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Please note that calling is charged according to the Voicemail Retrieval rates within your plan. You can check our voicemail charges according to your plan at callrates. Click here for more information about Voicemail. At "Your Account" you can also see your monthly statement. We will also email your billing information, usage information, etc to you. Please view our call rates here callrates. Generally you can send SMS to countries you can make international calls to. Check our call rates page to see the list of countries you can call from your plan.

Click here to check international roaming rates. Note: International roaming calls are not included in the Included Value. If your phone is locked to another provider, you can contact the provider to unlock your phone. Vodafone: call or visit www. If you have used less than your monthly Included Value, the remaining amount will expire at the end of the month. If you use less than the advertised price of the plan you will still have to pay the same minimum monthly charge which is the advertised price of the plan.

You will be charged for the calls made outside your Included Value based on the call rates advertised. You will be charged, and funds will be taken out of your Prepaid Balance. If you don't have sufficient Prepaid Balance, you will not be able to make any usage that is not part of your Included Value. Alternatively please contact our Mobile Support team on 13 14 23 for assistance in retrieving the PUK code. For starters, try switching your phone on and off.

Also try checking your signal strength. If it still does not work, the problem may be caused by a billing issue. Please call Mobile Customer Service on 13 14 23 to check if the issue concerns billing. Check to see that the Sim Card is inserted correctly. If this does not work, try testing the Sim Card on another phone. The phone must be unlocked. There is a charge involved for the new Sim Card.


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Firstly, save all your contacts from your previous Sim Card onto the phone. If you do not know how to do this, try consulting your mobile phone manual. Once you have moved all of your contacts onto the phone memory, simply insert the new TPG Sim Card and transfer the contacts from the phone onto the Sim Card! If there is a problem with your mobile phone please contact the manufacturer directly using the contact details listed below.

Please note that TPG does not repair mobile phones. No, TPG mobile plans are not suitable for use with Blackberry push email and data. Click here for more information. Yes, TPG Mobile supports tethering. Please note that in order for Tethering to work, your Mobile Data also needs to be enabled in Your Account. Tethering will use mobile data from your TPG Mobile plan. Tethering can only be used in mobile phone with tethering capabilities.

Please refer to your handset device's manual or website if you are unsure on how to enable tethering on your phone.

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You can also contact our Mobile Technical Support team on 02 option 3 if you require further assistance. There is no additional charge in turning tethering on, however please be aware that tethering uses your mobile data. Any mobile data usage not included in your plan is charged as an excess which comes out of your Prepaid Balance. Alternatively, you can call Mobile Technical Support on 02 option 3 and request to unsubscribe. The usage displayed will be delayed for some call types and data usage for up to 30 minutes, and longer for international roaming calls and for any third party services ordered through your mobile service.

You can also turn off data, bar outbound calls of various types, restrict roaming, and make use of other spend management tools, all via the My Account section of the TPG Website at no charge. For more information about using these tools, please contact Customer Service on 13 14 Standard rates apply for usage outside of the Included Value and for excess data. Unused Included Value and Included Data are forfeited at the end of each monthly billing cycle period.

No, diversion within Australia is charged at 9. Yes, click here to change your TPG mobile plan. T4G plans are for personal use only and may not be acquired by companies or businesses or used for commercial purposes or in a manner that may adversely affect the mobile network.

T4G plans have a certain amount of Included Data each monthly billing cycle. If at any time in a billing cycle you use more than the amount of Included Data, we will charge you:. The easiest and most cost effective way to contact us while International Roaming is to visit our website. Set up an email contact address and account password before you leave and please remember your online password to gain access to your account details via the website. Our standard Customer Care number is not available from overseas.

This call will be charged at the normal international rate from that country's service provider to Australia. Yes, depending on the country or area you will be travelling to, you can use your current mobile phone. Tri-band mobile phones sold in Australia are able to roam in these areas. Some parts of the USA do not use compatible mobile phone technology so a complete mobile phone pack will have to be hired in order to roam there. Dual-band, Tri-band,and Quad-band mobile phones are able to roam in these countries. Most countries in Asia also offer GSM coverage using the Mhz and Mhz bands and Dual-band and Tri-band mobile phones are able to roam in these countries.

Please Note: Japan does not use compatible mobile phone technology so a complete mobile phone pack will have to be hired in order to roam there. Visit our website to see if the country you are travelling to is covered and has an agreement with TPG. We suggest you attempt to contact mobile phone hire companies via the Yellow Pages to hire mobile phones and accessories whilst travelling.

Travellers are usually able to hire mobile phones at their destination country's airports. Companies offer this service much like hire cars. Once we are notified, we will suspend your service so calls cannot be made. An easy way of reducing incoming call costs is to set an unconditional diversion on your mobile phone directing all incoming calls to your Voicemail box in Australia without the call routing overseas meaning your phone will not ring.

Doing this will not incur you any excess charges although there will be diversion charges depending on the plan you are on callrates. This way you can then make one international call from either your mobile phone or from a fixed line phone to collect all your Voicemail messages. Leave a message on your Voicemail stating you are currently overseas or unavailable but you are able to respond to messages left. You may even leave your email address on your message for friends and colleagues to contact.

Another option is to remove all Voicemail diversions so that you will only be charged for calls you answer. Your bills will be paid as usual while you are away. Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account on the due debit date. You can view your bill on our website. Don't forget your online password so you can access your account details. Your International Roaming bond will be credited back to your account 30 days after you have deactivated international roaming. This is to ensure we have received all or most of your call records from overseas carriers. You can use them but you may need to change them to use the international prefix and area codes.

Remember to drop the 0 out of the area code 08 would become 8, 02 would become 2, etc. Not all services are available in every country you may visit, or are offered by every network you may choose. When you reach your destination, check the local networks for the services they offer. Each SMS you send has two components.

This includes an international and local component and is displayed on your bill as two separate entries. You can request to activate or deactivate international roaming in your Mobile Service Control Panel by following the steps below:. You will be charged with the International Call rate for Roaming, as call recipient will still be considered as an International Number even if the number is an Australian number. Please view our roaming charges here. Premium services are provided by third party content providers whom give you access to various types of content or payment services via fixed line or mobile phone.

Examples include:. They can be purchased by making a phone call, sending a text message, or requesting them via the internet or data connection from your mobile phone. TPG has been involved in building fibre optic cables to Vodafone mobile base stations as part of their effort in transforming and improving their mobile network. As Vodafone's key construction partner, we are in a great position to understand the improved quality of the Vodafone mobile network. We are so confident about our work with Vodafone that we have decided to move our mobile customer base from the Optus network to the Vodafone network.

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We are inviting customers to move to the Vodafone network in batches as there are limitations on the number of customers that we and the industry can accommodate transferring daily. Eventually all TPG mobile customers in the Optus network will be invited to move. The entire migration process will take several months.

Once you are invited, we will send you a new SIM card which you need to activate in order to start your new plan on the Vodafone network.

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You can pop out the size SIM you need, and pop the pieces back together if you need a larger size. You will remain a TPG customer. There may be changes to your mobile plan in the Vodafone network. In general, the changes are beneficial for you but please go through the details of your new plan including the Critical Information Summary to assess whether it is suitable for you. We do expect to eventually discontinue our mobile plans in the Optus network. We are confident in the service and plans we offer on the Vodafone network and we recommend you accept the invitation to move to the Vodafone network as early as possible.

If you do not accept the invitation and your existing plan is discontinued in the future, we will of course provide you with the appropriate notice. If you are not within a 4G coverage area or your mobile handset is not 4G compatible, the mobile service will automatically switch over to 3G or 2G and speeds will be much less than that of 4G. Once you are invited to move to the Vodafone network, we will send a new SIM card to you free of charge. When you activate your new TPG SIM card online, you will be given the option to choose from the plan specified in the invitation we sent to you and the plans TPG currently sells.

No, the offer is available only for the TPG mobile service number addressed in the invitation. The offer made to you is based on your existing mobile plan. You can also view your internet and call usage, activate your mobile SIM or change your password. Excess Data: 10c per MB. Thank you for submitting your details. We will be in touch shortly. Unfortunately an error has occurred when processing your request. Please try again in a few minutes.

If you continue to experience the same problem, please contact TPG on for further assistance. No Yes. New Mobile Registration. I want to change my existing TPG mobile plan.


Download PDF Your browser does not support iframes. Why TPG Mobile? Important things you need to know. Call Rates. All International call rates apply to calls originated in Australia. Rates below are shown per minute and billed in 30 second increments.

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All rates listed are inclusive of GST. Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates below are shown per minute and billed in per minute increments. Activating International Roaming You must activate international roaming via My Account before going overseas.

Roaming Charges Your mobile usage while roaming will be charged the rate for the zone you are in, as shown below.

- June 25 -

International Roaming International Roaming allows you to use selected services while overseas with your mobile phone using your existing mobile phone number. Activating International Roaming You must activate international roaming via "Your Account" before going overseas. Coverage Your browser does not support iframes. Important Things you need to know. If the data usage exceeds your included data, charges will be taken out of your Prepaid Balance.

If there is insufficient fund in your prepaid balance, your mobile data will become inactive until your prepaid balance is topped up to a sufficient level. TPG will endeavour to warn you via SMS when you are about to exceed and have exceeded your included plan value amount. TPG displays the information regarding usage to you via the 'My Account' section of this website 15 to 30 minutes after you accrue it. You are responsible for any usage irrespective of any warnings. To check the data usage charges, please visit callrates. Monthly Usage Quota and Data Enabling and Using Mobile Data: By enabling DATA, you are able to use services like internet browsing, email, navigation, downloading maps, checking the weather and other online services on your mobile phone.

If you exceed your plan's Included Mobile Data value, additional excess data usage charges will be payable in accordance with the terms of the plan you acquire. We're sorry to hear the customer did not like sunglasses received. Our Customer Support advised that the purchase could be returned for a full refund, and that offer is still available. We will only refund once the merchandise has been sent back to us. The company showed the sunglasses on their website as possible options. However, the items received were in no way that as represented by the company.

The company only offered the refund if I pay for the return shipping. I shouldn't have to considering they sold knock off items that were in no way that as pictured in the website description. The reviews for this company are one star, due to individuals like myself getting ripped off.

This was for them to have me pay more money to return the items is in poor business practices. Again, we clearly state it will be selected from a large variety of sunglasses brands. Everything is selected at random. The customer may return for a refund.

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What do you think? Share your review. Read More. The item was a trinket you would get at a carnival for breaking some balloons. Shame on me for bein gullible. Hey Jim! We hate to hear you weren't happy with your purchase. If you'd like to return the items, please email our Customer Support to authorize the return.

The return is at your cost, but we can issue a refund for the merchandise once received. BBB Business Profiles may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes. BBB Business Profiles are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. However, BBB does not verify the accuracy of information provided by third parties, and does not guarantee the accuracy of any information in Business Profiles. When considering complaint information, please take into account the company's size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm's responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.

BBB Business Profiles generally cover a three-year reporting period.

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