profits off of energy that is actually the life force of the planet, as well as all beings on said planet living or dead - that's right; his company is actually built on selling souls.

While listening to classical music. Also, given how eerily emotionless and cold Rufus is, growing up with this guy for a father probably wasn't the ideal childhood Die for Our Ship : Loads of it - some people even took the game's most infamous scene as a literal example of this trope. Draco in Leather Pants : Sephiroth is the poster boy for this. Rufus Shinra; pre- Advent Children at least.

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Okay, admittedly the flattening an entire city district with the people inside, no less and pinning it on AVALANCHE wasn't his idea and he had no real pleasure in doing it, but that doesn't change the fact that he's the one who physically did the deed. A lot of people, however, ignore this and act as if he's a perfectly good guy without flaws. Tseng also gets some of this despite his introduction consisting of him slapping the captive Aerith and laughing at the party's hopelessness before the Sector 7 pillar collapses.

Strangely enough, Hojo has a decent female fanbase both in-universe and out of it. Ensemble Darkhorse : A lot of fans are pretty irritated that Vincent was an optional character and therefore not important to the storyline. Later on, he had important role in Advent Children and starred in his own game Dirge of Cerberus. Zack, who was pretty much a One-Scene Wonder in the original game before he became the main character in Crisis Core.

The Turks, but primarily Reno. They take on more important roles in the Compliation, however. Rufus Shinra.

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There's a reason he came back for Advent Children. Epileptic Trees : A lot of fans used to think that Jenova, not Sephiroth, was the one who was really pulling the strings, and that he was just an Unwitting Pawn. Word of God explaining that he was, in fact, the one in control put this theory mostly to rest, although it still prevails to an extent since not every fan has read the materials in which this explanation appears. Evil Is Sexy : Same as above, but averted by Sephiroth. He was just as sexy before his Face Heel Turn , if not more so.

Fan Dumb : Hoo boy. From people declaring it the Best Game Ever ad nauseam, to the incredible Shipping wars that rage to this day, the Fan Dumb is strong with this one. Freud Was Right : Sephiroth, who wants to penetrate the Planet a symbolic mother and become one with it. Game Breaker Too many to name.

Among other things, with the right Materia combination, it was possible to throw yourself into a loop of Knights of the Round until whatever you were facing was dead. This includes the final boss. And the Bonus Bosses.

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