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The new console's lead architect, Mark Cerny, even spoke in detail about the new console in a recent interview with Wired. It will have a solid-state hard drive to load games much faster, and it will still read physical game discs despite persistent rumors of console makers moving toward download-only consoles.

Check out our full rundown on the PlayStation 5 right here. Billions were wiped out, and many millions more became "freakers" — that's zombies to you and me. As if zombies weren't scary enough, "Days Gone" turns them into a water-like mass capable of flooding into corridors with the speed and fury of a tsunami. They're a far more overwhelming threat than the "Night of the Living Dead" zombies in games like "Resident Evil.

Best PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro Console Deals and Bundles 12222

That is, of course, when you're not riding away on your sweet hog — which is always an option. The folks behind the "Indiana Jones"-esque blockbuster third-person action "Uncharted" series are true veterans of video game creation. The studio, Naughty Dog, goes all the way back to the first PlayStation console, having created the beloved "Crash Bandicoot" series.

PS3 Slim in late 2018 + MOD ( it's still worth ? )

Beyond those two massive game franchises, Naughty Dog is also responsible for the incredible, genre-pushing PlayStation game "The Last of Us. In "Part II," the duo of protagonists Joel and Ellie are making a return, but this new game looks to focus more on Ellie and her story following the events of the first game.

Looking for the cheapest PS4 bundle deals or a fantastic PS4 Pro price?

As you can see above, she's looking older, tougher, and madder. What is "Death Stranding"? That's a great question. Even though we've seen several trailers for the game, we still have little-to-no idea what it actually is. Is it a first-person or third-person game? A survival game?

PlayStation®4 Systems & Bundles - PlayStation

Open world, or linear? All of this stuff is still up in the air. We'd advise you check out the cheap PS4 bundles further down this page as many of them are cheaper than buying the console on its own or you can get a lot more for a spending a bit extra on top. You'll often find that the most attractive way to get a cheap PS4 is with a bundle with extra hardware or extra games. These are the best PS4 bundle prices currently available in the UK — we update these deals on a regular basis.

The exclusive steel black colour adds a bit of extra class to the chassis and this is actually a half-decent price for a 1TB PS4 anyways. View Deal.

The best cheap PS4 bundles, deals and prices in the June sales

If you've yet to sample Sony's current-gen console - or Rockstar's immense open-world game - now may be the time to jump in. Given how rare it is to see the white version nowadays this is great value if you want the semi-limited edition console and the brand new game. There's arguably better value deals with newer games included instead if you want to make the most of your money.

This one does come with a two-year guarantee though. You could always just upgrade a GB with a replacement drive at your leisure though. Not today though, Very has kept it low and thrown in a free copy of the excellent Spider-Man game. Official PlayStation Magazine is the definitive source for the latest PS4 news, features, and reviews.

PS4 Pro 1TB for $314.10 (Save $75)

We've clicked through all the retailers that sell PlayStation consoles and compiled a list of the best deals available right now. And if you're new to the PS4 platform or would like some additional information about PlayStation services and accessories, we have you covered there too, along with other buying information you might find useful.

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One thing to keep in mind: since the PS4 is the best-selling game console this generation, retailers don't have much incentive to offer discounts. So while the PS4 deals we've found can save you a few bucks, the savings usually aren't that big outside of Black Friday. The PS4 Pro almost never goes on sale, so this is the best deal we've seen on the powerful console in a long time.

If you're planning to buy Spider-Man anyway, you might as well grab this bundle and save a few bucks. This one doesn't come with a game or a more spacious 1TB hard drive, but it's the lowest-priced new PS4 you can get at the moment.

ps3 bundle deals 2019 Ps3 bundle deals 2019
ps3 bundle deals 2019 Ps3 bundle deals 2019
ps3 bundle deals 2019 Ps3 bundle deals 2019
ps3 bundle deals 2019 Ps3 bundle deals 2019
ps3 bundle deals 2019 Ps3 bundle deals 2019
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