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For the benefit of those who do not know the difference between a Brazilian and bikini laser hair removal, let us explain the concept of each procedure. Many women do not see the difference between the two. Women have this bikini line which is just right outside the panty line. It is a gradual permanent hair removal procedure for inside and outside of the bikini line. The bikini laser hair removal results in a clean area while in panties or a bikini. One has to thoroughly prepare for the bikini laser hair removal before and after the procedure. So if you are already wondering how much does a Brazilian hair removal cost for bikini, then your answer is right here.

The bikini area laser hair removal cost is worth the price because you will feel clean and fresh afterward. Brazilian laser hair removal. On the other hand, a Brazilian also, this laser hair removal cost for Brazilian is pretty much the same in all spa and salons. Usually, patients will be coming back for between four and six treatments, on average.

Conveniently, clinics typically offer a cluster or mass discount deal since multiple treatments are likely. Particular locations offer treatments are higher prices or more expensive packages than others due to their locations. If the clinic is a location somewhere with a high volume of people that are potentially interested in the procedure, they are more likely to increase the price for maximum return. More reading: Laser hair removal if you have dark skin. Plenty of clinics offer financing options for their patients.

Unfortunately, because it is considering an elective procedure, most insurance agencies are going to refuse payment assistance for the treatment. Patients must pay the entirety of the procedure. Usually, all major credit cards are accepted at these facilities and are a bit flexible with payment options. Luckily, cosmetic surgery centers are lenient and can even offer some in-house financing options.

When in doubt, independent credit companies, such as Care Credit or Capital One Healthcare Finance , are viable options for financing your treatment. These companies will set up payment plans, low rates, and work with the patients to design a reasonable monthly payment that works with their budget.


Most people interested in financing their cosmetic procedures will lean on these. If financing options still seem a little bit bleak for this procedure, there is no harm in saving up a little bit of money for it. After a couple hundred dollars has accumulated, the financing options seem a bit more doable. Laser use follows the principle of Selective Photothermolysis , which involves manipulating the wavelength of light and the pulse duration to successfully target specific tissue and remove hair without negatively affecting the surrounding skin tissue.

The removal procedure has been in practice since but had been used experimentally for many years before. Though it has been noted that many patients will require multiple procedures. Unfortunately, the photons of the laser are particularly selective and the best results happen with black or brown hair. Fair skin and dark hair is the best combination for optimum treatment.

However, with the recent advancements in technology, individuals with darker skin tones are able to get their hair laser removed. There are two types of Melanin which are responsible for the different hair tones:. Laser hair removal can be ineffective on individuals with blonde, red, gray, or any light-toned hair. However, there are several lasers designed for this, though they would require multiple clinical visits. There is an array of lasers utilized in the hair removal procedure due to the variety of skin tones and hair colors.

Each of these is composed of multiple wavelengths of energy, ranging from visible light to near-infrared radiation. All of which is measured in nanometers nm. Take note that the patient can wash his or her face, underarms or the treatment area, and take a bath provided that the water is not too hot. The patient will experience heat transferred from the machine, with tiny bursts of lights in areas with hair. The diode laser hair removal machine at Skin House Clinic can target virtually any part of the body including underarms, upper lip, legs and even the bikini line with minor discomfort.

Give yourself the gift of beauty… You deserve it! Can I have diode after undergoing 4 sessions of IPL? I bought vouchers from an online site but the hairs are still coming back. Hi Mitch! You will have to start all over again if you had IPL. Diode is the machine that is used by hospitals and high-end clinics nationwide.

Hi janina!

Underarm Hair Removal + My Laser Experience by SkinHouse

Sorry for the late reply. Were you able to contact us already. Just want to inquire the price if I want this done to my leg area. How much would it cost me? And how may sessions to permanently removed the hair. A person would usually need sessions to remove hair depending on hair density. Better if you visit our clinic and have us take a look. Right now we have a promo for diode laser hair removal. We will discuss the prices during the free consultation. This way we can more or less determine how many sessions you will need for diode laser.

IPL is not recommended for hair removal but for skin rejuvenation. If you dont want to pluck or shave your underarms anymore then you should undergo diode laser. This would improve the color and texture of your skin.

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Your underarms will become smoother and you will be more confident. Hi skin house! I am very interested on having diode laser. I hope I can still avail of it because I dont want to pluck my UA anymore. Thanks and more power! Please visit our clinic for free consultation. We can do assessment for diode laser hair removal and underarm whitening. You will definitely love the results of our diode treatment. Hi skinhouse! Could you provide price so I can check my budget?

Can be paid in installments. Whats good about our machine is that it is painless so you wont feel much pain compared to other centers who also offer diode. We havent experienced any burns here and around the world using the same machine. Come and visit our clinic so we can discuss more. You can also call the clinic at for more info. Plus you dont have to put to put emla topical anesthesia anymore because we are using the painless technology.

You need tubes of emla for the legs. I want to try laser for the whole bikini… How does that work? You can come visit our clinic for the whole bikini diode laser. We have a bath area here so that our patients can freshen up. After shaving, We can target the whole bikini area depending on your desired treatment coverage. You can put anti-inflammatory cream or ice if the areas treated experience redness. NO Hot bath, NO strenuous activities like gym 24 hours after the treatment.

NO peeling 2 weeks after. And NO brazilian wax before or after diode laser. Hi may! Yes we do have a promo this january for diode laser on the underarms. You can pay in installments.


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We are using the top of the line diode laser technology. Call or text us so we can talk about it. I am very much interested in your diode laser hair removal. I have dark underarms and I need to be hair-free before I undergo peeling. I would like to know how many sessions do I need and the intervals of each sessions. Yes you can have diode laser removal first before youstart peeling your underarms. You can start peeling at your 3rd session of diode laser withus. Please call or text us for more information. Hi Angeline! Please call or visit the clinic for more info about the current promos of skin house.

Diode laser hair removal will not only remove hair but would also help whiten make your underarms softer and flawless than ever before. Please visit our clinic for more information. I just saw this site and I would just like to ask if the promo for the diode laser is still on-going? Hi cam! Please call or visit skin house clinic to know more about the current promos and discounts: you can also visit our clinic for free consultation of diode laser hair removal procedures.

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You will love the effects of diode laser. I read about your Diode laser hair removal procedures and got interested with it. Yes the promo for the underarm diode laser hair removal is still available.

Please contact skin house now for more information. What is your ongoing promo for diode laser hair removal and underarm whitening? Hello Kristine, yes we do have an on-going promo for the diode laser hair removal this christmas season Please call us at and 11am to 8pm for more details. Hello Apple! I can e-mail you an estimate for the bikini or brazilian area, and also for the underarms as I have seen your other comment in another article. Just please be informed that our prices vary depending on the season and the sessions you will require.

Rest assured, we are using a very good brand of diode laser hair removal machine. Ok I have a short span of treatment because of my vacation. I just want to get rid of the hairs..

Hi Skin House! Do you have existing promos now this christmas for diode laser hair removal? Hello Lisa, since our prices vary, it would best to contact Love and light! See you in the clinic! Is it ok to undergo diode laser hair removal even if the ua hair is not visible? Hi, been to diode laser for 5 sessions but im not satisfied. Does the procedure in your clinic done by dermatologist? Happy Skin. Dear Klairs. Sit tight, beautiful things are worth the wait!

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ipl hair removal deals philippines Ipl hair removal deals philippines
ipl hair removal deals philippines Ipl hair removal deals philippines
ipl hair removal deals philippines Ipl hair removal deals philippines
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ipl hair removal deals philippines Ipl hair removal deals philippines
ipl hair removal deals philippines Ipl hair removal deals philippines
ipl hair removal deals philippines Ipl hair removal deals philippines
ipl hair removal deals philippines Ipl hair removal deals philippines

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