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My 48 yr old house mine for the last 4 yrs has considerable dust in the return plenum fiber duct. Pitiful craftsmanship! It took me 7 hours to fix the new transition piece. The fiber board return trunk seems to be in decent shape where I vacuumed what I could reach. I will update as necessary. Thanks for the info here! Here in Frisco, TX…just had a tech come out to clean vents. He told me I have 3 AC units and groupon covers only 1. I told him to do the unit upstairs where the kids sleep. He decided on his own to do the downstairs unit. I yelled at him why he is not doing the unit I told him to do!

He said they are all connected. I will clean two for you for the price of one… Oh really? I let it go. They should be, the house is only 2 years old, and I have no pets! Then he proceeds to sell me sanitizing spray. I tell him to do his job and bug off! I also asked him what about the return vents? He tells me that is additional. Complete house vent cleaning my butt!! Now I have an idea on how will I hire a duct cleaning services company. Mostly I did it myself. Thanks for the tips and Ideas. This is to Blueberry who.

I would call your city property standards dept. And let them know what. There is no excuse for living in those conditions when most problems like that are easy fixes. Especially if your kids are getting sick. Tell your landlord your. I have worked cleaning HVAC in my area for almost 5 years. I always do a thorough inspection and cleaning, providing before and after photos. I have completed some jobs where I felt that it was not entirely necessary, but ultimately what the customer wanted.

With that being said, I have endless photos of unspeakable horrors. Hotels are usually nasty, post construction mess is certain, pets and kids create lots off debris, bugs congregate and die, then spiders set up and die, I have even had one supply that was nearly plugged with sand! My best advice is to ask questions and evaluate the company. Also, go into vent cleaning with realistic expectations. I was with you until you said avoid steaming cleaning or moisture, there is no way you can remove mold or any other type of biological without moisture. The best way to do this is in fact with a steamer using a commercial disinfectant and a non reactive odor remover so your home smells refreshed and not like a hospital.

This is directly contradictory to your article. How exactly do you expect to kill or remove mold without it? I too have an ancient abode which once had an octopus in the basement and now is on a 3rd forced-air gas heater, and have been contemplating having the ducts cleaned, and now am better equipped to make a decision thanks to you.

It is people like you that make the world a better place! And doing it one word at a time with no misspellings. I like to know why our house smell like ammonia it even taste it too after the man cleaned only 1 air vent it started too smell my tongue feels funny like numb also I feel sick in the stomach. My house was built about The ducts had never been cleaned. That also means that the system breathed air in from the basement and most of this type did not have a cold air return system.

Sears air duct cleaning coupon code

A year and a half ago fall of we replaced the furnace and air conditioner. From what we could determine this was the third forced air furnace and second air conditioner unit for the house. The idea was to get more cold air to the second floor in the summer. It worked and for the first time the second floor and first floor temperatures were the same when the air conditioner was running. Of course, to make the system work I close down upstairs duct damper doors in the winter and open them up in the summer. WELL, this summer when I opened them up we had black dust spewing from one of the upstairs vents.

It resembled the fuzz that comes off new towels. This prompted us to look into duct cleaning. We heard from someone who had it done several times, said it was worthwhile, and knew of a firm that did a good job. He proceeded to clean each heat register by removing the grille and blasting it with an air pressure hose toward the duct opening thinking that the dust would magically be sucked inside. In one room this caused a ceiling smoke detector to go off because the excess dust fooled it into thinking there was smoke.

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Although we discussed how I open and close damper doors, I realized later that he never checked, opened or adjusted them during the cleaning. He could have closed all but the one he was working on in order to increase suction results. This is important! In a newer house, ducts have long straight runs from the furnace. In older houses like mine they can turn and twist. In fact, the duct we have a problem with runs straight up from the basement inside a wall and turns 90 degrees into a soffit for three feet then into two 90 degree turns to get into the floor joist area for another two feet and finally a 90 degree turn up to the second floor register.

When he cleaned this one he could only get three feet into the register with the hose or squid because of the turns. That was the case with most. Hardly what could be described as a decent cleaning. The next step was cleaning the cold air returns. The procedure matched the other air ducts except that when he finished at the two cold return registers he drilled several holes in the cold ducts in the basement and blasted air into them.

Because of our houses age and the upgraded return system, I noticed that the main sheet metal return duct had no top but was just butted up against the ceiling in the basement.

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When he blasted air in, dust and crap shot out the edges along the ceiling. The sanitizing consisted of using a compressed air paint style sprayer with a can the size of a cola to spray the inside of the furnace, filter and cold air return after I turned the heat on for a few minutes to warm it up. It took 30 seconds and the basement room filled with a mist from overspray. In addition, the black dust was found in most of the heat registers. Also, in the register in the basement he described the black dust as being oily. The reality of that situation is that I had the AC on until the morning of the service and minutes after he snaked the hoses in my back door it started raining.

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The basement register had condensation from the humidity all over it. It was not oily but wet. He asked for an old towel and wiped it out. Never saw anything so black — because I never had to clean soot. That is what I have in my ducts. Soot from years of the old coal furnace. I turned on the AC when he was finished and immediately saw black fuzz balls the size of marbles come out of several of the registers. He said that was expected since everything was shaken up.

So much for describing the service as cleaning. I paid him and sent him on his way. I cannot imagine that this type of service is worthwhile in anything but a new house. Apparently in old houses such as mine I can expect that using a whole house humidifier in the winter followed by a great AC can loosen the soot. Maybe this is to be expected for the first few weeks of summer each year. I now have lined the inside of the registers with cheesecloth to catch the fuzz. Very interesting article. I searched articles about services for cleaning ventilation systems.

But I have some questions. For cleaning ventilation system used special products for cleaning. Can I know in company manager about, which type of cleaning products they use? Your family members may be allergic in some components. But I find a lot of company. Can I understand the company is professional or not, only looking through the website? What must I check on the website? Who has helpful information? I will very grateful for your help. Links I add for understanding my problem.

They are random and not for advertising. As the article states, unless you have undergone some type of extensive reno, or ducts have become contaminated, paying for cleaning is pointless. Its one thing if you have a 30 year old home that has never had a duct cleaning and you can actually see mounds of dust built up , especially in the return side, then go for it. Keep in mind that most of the dust in your home is lint from clothes and linens, and skin cells from you and your pets and is constantly being generated.

Dust that builds up in ductwork , generally stays in the ductwork. The power of suggestion, scare tactics, up sell!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that this is one of the most enlightening posts on this topic. Is duct cleaning worth it? There is not a yes or no answer that suits everyone. On an Air Force base, the system was not air tight and there was leakage around the filters.

The system got dirty. A professional company was called out. The Duct was big enough that a technician could go inside the metal duct and clean it. There was a new Air Handler installed and things were sealed up better. In some older homes, there was a grey Mylar flexible duct. After years of use, it started to decompose. This is a savings on your part. You could also be sucking in Hot, dirty attic air. However, sometimes when a duct cleaning company comes out to clean it, the old duct can be destroyed and have to be replaced. All of you have dentists, you have doctors, you have preachers, you have mechanics.

Call your friends and family and ask for referrals. There are no black and white scam or not a scam answers here. Unless you have mold or some sudden illness you think might be related to the ducts, better leave well enough alone. The only substantial thing I noticed is them replacing the furnace filter with one of MY filters next to the furnace, and I had replace it less than a month prior.

Air duct cleaning is a total scam. We are all getting migraines several times a month.

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I have asthma but not ever as bad as it has been and my 2 year olds dr just informed me she potentially has asthma too. We all get sinus infections regularly and eczema and contact dermatitis. None of us have been this way until recently in our apartment. A roof leak with mold was repaired recently mold was sealed off not removed. We also had lead paint removed from a few window trims this year. We had mice too. Dust on everything daily. White dust. They are filthy from what I can see when I change the filters.

The filters are black after a few months. I am going to try the shop vac to remove what I can. Any experienced hvac people please give your opinion. Should I just get it done and pay for it myself? We have lived here for 13 years. Is it something I can do with a shop vac? Can i use a wet rag to get the powder dust on the inside of the vents off.

One vent has what looks like chunks of dry wall or thick paint sitting in the vent and none of the vents screw into the wall, the screws just fall out. No one ever reinforced the area so the wall just basically crumbles. Kind of useless to spend the money on filters since the air and dust just blows out around the sides of the vents and one of the vents just falls right out of the wall when the heat is turned on.

Duct cleaning is a SCAM. I had an in duct UV light installed and my house feels and smells clean now all of the time. The concept from what little I know is it kills or traps Before having my home air ducts cleaned I was dusting once a week. Post-cleaning, I barely have to dust once a month. That tells me all I need to know about if it was worth having done. Had our ducts cleaned late April, Sodium Chlorite was sprayed into ducts after cleaning. Have had various other recommendations about what we need to have done to remedy our problem. We will be unable to stay in our home if a resolution cannot be found.

This home was built in …no idea when the present ductwork was installed. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have been told by an excellent company that duct cleaning is never recommended. They said it only damages the duct work and is not really necessary. It was not recommended at all ever. Your comments about this would be appreciated. Quality and price should come hand in hand, a too-good-to-be-true price for an efficient air duct cleaning will not give you the quality that you wanted. Make sure to shop around and get written estimates first.

Just from my 15 years of duct cleaning experience. As I type this, I am having my ducts cleaned. About 30 including returns and the furnace. I am watching the team do it and can see the clear vacuuming tubing and how dirty it has become. I get it. However, like I said before, I am actively seeing the tubing that is clear before they start and how dirty it is once they begin and continue cleaning. The air quality of your home or office will only be as clean as the system that produces it. A build up of dust will cause failures to your system over time, equipment that works harder to do its job will run hotter with more strain and this will lead to brake downs and until then the system will run less efficient then it should.

The system was engineered to move a certain volume of air through a specific duct size, when that duct size starts to become narowed down with dust build up your system has to work harder to move that air this is why you will end up with a loss of efficiency and eventually breakdowns or failures. Good luck.. I noticed a lot of negative feedback, though unfortunately there are many dishonest companies out there.

I currently work with a company that cleans duct work and we DO NOT use any scare tactics or up sell services or equipment. Once every 10years of course there are exceptions. We clean supply, returns, air handler, housing, motor, and fan. Though be discerning when qualifying anyone to work in your home. Our house had an electrical fire. The room that it happened in had no air ducts in it. Landlord already tore down the room that it happened in. Smoke did get into my daughters room which has air ducts.

Does a whole house need to have all the air ducts cleaned.

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My roommate wanted the ducts cleaned so he called some company. My scam senses is already tingling. They came in with a big negative pressure fan. Did some blowing and sucking in different vents. Then they tried to upsell a full system cleaning. I have a big house so we have two units. At that point I pulled the BS get the hell out bell. Have a two floor condo, technicians said the system was never cleaned, it took them about three hours. Since I am just moving in, I can not tell the difference. They collected about pounds of dust, is that normal amount or should be more?

I immoderately sense that I made mistake to call him to my house. Well, I had the cleaning done. The handler is definitely much quieter. It was explained to me that with the coils clean, the condensation will be able to sweat off instead of sticking to the dust and dirt, therefore the humidity lots of humidity in florida will be removed better. I feel as if it was worth it, but, I will definitely change that filter every 3 weeks or so from now on. Hello, I just had my blower module replaced because my AC coil was frozen over.

The underside of my coils had a thick mat of dust because I had never had it cleaned. I cleaned it myself by using a soft brush attachement on a shop vac. The technician that replaced my blower module said I could definitely benefit from a professional cleaning of the handler and the ductwork, which makes sense. They are going to charge about dollars and bring a crew of people out. This is the part I am calling bs on.

Sears duct cleaning

Maybe I took him to literally but I am pretty sure cops wont show up to ensure that my duct gets replaced. He said it would be over dollars to replace the ductwork if that is the case. Now, I spoke to a friend who did 2 ductwork lines on his own in his attic and he said it was like 15 dollars for the plastic wirewound tubing to create new ducts.

Should I cancel that appointment and just do the work on my own? So much negativity on these comments. Sure there are some bad companies. Use BBB rated companies or other locally rated outfits. Not every company is bad. I know lint can be a fire hazard. After reading comments here I called and cancelled appointment. They still tried to tell me it was a good thing. The person who came to my house works for an air duct cleaning company who uses a professional vacuum. I was in doubt and he didnt cover the vents so im thinking all dust must have come out from every air vents.

Could this vacuum have taking the debris out of the air ducts? Or how can I myself find out if the inside of the air ducts have been cleaned and no debris is sitting there? I have dust all over my house. What about ringworm? Duct cleaning would not be helpful at all here; these spores are microscopic and it could actually spread them further. But given how severely contagious ringworm is, body and especially scalp, does anyone make an aerosol product that will clean the system and kill the fungus? I have been told I need to replace my duct work. Air conditioner froze up, duckwork was full of water, and they had to pierce it to release it.

I live in a modular home with crawl space underneath.

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I had someone out to clean my ducts last weekend. He took a blue bag up in my attic. I refused his service to take care of the mold. He went back up in the attic for a little while and then came down. I never heard any sounds that he was actually up there doing anything. How do I know if he actually cleaned the air ducts? Thinking of buying a home where filter is very dirty and dirt on ceiling near outlets. Should i run? I guess I should present my credentials first, I am a 30 year veteran of the heating and cooling industry. Be aware of groupon, I had an estimate done. The team yes, two people took most of the day and thoroughly cleaned everything including the blower wheel, AC coils, condenser outside, registers, boots, trunklines, and plenums.

The said they follow the national air duct cleaners assn which requires a huge HEPA-filtered collector while cleaning, rotating brushes in the duct work, air sweeping tools, etc I thought they were very professional and very thorough! And all at a great price. Two guys came out a week later. They cleaned all the vents then stuck a vacuum in the main vent, they said, and let the machine go to work.

Still not sure if that's right but I'll do more research later. The job took about 1hr. And 15mins. My son now has cold air in his room, vents were cleaned, gave me peace of mind. It was an experience. The next day, two guys called me to let me know they were on their way early!

They wore shoe-booties while in the house and used a pump the size of a large fridge. They told me exactly what they were doing and in what order. They removed the ceiling registers and cleaned them. Told them to get out of my house. The man became very vocal and yelled at me all the way back to his truck. I said "don't you shout at me". Called Sears and got nowhere not even an apology for the conduct of its technician. After reading all of these articles I'll stick my vacuum hose as a DIY project.

They took the blower out, cleaned throughly it was very dirty. Also sanitized and vacuum the rest of the furnace. I am satisfied with their service. Great service they use truck mount take them 3 hours. Found them after they clean my friend house she was very happy so called them. They explain what will be done and did a walk throw. Highly recommended. I have filed a claim with the BBB because this company is a scam. I live in a small townhouse. They claimed I had mold, but another company came out the next day, and felt that there was no mold.

I never had musty smell in my house nor alot of dust; ever any type of water damage; I should have researched this more before answering in ad in the Penny Saver. Big mistake on my part, and now I'm trying to get reimbursed for at least half of what I spent. We called this company Arizona Carpet and Duct cleaning because we got a coupon in the mail for a Bad idea. When they got here they took out our air filter and said we had mold and it was going to cost If you can bargain do it.

I sent them an email requesting why they had charged me so much Why does Sears charge extra to clean the coil and doesn't even talk about cleaning the blower wheel? I had my ducts cleaned by Pure Air. They came out and gave me a free camera inspection, showed me all the debris in my ducts then showed me the equipment they used.

They also did a free crawlspace inspection for mold and cleaned my dryer vent. I shopped around and they were by far the least expensive in our area. Afterwards they put the camera back in my ducts and showed me how clean they were. Took about 2 hours, they were very professional and friendly. My house smells great and I feel that I'm breathing much easier now.

I recommend them highly! I had my ducts cleaned by Perfect Plus which does the Rotary Cleaning as well as the referred to "blow and go" cleaning. I felt the rotary cleaning was very beneficial. I am a new homeowner who bought a house built in the 's that had been vacant for over a year. The workers showed me the vacuum prior to and after the completed work. Once the cleaning process was complete, the vacuum had a huge pile of dust inside.

The cleaning gave me peace of mind just knowing the air I was breathing was rid of the dust the home had been accumulating over the years. I highly recommend duct cleaning as well as this company. Comments With concern growing about molds, allergens and indoor air quality, residential duct cleaning is an emerging industry.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association asserts that removing contaminants from a home's ventilation system is an important step toward improving indoor air quality. However, the Environmental Protection Agency EPA [ 1 ] says knowledge about air duct cleaning is in the early stages, and there is currently no evidence that a small amount of household dust or other particles in air ducts poses any health risks. The EPA indicates it might be warranted in some cases but not in all situations. Typical costs:. Once the system is clean, a disinfectant can be sprayed throughout to kill any mold, bacteria or dust mites that remain.

The EPA recommends having the air ducts cleaned only as needed [ 3 ] -- that is, when there is substantial visible mold growth inside, if the ducts are infested with rodents or insects, or if they're clogged with excessive amounts of debris. According to the EPA, there is considerable controversy [ 4 ] about the wisdom of spraying chemical biocides inside the ductwork.

The NADCA also cautions consumers about "blow-and-go" air duct cleaners who charge a nominal fee often offering extremely low-cost coupons but use substandard equipment, do a poor cleaning job and perform unneeded services at an extra cost. Cleaning fans and coils is mandatory for a properly cleaned system and should never be listed as an "extra cost. Additional costs:. Some older air ducts may contain asbestos in the insulation, register boots or other areas. Asbestos removal absolutely requires specialized procedures which will add to the total cost, depending on the complexity and extent of the problem.

Shopping for duct cleaning:. The EPA lists suggestions [ 5 ] for choosing a duct cleaner, explains what to expect [ 6 ] and provides an after-cleaning checklist [ 7 ]. Get several estimates, and be sure you understand the specific work covered by each company's quote. Ask about the service providers' training and experience. If disinfectant spraying is recommended, ask for a clear explanation of the pros and cons of this treatment in your particular circumstances.

Request and check references, and ask if the service provider holds any relevant state licenses. See if there are any complaints with the Better Business Bureau [ 9 ]. CostHelper News. Forgotten Expenses In a Home Addition Budget Items like construction costs, permit fees or debris removal aren't the only expenses to consider when calculating the total costs of a home remodeling project.

Posted August 5 It's kind of a quandary, because some of the best deals available are reduced prices for older folks.

sears air duct cleaning coupons nj Sears air duct cleaning coupons nj
sears air duct cleaning coupons nj Sears air duct cleaning coupons nj
sears air duct cleaning coupons nj Sears air duct cleaning coupons nj
sears air duct cleaning coupons nj Sears air duct cleaning coupons nj
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