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Coco Key Cincinnati

What a joke I am in management and this is not the way you treat people that do business with you. I personally will be turning this place into the health department in the morning, it needs to be shutdown. Not to mention there was blood at the opening of one of the slides, that was there the entire time after staff aware of too.

This place is very dirty, unsanitary and I or my family would never go back. Did I mention we had to go outside prior to leaving and dump bags and shake everything out prior to leaving, for fear of taking the bugs home. I will get pictures my sister took and upload later today. Hope this can save some families there money! Health Dept. People need to speak out more about facilities like this. Owners with no pride in peoples experiences. No customer service skills. And no idea how to keep a business clean and safe.

I recently took my family for a day of fun on a rainy day and drove from Columbus Ohio. We entered the water park with my daughter asking me what this big bug was that was on the lobby floor alive that appeared to look like a roach. I told her, so i did not scare her, that it was a beetle and to smash it. In the back of my mind, i really did not think much of it as it was a long drive and i was ready to relax and it appeared to be clean on first appearance. We instantly got in the water for a couple of hours and got out to sit and eat.

Upon sitting a lawn care, we notice little baby roaches crawling on our items.

CoCo Key Water Resort Cincinnati

Now, this was one of the most disgusting things i have been in, as my family does not live in these types of conditions, nor did we pay to go to a roach motel! At the time we seen these annoying pesty bugs we shook out our items, and decided to sit at a table. My child seen big ones climbing the walls in the baby area and she chalked it up to a beetle because that is what i advised her of. Other family members decided to get food from the kitchen and sat down to eat. Upon sitting down to eat, we discovered more little pesty cockroaches starring at us from afar on the table legs just hanging out.

While the owner walked us back into the park area, he stated he had seen a couple of roaches but had the exterminators every week treating the hotel. I walked him around where we were sitting and pointed out several live crawling cockroaches which obviously indicated they had a problem that was not being taken care of.

Indoor Water Parks in Ohio

A birthday party event was setup and i showed the owner that there were roaches crawling over children plates and cups and the family do not even know. We did receive a refund, but that did not come so easily.

Radisson Cincinnati North Coco Key Water Resort, Ohio

We expressed that we wanted the refund and wanted to leave right away. The owner gave us 5 mins to get 4 people dressed and packed. We had a handicapped 6 year that takes attention to that this is something that is impossible to accomplish and that was not even give a thought by the owner. He stood outside the women family restroom waiting on us to leave. We left and while leaving, we did see families going in and warned them.

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The owner came out in the parking lot walked up on us and told us he was calling the police because we told a few people to stay away from there if they do not want to take these expensive pesty bugs in their homes. I dont ever remember them have such a big problem two years ago while we stayed at this hotel.

If they have a roach infestation in the park, just imagine what the rooms have in them. We seen a ton of baby roaches and 3 adult sized roaches. We did call the health dept. The health dept did confirm the infestation in the water park, the food court and the kitchen of the water park. We were treated like crap because we choose to be clean people in society and this is unacceptable to pay our hard earned money on!

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Cherry Valley Lodge Coco Key Water Resort – Closed in Fall of 2017

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deals for coco keys cincinnati Deals for coco keys cincinnati
deals for coco keys cincinnati Deals for coco keys cincinnati
deals for coco keys cincinnati Deals for coco keys cincinnati
deals for coco keys cincinnati Deals for coco keys cincinnati
deals for coco keys cincinnati Deals for coco keys cincinnati
deals for coco keys cincinnati Deals for coco keys cincinnati

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