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Galaxy S3 Mini: Specs

Price and specifications on Samsung Galaxy S3 mini 3. I want it! Add it if you love it and would like to have it in your hands Add to I want it! Remove from list.

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Add it if you love it and would like to have it in your hands Log in to add. I have it! Add it if you currently use it or you manage it I had it Add it if you had it and gave it away, sold it or it died Add to I had it. Log in to add. The PenTile matrix won't win it many fans, either.

Dropping down to WVGA and losing 0. You won't have to look hard to spot pixels with the naked eye, and bright text on a dark background can have a visible pixelized edge, whereas on the full-sized Galaxy S III you have to bring the screen much closer before you start to see such details. The next -- and possibly most significant -- difference is what's in the engine room. While Samsung's quad-core Exynos chip caused our usually serious faces to go slack at the jaw, the company evidently felt that such power or even the Snapdragon S4 LTE chip was just too tasty for a handset of this size, opting for a more modest ST-Ericsson-made dual-core 1GHz NovaThor U processor the same found in the Galaxy Beam, no less.

While the performance is hardly a travesty, if you were hoping the mini would be the ultimate pocket-rocket, well, it's not. Okay, so, they eased off the gas a little with the processor. Fair enough, you say -- it probably evens out somewhere else, right? If it does, then it's not in the camera department.

The megapixel count has been slashed from eight to five on the main shooter, with the front camera dropping from 1. One last number that shrunk was the battery capacity -- 1,mAh, down from 2, This, of course, was a more expected change, and -- as we'll explore later -- not one you should be concerned about. This rather more mediocre internal specification will likely be the center of much discussion regarding the Galaxy S III mini. It could do almost anything else from here on out, and we imagine that it wouldn't matter all that much for some.

Aside from a teleportation feature, a hologram creator or supporting 5G, the fact is, many will read the above and dismiss the phone almost right away. They'd be entitled to do that, of course, and if you were looking for a Samsung flagship -- just smaller -- then we wouldn't blame you, either. If, however, you're of a more forgiving nature, join us and read on to get to know it a little bit better, and perhaps you might not have such a damning view of this little fella after all. As we revert back into review -- rather than comparison -- mode, we'll be going over some of the same numbers.

This is particularly true with the display. We'll reiterate again: it measures four inches across diagonally, with a WVGA x resolution and a density of ppi. Samsung's sticking to its Super AMOLED PenTile guns whether you like it or not, but if you're the kind of person who finds that a turn-off, you likely already lost interest somewhere in the last section. In reality, the display is adequate, and still delivers a pleasant enough experience. What it lacks in pixel density, it makes up for in brightness and color representation. It might not be quite as brilliant as some of the laminated screens we've seen recently HTC's Desire X, or Acer's CloudMobile for example , but images display faithfully, with no glaring contrast issues, and if you're into watching lots of video, again, we found it perfectly acceptable for the casual viewing that we performed during our time with it.

While it's no longer , the iPhone 4 showed what you can do with five megapixels pretty well. Its time in the sun may has since passed, but it might start to give you a better sense of where the Galaxy S III mini sits in terms of intended market hint: not at the top. Colors look solid and clear, even if the great British autumn made finding bright examples worth shooting a little more difficult. Low-light performance varies, with dimly lit rooms being the camera's particular nemesis, producing much more washed-out colors. But even then, with a steady hand and use of the built-in low-light modes you can still eke out some decent nocturnal pictures.

As we're not on stock Android, the camera has a few extra options that you don't get with Google's unskinned OS. If you've used any other recent TouchWiz phones from Samsung, you'll know you get a decent spread of additional camera modes, including Panorama, Burst and HDR. There are, of course, the other regular tricks, such as tap-to-focus, face detection and geotagging.

All of these work just as well as they did on the original Galaxy S III, which is to say they're useful tools that succeed in enhancing the experience. What about budding video makers? Well, we're not suggesting this will win you any Oscars, but when we grabbed some footage in the great outdoors, we found it perfectly capable of preserving memories of a quality that's enjoyable to watch back on the phone itself as well as on the desktop. You don't have to take our word for it though, as there's a sample clip below.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (i8190)

You're recording in p at 30 fps at 12 Mbps, Kbps audio , so you're at least gaining membership to the HD club, even if it's at the entry level. We weren't too smitten with it when we gave the flagship its full review , but we've had half a year now to come to terms with it, and those frustrations -- while still present -- have at least faded somewhat with time.

The important thing here is that the UI is one of the few areas where the experience between the two phones is comparable. All those new treats like S Voice and Motion gestures are on display and at your disposal. This also includes other neat tricks such as pop-up video multitasking. Sure, with the smaller screen, it might not be quite as useful, but it's still a fun addition, and one that we're glad made its way over regardless. Other familiar friends include the lock screen apps, which we found ourselves quick to customize, ensuring these soon became a fast favorite of ours.

Also the quick access widgets and shortcuts under the notification pull-down are still a great way to get to useful settings real fast. At the more basic level i.

When the phone was first announced , there was loud chatter about this feature being included, with the caveat that it might be region-specific. Alas, that is indeed the case. We've asked Samsung for clarification on which territories will get the advertised NFC, but for now it's worth checking your local Samsung site just in case. Overall, the takeaway here is that while you might be getting a slightly rougher deal in terms of specs, what Samsung let you do with the phone hasn't really changed.

NFC notwithstanding, of course. Not bad, really, especially if you look at this from the increasingly obvious angle of it being more of a budget device, one that's inspired by the Galaxy S III, more than anything. Okay, we know some of you still wanted an exact scale replica of the GS III, but your cause was, regrettably, lost some paragraphs ago. If you skipped straight to the "What's Different" section above, perhaps you came here next?

Specs are one thing, but does it perform well?

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The answer, is yes. And also, no. When you use the original Galaxy S III alongside this one, you can spot the difference straight away. Condition: For parts. Turns on, but no video. Cracked screen. Back cover is broken in 2 pieces, but holds fine when attached. Phone has scratches, dents all over. Condition is Used. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2.

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    Galaxy S3 mini

    This Samsung Galaxy device features a four-inch Super AMOLED screen display with a resolution of by , which creates rich, vibrant colors and intricate details, whether you're just surfing the Web or are watching video content. The Pop-Up Play feature lets you multitask. For instance, when you're watching video content and you get a text message, you can answer your text without minimizing your video, letting you do double duty with less hassle. You may have always wanted your own personal assistant but perhaps it wasn't in the budget. Now you can enjoy the convenience of a virtual one, as S Voice lets you use voice commands to let your phone know when you need help with directions, want to listen to a specific song or playlist, or need to use your camera instantly.

    It also unlocks your phone at the sound of your voice. What's Inside the Samsung Galaxy? A dual-core processor runs the updated Android Jelly Bean operating system, providing users with fast, glitch-free graphics along with other added features. You can choose between 8 GB or 16 GB of memory.

    The Galaxy S has a lithium-ion battery that offers mAh of power, which means you get up to 14 hours of talk time on a 2G network. The Li-ion battery is also removable and rechargeable. What Are the Camera Features? The front-facing camera is a VGA model, and the rear-facing camera offers 5 MP resolution for clear, crisp images. The cell phone's camera can also take panoramic shots. Shop by Category. Network see all. Color see all.

    Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Unboxing

    Connectivity see all. Micro USB. Camera Resolution see all. Less than 2. Not Specified. SIM Card Slot see all. Single SIM. Dual SIM. Model see all. Storage Capacity see all. Brand see all.

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    Best mobile deals samsung galaxy s3 mini

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