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No can't do it without charging me full price for it. I ask why I have to pay for his mistake and I was told because I didn't catch it when he made it. It would do the package but I had to wait. I asked to speak to a manager. He said "I am the manager and this is my decision". I asked for the store manager and was told that the store manager had no control over him and he refused to call him for me. I said "fine. I'll call myself". I pulled out my phone and called the store. At this point he calls the store manager, Mike. I tell Mike what he said and he called me a liar saying he didn't.

Another customer walked up and confirmed my story. So I wasn't helped by the manager either. He just said sorry, didn't offer a solution, and didn't handle the problem. Worthless customer service and management. I paid for my oil change and left with no tire rotation or filter. Now I'm going to have to make an extra trip and pay full price for those services.

Do not go to this auto center or Sears store. I stopped taking my car there when another employee attempted to put gas shocks on my car when I was being charged for premium shocks. I canceled the work order and resigned shortly thereafter. It was dishonest and bad business.

Sears Automotive Center use to be a great place to work and buy tires.

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Bad hires, and policies changing every other day made it very difficult to deliver a superior customer service experience. I take my car to the dealership. You get what you pay for. Took my 1. Soon after noticed oil on the driveway and figured it was another older vehicle that sometimes comes over. Finally began seeing oil all over driveway. I went under to look at oil pan and sure enough it was leaking.

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I decided to try and take it to the service center knowing it was going to be a huge waste of time. Sure enough instead of taking it in quickly and simply correcting the issue they wanted me to wait an 1. Thanks but no thanks!!! It doesn't take a genius to know that they stripped the screw or didn't put it in tight enough. Several oil changes before by my good mechanic and this is what I get for trying to use a coupon and close store. Never again will I go back to their service center!!!

I have bought batteries for prior vehicles at sears, and when the batteries are bad under the warranty you the customer have to remove them yourself.

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They charge you for that and you will have to wait until they can get to it. No customer service. I'll continue to go to my local mechanic and stay away from offers that are too good to be true. Each time Josh has been very friendly and helpful when he helped me. Jeremy did a great job on my car. I felt like they were honest with me and didn't find something extra to charge me for. I'll definitely go back! Alestair was helpful as well. I needed 2 new tires for my vehicle so I checked the store website, the Newington location and they had them in stock.

Needing the tires and time was an issue I made the appointment for the following morning before work. I brought the vehicle in for the appointment and waited in the waiting area for the tires to be swapped out and remounted, about an hour. Not once did they come out to tell me about a headlight bulb being out and being replaced.

I've never in my life been to a dealer or service department where work was done without an authorization. I only went for tires nothing else. Was told while I was paying my bill that many other issues were wrong with my vehicle and they could take care of them, including getting a new battery because mine was almost shot. I just had the vehicle inspected the previous month and everything checked out and passed, even the tires that I had replaced.

When I declined their offer for more repairs they felt a need to start disparaging my vehicle and asked me if I was just running it into the ground, because I had , miles on it. Very unprofessional, and probably bait and switch on the tires too. I had no dash lights indicating I had a bulb out. By this time I was so mad. I just wanted out of there. Never, ever again with Sears. Called the store and they said they had the tires I wanted. Went in and they said they didn't even carry that brand of tires.

Bought different tires which were more expensive. When waiting in line they were taking people from behind us first. My truck needed an oil change.

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I saw a coupon online I made an appt. Shocked I ask how it could be. They said my truck took more oil than 5 quarts so I googled it. Still not happy. I ask them how many people do they get away with this. With the money, would add up fast! I'm still mad as hell. I have the bill, the revised bill and the coupon as proof of their cheating ways! Bought 4 tires 2 years ago.

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After one year, two tires leaked. They charged me to fix one and replace the other after over an hour wait despite the appointment I had scheduled. Now one year later, another tire completely blew out with no cause. And they not only refuse to take responsibility for their faulty product, but they want to charge me more to replace it. Don't go there!! I needed to get new tires for my car, so I went to Sears. I had saved some money by having them ordered online. I put the tires on and they of course told me they could not do the alignment because they said I had a bad wheel bearing, which I had just replaced all four wheel bearings.

Anyways, I replaced the wheel bearing as that was still under warranty and did not cost me anything else. I did them myself. Anyways, I got the alignment done and drove the car for a couple weeks. The car was driving rough down the road and the tires were whining. They didn't seem like good tires. I got a hold of customer service and told them the issue and I was very dissatisfied with the tires and asked if I could possibly have them returned and exchanged for a better tire if I pay the difference. They said sure, they had a 30 day return policy or exchange.

I drive up to the auto center and go to the desk. Tell the guy what I had just mentioned above and he says to me absolutely not. He says "They are tires and we won't take back a tire. So I asked for the manager and he says "Too bad. I'm the manager. My yr old son took his car to Sears Auto for an annual N. He did the right thing and called me before he agreed to have it fixed there.

After getting the car home I looked at both parking brake cables and to my amazement both sides were in perfect working order. This is not the first time I had issues with Sears Auto with N. They will always say a light bulb is burned out or windshield wipers have to be replaced to pass inspection.

I am a mechanic myself and know for a fact they are lying to up-charge the customer. If you are forced to have to use Sears Auto, request to see it for yourself before agreeing to have them do any work and always demand to have them show you the replaced part. By the way PEP Boys passed his inspection the next day, and said there were no problems with his cables.

I had an issue with my jeep on my way to work located right next to Sears Auto. So when I got to work I took my jeep over to them and explained my jeep died and the check engine light was on and my oil light had came on. I left the jeep with them so I could run next door to open the back door so my employees could get in and ran back to the shop. I pulled out of the shop and realized that I had my jeep with me the whole time and there was no way they could have hooked the computer up to it.

I have never been kicked out of a shop in my life. I would never send family or friends here.

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In the most recent visit to our Sears auto center my wife and I brought both vehicles in for service. I should have known this was to be an experience when as we approached the sales counter, the conversation that was taking place with the associate and a customer on the phone was disgusting in nature. He essentially told this customer that the issue was not his problem and he had no involvement to help rectify the issue Very rude.

Though only asking for an oil change, my wife had asked for a inspection of balancing for a vibration she had. My Explorer comes back to me with NO conversation at the counter, but when I returned home to look over my paperwork I have 4 items that were evidently discovered that need attention as noted by the technician. NONE of which was brought to my attention when I picked up my car.

These are steering related and a rear main seal that need replacing so a significant amount of money to repair. These folks let me walk out without bringing this to my attention and no effort to take care of my repairs. When examining my wife's paperwork the mention of any effort put into her vibration was not noted anywhere. They did note that the washer fluid was low but did nothing to make the light go off or even offer to do it for a charge. They just did nothing! Granted, we should have asked about any issues.

But as busy as they were and so "In a Hurry" to get you out I'm not surprised. I am alarmed at the lack of interest this crew at the counter has for customer service and even though the prices are competitive I need to find a service center I can rely on. They go through different employees almost every time we are there and we have been using Sears for several years now. I regret to bring to your attention but the management in is lacking!

I bought 4 Michelin tires on Dec. I ignored it, thinking it will turn off eventually. On Dec. The warning light turned off after the supervisor put more air on my tires and told me to check the tire pressure every 2 weeks. The worst service happened on Jan. The work order was placed and promised to be done at At 4PM I went back hoping that it was ready, but to my surprise, no one even looked at my car yet. The manager Dwayne said it will be next. I waited for 10 minutes, but still nobody went to look at my car.

I demanded to speak with the supervisor Tyron. He approached me with an intimidating attitude, asked me what's the problem and then asked me "Do you want me to find out what happened? At I finally got my car, the problem was a leaking valve. Since I don't trust these 2 people I talked with, Dwayne and Tyron who claims to be the manager and supervisor, I'm not sure if that is their real name.

Detailed phone quote on brake replacement was not available when a much higher number was quoted in person. After much negotiation, Sears agreed to the original price, but downplayed the lower priced repair. After completing the job in an inordinately long time, Sears recommended several very high priced, but unnecessary repairs that the car did not need and made sure we were left to believe the car would fall apart in the first 30 seconds on the road.

She apparently approved work and did not have sufficient funds on her credit card to pay the entire bill. She visited Sears without telling any family member of her plans. I was shocked and asked to speak to the manager who said the car would not be released until payment was made. I explained to him, "Work should not have been done without prior payment approval and that her car's value was less than the bill. It was getting dark. This should not happen.

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