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This is pizza no carnivore could refuse. Sticking to the traditional Israeli take on the Middle Eastern pita wrap and platter, options are limited to the falafel, sabih fried eggplant , and ktzitzot meat patties , which can be served in pita bread or on a plate of dips, pickles and salad.

Sri Lankan food has not had its day in Melbourne yet, but we reckon Lankan Tucker is going to start a 'thing. Jojo specialises in pan mee noodles torn to your desired thickness, dry or in soup, adorned with your choice of toppings.

The best healthy & paleo cafes and restaurants in Melbourne for 12222

Just watch us. Go the fish dumplings — they're unique in this city. They're ugly-beautiful: a loose mince of oily mackerel, fragrant with ginger, coriander root and chives, captured in the thinnest white dinner jackets. Needless to say, this is a vegetarian no-go zone. No eggs. No fancy plating. No cutlery. After agonising over your order will it be the falafel plate, chicken wrap, tagine of the day or Middle Eastern pizza?

In the mean time you can browse through the supermarket and take home some bouncy Turkish bread or super-fresh almonds. With its fairy-esque lights, vibrant green hanging plants that curl out of their baskets and the ever-present smell of grilled meat, Sunshine Social is the epitome of the Australian backyard barbecue, only indoors.

Chicken Curry Don

It's inspired by Italy, the country whose immigrants gave Melbourne hospitality its heart, but unlike the old-school Italian cafes that define this strip of Carlton, Heartattack looks forward to a bright future of casual eating and drinking, not back to a nostalgic past.

The volume, variety and quality here are hard to overstate, and put most other attempts at aperitivo to shame. Get your growling belly to Heartattack and find out. Of course, the crisp falafel is the star of almost every dish, but the dips and veggies are also piled high. The meals are centred around ingredients that are everyday items in an Israeli household hummus, pickled cabbage, tahini , and the fitout is just like an inviting kitchen.

A cool tenner buys you a two-hands-required burrito rammed with black beans, salad, tofu and avocado. The Maha head chef and owner's kebab store is named after the late Notorious B. Referencing his Middle Eastern roots, Delia sprinkles updates to the classic kebab combos: the Dirty South kebab curiously combines fried chicken with pumpkin pie hummus, while the A-Rab marries the lamb with a smoked hummus and pickles. We recommend it highly. A white shirt, not so much.

We dig a bold title, and we do indeed bow down to Laksa King as the ruling monarch of noodle soup. Nick Bevereux and Greg Bremner were well aware of this when they set about opening their breakfast spot across the street from South Melbourne Market.

Best Restaurants in Melbourne, Victoria

Good Eggs serve their golden-centered globes hard-boiled, scrambled, poached, over easy or sunny side up, and everything on the menu comes with an egg. How Melbourne ever made it for so long without a an all-night ramen joint, we will never know, but Shujinko's presence is smack bang in the CBD and a stone's throw away from some of the city's most popular late-night venues is a god send.

Perhaps not so surprisingly, a soothing bowl of soup and perfectly slurpy noodles is great fuel after a late night jaunt through town. The ultra-spicy karakuchi ramen is just the thing to clear those sinuses, while the black ramen is an umami bomb you'll keep coming back for.

Are these the best noodles in Melbourne? Right now, they're the only noodles we want to eat. Order the signature Chongqing noodles — you won't be disappointed. The menu keeps it simple and cheap. There are four types of souvas, three plates and a few ready-to-go accompaniments. Don't overlook cold dishes to start for something different and refreshing. Large groups welcome. Vegetarians also get plenty of love with the Desert Storm Moroccan roast veg toastie, quinoa salad, nachos option to add beef for carnivores and grilled saganaki burger.

Spice lovers, rejoice! Choose from broths rich with pickled mustard greens, heavy with dried chillies or mild, double chicken stock accompanied by duck, beef, pork, chicken or offal. Chose from wafu dashi and soy , curry or sesame flavour, or grab a bowl of ramen in soup. Standout dishes include the Organic Ben and Breakfast Salad with kale, organic quinoa, peas, mint, broccoli, avocado, mixed organic nuts and biodynamic poached eggs; and the Green Omelette with biodynamic eggs, spinach and goats feta.

The beatt also serves a number of fresh smoothies and juices such as the Mean Green, with kale, spinach, bananas, dates, almonds, spirulina, coconut water and more.

Laneway Greens focuses on utilising locally sourced sustainable produce, and its menu of bowls, pots and smoothies reflects this. Some great choices for those looking for healthy meals include the Grilled Free-Range Chicken with celery, grapes, spinach, quinoa, parsley, spring onions and more. Healthy Self Co has a mostly plant-based menu built on foundations of free range, organic and sustainable produce. Hunters Roots caters to the health-focused who like to build their own bowls from locally sourced and fresh produce delivered daily.

First you choose a base with options like rice medley, leafy greens or soba noodles.

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Then you select a protein from choices like grilled salmon and poached chicken. Next you add up to four ingredients such as avocado, beetroot kraut, egg omelette, spiced broccoli, roasted eggplant and more. Then you choose a dressing and toppings.

2019 Formula 1 Season Launch - Live from Melbourne

Superbowl is another great spot with customisable bowls. Next you choose toppings such as cucumber, beetroot, avocado, broccoli, carrot and more. There are other great dishes too like the lemon and sumac Israeli Lamb with tabouli, green salads and labneh. Steakhouses can be a great choice when looking for a healthy restaurant.

Most will offer various greens and vegetables sides alongside your chosen meats.

The best restaurants in Melbourne for | Gourmet Traveller

Meatmaiden is a great example of this, and celebrates all things meat with some good side dish options including charred greens, green leaves with shaved radish and citrus dressing, and the mushroom with caramelised onion and spinach. There are also interesting starter options like kangaroo pastrami. The mains are focused around the wood-burning smoker the Meatmaiden crew have imported from the United States.

Good Times

Options include barramundi with steamed clams, hour smoked black brisket and saltbush lamb shoulder. San Telmo serves pasture-fed Hereford beef in a range of steak cuts and cooked on a traditional Argentinian charcoal grill. As long as you avoid piles of pita bread and chips, Greek cuisine can be a good option for a healthy dinner. It offers a number of traditional protein-centric dishes, such as the lamb shoulder, chicken off the spit and pork belly. You can then pair these with vegetables from the sides menu including options like the sauteed greens, beetroot salad or grilled broccolini.

Hellenic Republic is part of the same family of restaurants as Gazi, and focuses on traditional Greek family food. Much like Gazi, you can easily eat a delicious and healthy meal if you focus on proteins and vegetables and forgo the bread and fries. Main options include king prawns with chilli butter, baby octopus, barramundi with burst tomato and olive oil, chicken from the spit, pork belly and the delicious slow-roasted shoulder of lamb.

Then pair it with sides or salads such as the lahanosalata cabbage salad. The humble fish and chips shop can also be an easy healthy meal if you once again avoid fries and fried fish. Hunky Dory has a great range of grilled fish choices, plus you can combine your fish with one of the super salads like the kale, spinach, broccoli salad.

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  • The Press Club—Fine dining, reimagined in Melbourne!
  • Go out and stay wealthy with this guide to the best cheap eats in Melbourne. You're welcome.
  • The beauty of Hunky Dory is that it has plenty of locations around Melbourne and is open seven days a week from lunch until late. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Author Marc.

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