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Texas Tech tied the game in the fourth inning and scored twice in the fifth and sixth to take a lead. Florida pulled within on Nelson Maldonado's two-run home run in the bottom of the seventh, but the Gators stranded a runner in the eighth and did not have a batter reach in the ninth. It was Singer's first loss since March 23 against Arkansas. The Razorbacks recorded 17 strikeouts, didn't allow a hit after the third inning and didn't allow a base runner after the fifth. The Red Raiders finished third in the Big 12 standings this season.

Arkansas defeated Big 12 champion Texas on Sunday. Black Voices. Latino Voices. Asian Voices. HuffPost Personal. Special Projects. Pride Impact: Project Zero. Impact: This New World. Listen to America.

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From Our Partners. Follow us. Do they need the first months rent upfront? How long is the lease? How often does rent go up?

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By how much? What does my monthly payments include? Sewage and water? Trash fee? Pest control fee? How much does utilities generally cost? Do they require renters insurance?

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Is the insurance included in the monthly payments? How much will I pay in up-front costs when I sign the lease? How are emergency repairs taken care of? How secure is the property?

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Is there a fee if I have to break my lease? How is the process? Under what circumstance can a landlord terminate my lease? Do I have to find a roommate? If not, what is the process of roommate matching? Which roommate will be held responsible if we do not make rent?

Are the apartments furnished? Are there smoke alarms? Which appliances are included? How old are the appliances? What is the quality of the buildings? How many rooms do the apartments have? Am I allowed to decorate the apartment without penalty? How is the policy if I want to have a barbecue, dinner, party? Are pets allowed? If so, is there a fee? How is the guest policy? Is there a laundry in the apartment? Transportation Is parking included? If not, how much does parking costs?

Is it assigned? Does the city busses that run near the apartment complex? Does the Texas Tech busses run near the apartment complex? What are the other residents like? Are there other students from Tech? How are the complex demographics? Are there sidewalks to run on? Is there a health club in the complex? Is there a pool? How close is the apartment with regards to key points in the city such as grocery store, the University, hospital, parks, restaurants, etc.? Is there a history of theft, vandalism or other crimes? How much noise comes through the walls? Are they party walls?

Roommate If you share apartment with a person you do not know, you can ask that person some questions such as: What time do you usually go to bed? Do you smoke? Which chores you do not mind doing? What time do you usually wake up? Do you like pets? What are your study habits like? What is your typical weekend like? Are we going to share groceries together? Visiting When talking with the staff and visiting the facilities is important to ask yourself the following questions: Do the people in the leasing office seem like they care? Does the apartments have central Air?

In wall Air conditioner? Air conditioner at all? Do windows open? Does the roof leak? Is there enough closet space? Will the apartment fit your storage needs? Where will you store your vacuum cleaner? Where will you store your bicycle?

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  8. Can you have a grill on your balcony? Is there a peep hole on the door? Will your couch fit through the door? On Campus Organizations Make friends and build leaderships A good way to meet new people and make friends on campus is to get involved somehow with the community through student organizations. There are over registered organizations on campus, and there are many more emerging every year. These organizations fall under many different topics, such as volunteering, spirituality, sports, academics, professional, social, and multicultural.

    Helpful links Many of the student organizations are accessible through Orgsync, where most of the time they provide information about who they are and contact information.

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    International Student Associations at Texas Tech: www. Lubbock Volunteering Directory provides volunteering opportunities in health sector. The children's home is an organization assisting children and families in crisis. Some of the volunteering activities include teaching independent living skills for older teens, assisting in workday projects, providing desserts or planning special day for children. Animal Services, City of Lubbock requires minimum age of 16 years old while some programs require 21 years old.

    Volunteering opportunities include administrative support, front desk greeter, playing with dog, cat cuddling and grooming. Voice of Hope, Lubbock helps survivors of sex trafficking and sexual assault and is always looking for dedicated volunteers. You may apply through the website of organization. Managed Care calls for volunteers in number of areas including being an advocate for policies that help prevent youths from engaging in alcohol and drugs.

    South Plains Food Bank also offers volunteer work in warehouse, reception desk and for special events. Great Non-Profits provides list of websites and information about a wide range of charity organization. Internship Opportunities in Lubbock Internship is another way to enhance your skills while you are studying. Groovejob Jobs Radar Glassdor Bridge of Lubbock TTU Intern Government and public service internship program is a unique way to understand about how the federal or state governments work. The internships are offered each semester in Washington, Austin and in Lubbock.

    Check the website regularly to make sure you have enough time to apply for this amazing program. Software Builders Cotton Systems is a software company specializing in web applications. They offer a 6-months long fall internship and less structured internship programs throughout the year.

    Churches in Lubbock Throughout Lubbock, you can definitely see some religious influences. Bank Account With a bank account, you can pay all of your bills by check, and manage your bill payments online. They are Checking Accounts These allow you to frequently deposit and withdraw money. Savings Accounts These are for long term deposits for accruing interest. How to Choose a Bank Ask your school's international student office or check their website to find out if your school has a relationship with a specific bank to which they refer their international students.

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    How to Open a Bank Account Although many banks advertise that you can open an account over the phone or online, you should plan to open an account in person. When you go to the bank to open a bank account, you will need to bring: Your full name, home address, home telephone number, your campus telephone number, and your college address Letterhead showing the local address — i. You will also need the funds you want to deposit and open the account with. Every bank has slightly different requirements, so make sure you ask beforehand so you don't forget something you need.

    Debit cards Most banks offer a debit card which is also known as a check card. When using the debit card, the money comes directly from the checking account, just like when someone writes a check. A debit card doesn't help building a credit rating layer. Students can use a debit card to make purchases without accumulating interest layer because the money comes directly from the checking account.

    Debit cards can take the place of writing checks, paying with cash or using a credit card. Moreover, debit cards allow students to withdraw cash or deposit money at an ATM machine. ATM cards give easy access to the money, but students need to be careful because that easy access might cost you. For example, if a student withdraws money from his or her account at the bank's ATM, the student probably won't pay any fees for that transaction. However, if the student withdraws money from a different bank's ATM, he could get charged a fee from that bank as well as from his own.

    Credit Cards Having a credit card is very useful in the States: You may need one to get a rental car or book hotel rooms when you travel. There are two main options to get an American credit card, even as an international student: You may just apply for a credit card that you like. Without a steady income and no credit history since you have not had a chance yet to build a good credit history , it is rather unlikely that you will get approved, though.

    You check with the bank you opened a bank account with Wells Fargo and Bank of America are two big banks, that both have offices right across the street from campus, and both are used to international students coming in , and let them know you are interested in a credit card. That means, you out down a security deposit, and you are then able to use the credit card for up to the security deposit per month. This helps you to build a credit history. This is the best way to not only get a credit card and not overspending, but also to build a credit history.

    There are different ways to pay the rent: Cash or Money Order with Receipt When you pay with this method, always ask for a proof of your payment. Personal Check or Cashier's Check You can write a check or you can request from your bank a cashier's check. Electronic Deposit You can work with your bank to set up an electronic transfer to a specific account.

    How to transfer money? The information needed will include the recipient's bank name, ABA number, the recipient's account number and the amount being sent. What is the ABA number? This number is used to identify the bank. This number is generally located at the bottom left corner of the accounts check or you can also find the information online. Where should I find the account number? Sometimes, they do not feel comfortable giving out this information. In this case, you will have to choose another method. Credit Card In this case, you can set up your account to send the money straight to the landlords account or you can go by the office to pay.

    Online Payment If you are living in a complex of apartments, they will usually have a website where you can pay. For deadline and criteria info, please visit Incoming First year student Scholarships International students loan are also available but a US citizen sponsor is required as co-signer. Information on Teaching Assistantship for Graduate students Funding your graduate education is quite expensive and many people struggle hard to work to make ends meet. Below are some options available to you to explore: Graduate Assistantship A graduate student in an institution of higher education employed in support of a department or unit responsible for work assigned by the supervisor within the unit or department which utilizes knowledge beyond undergraduate academic studies.

    Research Assistantship A graduate student in an institution of higher education employed in support of the research mission of the unit, its director or faculty, in laboratory, field, or computer work, or such other activities as may assist the unit's research effort. Teaching Assistantship A graduate student in an institution of higher education employed in support of the teaching mission of the unit who is responsible for a quiz, drill, or laboratory section.

    Graduate Part-Time Instructor A graduate student in an institution of higher education employed in support of the teaching mission of the unit who is responsible for, or in charge of, a class or class section, or a quiz, drill, or laboratory section. Advantages of Being an Assistant Tuition and fee waivers. It helps you to improve your teaching and research skills.

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    It also helps you to prepare for your future career. Graduate students funding opportunities Texas Tech graduate school offers abundance of scholarships and fellowships to graduate students at Tech. Following two websites has links for most of graduate scholarships assembled together: www. Guideline: www.

    These scholarships are awarded to deserving current undergraduate and graduate students as well as incoming freshmen, incoming graduate and transfer students.

    ttu college coupons Ttu college coupons
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