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Free Hallies curls coupons

He was met by Mr. Burlingame, who Rave him a very curt reception and all the satisfaction h would give him was that the Mpyor will Attend to that matter. I called on Mr. He assured me that Mr Ramaay would be discharged and that they only wanted an excuse and told the committee to dig up more dopo.

Brand To Witness Stand. In Urn rsnuoatn of UW7 the Bu. D—Over 6. Indiana— Elkhart. Duly; Indianapolis. Ed Hagcrty; Linton. Nlell; North Manchester, M. Skinner; Wabash. Charles Sctmcll; Fort Wayne. Stauf- Neu York Del. A letter written by Mr. Later on It might be wise to do an. In order to enforce famine prices, "put the knife Into the Maine Industry, keeping the crop down to a minimum and allowing moat of Us Iceliouees in Maine to rot aud fall down.

Mr Fslrleigh also staling that tner. FaJrlelgh sasured them that they would he appointed. Mr Mfer- nck. The B T. T has been kept Mr. The committee retired and the matter rested thus for some little time. College Park. Mrs Van Dr-man. Van Deman. The damage was trifling His puplln have progressed so far that Mr. Five flights were made to-day. New York. Indiana and Kentucky. Rathbun, of Springfield. John H. Brand, executor of the will of A. Mr Brannln and the old Kentucky National Bank participated.

Brand over Mr. A Scott Bullitt, who with Burweil K. Marshall, Is counsel for the contestants, said that he had a witness In James Fotter. The court ruled In this connection that If. Brand had received an advancement not charg-o against Mrs. Brand In the "advance book. Fetter will testify on the stand. Yesterday, among other things brought out. Brand was Mrs, Benjamin H. Then Mr. Brand was called. Baird, who with ' Tmrlea H. Here Dr. The court directed: "Mr. Brand On the Stand. Here Mr.

Bullitt called for John Brand n a witness. We have sold these at 25c to 50c per yard. Closing now at, per yard. Odds and ends and short lengths of Braid and Silk Applique Trimmings, in black and colors.


Hallies curls coupons

Closing now 25C Explains Will. Baird argued that such an action on the prrt of the contestants would be maklny Mr. Bullitt argued that this w is s tnrre W- UnlcslUy and that he didn't care whether Mr Brand was called his witness or not. Brumd was horn on January Bullitt, l. Bullitt drew from Mr Brand statements as to the various places In which Mr Brannin resided and the times. Brannin lived with him or he lived with Mr.

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He said that Mr Brannin. Bullitt's questions, Mr. Brand Mated that a few' days jafter the data of thr will May 19, Mr. It was drawn by Mr. Brand, was the only one bv remembered ever having looked Into which he did only when necessary to act Tor 'Mr. Brannin In some matter.

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It was In the bottom of this second box that the will I ami the advance book were found. The j advance book he saw many times, but never looked Into It. Such a I thing as hunting for It and prying into it. In this connection he told of finding the j letter mentioned before sealed In the I envelope which contained the will. Brand road that Mrs. Mattie Brannin Campbell who al o figured as Mrs. Lauru Brannin got something over Ibftp; June Laura Brannin Hherley in In this way Mr. In the case of two, or their grandmother, in the case of one. As to Mr.

Parts of Mr. It wu Q. Q—Those advancements wen to Mrs Gavlord. Brand, Mrs. Gaylord and Mrs. Objected to and objection sustained, to which contestant except. The Court —-1 don't think that could have any possible hearing on the case. Objected to; objection sustained, to vtluch ruling loutvstanis except. I don't know w;. O Brannin? Campbell or Mr. U Brannin? OOif wus made? Baird-It Is misconduct of the worst kind.

G — Were you present when this wlH was probated? They were my attorneys. Were you contemplating the. Baird—that Is an order of courL Tho court writes its own orders. The Court—The objection will have tn be sustained. It wus proven to be the will at that time, subject to a contest. The counsel has harped on that subject in his opeiuug speech. Lluliltt—You should have objected. The Court—Gent lenten of the Jury, you will not consider that. The matter of tlie loan of Mrs. Ewing when a young woman to Mr. BmnnmV pupers.

Mny Possibly 1 might Und the cheek. Try and find it If you can? Mr Gibaon —That Is objected to, as It has nothing to do wtlh tbir oa. Mr Bullitt. I find here an item on April 4. A —No. December 3. Instead of being renewed, that Mr. Brannin and you went io Mr. James Fetter, or the Kentucky National Bank, of which lie wxs preeittent. Mr Baird—! Bullitt retorted by saying that Mr. Fetter had been summoned, that he thm was In the witness room and would testify as to the whole transaction.

Brand then was resumed. Brand aided Mr. Brannin turned over the estate to her or tuu. AHBhe was not married ut that time. Mr Brannin had charge of her affairs. Purl of it was in trust and part of It was not. A—Mr Bullitt 1 know exactly when Mrs Ewing was born. She was ,telegraphed to come home on account of the steknms of Mre. A —Count It up; you can figure It.

Brannin and Wills. Q-—Did Mr Bmnnln ever say to you that lie believed if a grand father cut off the children of a deceased child he wwo Incompetent to make a wHI. After some further parley Mr. M BhcrTey wqu! Brannin give txprwwnon to such a sentiment to you or to W. Brand did not answer Severs! Brannin made? I talked to him about a will he made previous to thla Q. Gibson's first motion. That niotlou will be overruled. Objected to; objection sustained, to which contestants except. Gibson: That has nothing to do with the case; you know It. Brannin ever advance A.

A—We borrowed money on warehouse receipts. Q —I have not come to the Question of borrowing money. A —1 remember that we did borrow money. I will look them over end let you know. Brannin settle any of them? Brannin Back. A -Mr. Brannin settled some of them and I paid him. If I can find the books, and tell you In detail ail about It.

Q,—If 1 am correct th regard to this IK. A—Yes; let me explain to you. There w. Just don't recollect the Incident. Objected to. In this examination Mr Gibson sought to show that Mr. It is all right,' or words to practically that iff eft. Brand was as. Brannin only consented when the court approved the step. This is because their advertising enables them to do a larger volume of business. His Holdings Now Between 7, and 8. Fort Gaines. Lexington, Ky.. My crop which consisted of about Instead uf getting, paid at the rate of 18 cents a pound, i got 14 cents. There should have been no expense.

It was graded at 17 cents a pound. Farmers would visit me and tell me what the others were going to do. However, different farmers would come to me with stories of what the night riders were going to oo If I did not Join the pool. They tried to bum the barn containing my crop about a week ago. Then I decided to bring It here and sell It as aoon as possible. Without waiting to strip tt I packed three carloads And brought It here. There arc still two carload at my home.

The whole crop con- ftlxta of about 75, pounds. When my tobatxo was shipped here It was guarded by a railroad defective. I will probably move in three or four weeks. The removal of the headquarters will begin to-morrow end la expected to be completed by the end of the week. About 6. The crop of R L. Kimbrough, consisting of 3. Throe hundred and fifteen pound sold for 20 cents, while tho lowest price In tho lot was U cents. Loose Leaf Sales At Danville. Danville, Ivy.. Oct- Lincoln and Boyte countles. First Loose Leaf Sale. Maysville, Ky, Oct. About Lexington and other points. Adjusted R temperature, luichronrsm.

En- cravmc inlaid with gold. In Solid Gold Cases. Elgin, Illinois. Dial shown te the new No The place where Dreyfus was confined is said to be one of the most securely guarded criminal prisons ever conceived, and it was from this that Eddie Guerin escaped. YVatch for it. Mom to release hi prisoner. Rossfield admitted hi guilt. J chrerod for him. Head will make seven speeches as follows: First, at the rally at Highland Hall. Head rallies. They will be headed by a brass band. Frank Peek. The suit wo brought by E. Newport, Ky.. Loxlngton, Ky. Congressman Can trill To Speak.

New Castle. Ky , OcL The order will be m session three days. The report of the secret ary. The list of dead for the vear U large, being seventy. The mcmortal address was delivered by IL J. Bishop Ward's Funeral. Houston, Tex.. Vienna, Oct. As long as the mucous mombrants and tissues are kopt in a state of inflammation and irritation by an impure and infected condition of the circulation, Catarrh will remain.

Its disagrroable symptoms of ringing noises in the ears, mucous dropping back into tho throat, headaches, watery eyes, difficult breathing, and oven stomach disorders and weakened health, cannot bo permanently relieved until the blood is purified. Local applications alone can havo no real curative value, because such treatment does not roach the blood.

Nothing equals B. It goes down into the circulation, geti at tho root of tho trouble, and removes every particle of catarrhal matter from tho blood and enriches this vital fluid so that instead of irritating the different mucous portions of the body, it nourishos them with rich, health-giving properties. Then the symptoms begin to pass away, and Catarrh is permanently cured. According to BonforV. White Star, American. Hod Star and Fabre line steameni the nprecedented quantities of Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills. I found the little pills very effective, and I am thankful that at last I have a reliable remedy.

That's why they are so universally used by women and children. The longer they are taken the less are needed. Natural conditions gradually being restored. If first package does not benefit, your druggist will return your money. Patents to Kentuckians have been la- rued as follow's: R. Panola, exhibition apparatus; 8. Am- ster. Cecilia, egg case fastening; A. Frankfort, spoke fastener; W. T Johnston. Snyder, skylight wire-stretcher; F.

Considering the fact that the tariff act. There v. Senator Bur- n, of Ohio, who. The onlv remedy Is. It Is planned by It to satisfy nil, obviously a problem of the first magnitude. Barren county, Warren H. Crabtree, vice E. Payne, resigned; Red Ash, Whitley county. Davenport, vice J. Bird, resigned. Rogers has been appointed rural carrier on route No. Lieut John Trtppe. Daniel T. Vsr in command of the Lnnsdale, who had been wounded, he. The adoption of new and better rules by the Louisville benoot Board and the earnest attempt to. The personnel of the School Board la a matter of prime Importance.

If partisan politicians should get control, whether Republicans or Democrats, they wouU soon undo ail the reforms inaugura t'd in the business and educational department.

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Partisan politics should be forever eliminated from our School Board. James McGill, D. In place of K. TweUth preclnot. Htchard Murray, D. Second Ward—Nineteenth precinct. John Kcete. Edward PrachC D. KC Bast Jeilereon. Paul Allgeier, D. In place of Law'rence Kocllncr. Fourth Waru—Tiurd precinct. Frank C. Spanier; Fourth precinct, Joseph iloglaml. In place of L. Fifth Ward—Thirteenth precinct. Tom Kelly. Enterprise Hotel, m place of John Howe, a h. Whilom Shaw, D. In place of George F.

Oehler, D. Sixth Ward—Thirty-eighth precinct, Theodore Bloomfield. Alf Oldham. James McGrath. In place of John Lyons. Forty- nlmh precinct, John Lyons, D. Ninth Ward—Twelfth precinct, J. Thompson, D. In place of Victor Bron; Eleventh prec. Enin ett Bailey. Thomas Watson. J Ryan, D. Thirty-fourth precinct. AJUn McNally. Eleventh W'ard—Thirty-ninth precinct. George A Goering. Hamilton; Forty-eighth precinct, J.

L R Musaelman. W'lUlam Clatr. Zangme later; Seventh precinct, A! J Graham; Forty-fifth pre oinct. Henry Schnlnp. Burns; Forty- fifth precinct. To L and N. Set Aside. OOO more sluce July 1 last during the same period of the last fiscal year. Twelfth Ward-El. JIM Portland. Hugh Oallngher. Dennis Mc- Cue, D.

Ten-tn preclnot. Wsason; Tnirty-eevemh p. John OommsrlWd, R J. Thirty-rant n precino.. Rich DucJtwall. In place of E. T Humphrey. In pace of H J. Lichteield; nfth precinct. In plsce of hrsd hchwenker. R Blmins, D. In fUaoe or Ben Zorn; Tenth precinct. George Lubbers, D. Eight- eentlT. W N IJttle. In place of John Htrkisa. Stanley Beetom. In place oJ W. I hastened to assure h. He could not see his way clear to make a prom. The suit la being prepared by Judgt. Frankfort citixena are up In arms about the proposed tkklr 4 f over of the road by the L.

Judge Lockett, after a conference with Gov. Charles E. John W. Rodman and Leslie W. Morris, called on Acting Gov. Many thanks for sharing! Take a look at my web blog Also visit my web page :: www. I would be fantastic if you could point me in the direction of a good platform. Hey there! I'm experiencing some minor security problems with my latest blog and I would like to find something more risk-free. Do you have any recommendations? Also visit my web site - Erenish Paperback. I'd without a doubt donate to this excellent blog! Chat soon! My website: Submissive Illustrations.

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But, consider this, what if you added a little content? I ain't suggesting your content is not good, but suppose you added a post title to maybe get a person's attention? I mean "hair challenge day 9 - DIY peek-a-boo highlight" is kinda boring. You ought to peek at Yahoo's home page and note how they create article headlines to grab viewers interested. You might add a related video or a related pic or two to grab people interested about everything've written. In my opinion, it could make your posts a little livelier. Also visit my web blog Fastidious answer back in return of this question with genuine arguments and explaining the whole thing concerning that.

The youngster still may not make employing any kind of crayons simply because he or she broke them. Once you a handful of the detrimental thought outcomes of sleep deprivation. Not like a credit card, clever credit cards may have various uses therefore, the great loss might be a great deal more inconvenient. The Jillian Michaels online video media forget about difficulty locations along with eliminate fat are actually incredible too, most of the movements are in this madness system because it's plyometrics additionally.

I have to do the job very hard to be able to shed almost any, pretty tight exercise and diet.. Sufis as well as Show up of which stimulates the larger guy. Selection controls all. Considering that the professional get older, persons primarily People in america possess restricted their particular thought processes to be able to paper. Nickel classic tomes were well-liked during the Fantastic Depression. It is because ended up being that the majority of of the primary people had been made just after his or her precise subscribers.

If you happen to really need to keep your present shape, produce a wellbuilt body wish to build up a gorgeous perspiration in the perform of an exercise routine, then supply the Mark Big t Insanity workout a go. You may be pleased about the effects provided whilst making use of this specific comprehnsive DVD approach straight into your every single working day exercise session technique.. The package fixed involved 10 distinctive exercise sessions, your 90day exercise plan, along with a Three or more phase eating plan.

Zumba exercises permits the man or woman either to do the workout from them dwelling or perhaps case they will find it difficult compared to what they can buy a new Zumba health and fitness center for their respected area. That's unfortunate, since this first question was great television set. When Coffee machine was able to type essay sentences, they were stuffed with spam. Yet issues in fact got more serious following question, if a gaggle regarding reporters expected Coffee maker to describe something the woman waived to answer from the controversy: the key reason why your woman stated, falsely, that will illegitimate immigrants were being beheading folks in Arizona, and departing the inside leave.

Three or more. Nariku Divine Blade That can forget about that will business brimming with prolonged red hair, an epic sword, the other angry away from woman encompassed by a whole military. An earlier discharge on the Playstation 3, Mind-blowing Sword ended up being full of incredible graphics, great speech operating, as well as Nariku. He or she claimed which, immediately ahead of Yates slain the girl a few children, tv's "Law as well as Order" sequence transmitted an episode with regards to a girl with postpartum despression symptoms whom drowned the woman's kids.

No this sort of episode actually was around.. It is myself chapped. I will be livid how the American footbal offers shifted kickoffs towards the 35yard collection, allowing the possibility for additional touchbacks. This was unneeded, silly as well as irrational. Many thanks Deck truly beneficial.

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I will be capable of do a Twenty-eight or Twenty windowpane as that would let me get lunch break at work as well as a meal in your own home. Precisely what beverages are there through the going on a fast period is it really water or even would My partner and i be permitted to have a couple of cups of green tea? Which will be the most challenging thign to give up!. Just like going swimming to the other part of an river packed with crocodiles. Just like winter sports on the pitch using the best avalanche notify.

You realize the avalanche can come, however you bet clothing if you are about the huge batch. The particular Dirk stage is often a good one particular, even though there was no good way regarding 'Melo to answer the issue. The particular Basketball is all about comparables. His or her video games aren't the same on the other hand value for their individual clubs will be. This doesn TMt additionally occupy considerably space and it is easily transportable and therefore can be brought anywhere. Moreover, jumping rope work outs are fantastic routines pertaining to training the actual anaerobic and aerobic electricity methods.

Lana had been heavy-laden with bad simply by the bad person along the actual bravery for you to focus evil down as well as kill this again in this finale. The girl is probably not an entirely likable figure, however Lana is often a conqueror then one of the very most sympathetic characters of the string alongside Package. The end result of Lana's emergency as well as conquers could be that the bad she actually is fought provides hard her, however similar to everything else, this is a doubleedged sword. That was an excellent read!

Thanks for that. He sits there, attached to a congealed supper, watching, at h. Drug addicts driven to crime to finance their drug addiction are not often inclined toward violent crime. Violence requires all different kinds of energy, and most drug addicts like to expend their energy not on their professional crime but on what their professional crime lets them afford. Drug addicts are often burglars, therefore. One reason why the home of someone whose home has been burglarized feels violated and unclean is that there have probably been drug addicts in there.

Don Gately was a twenty-seven-year-old oral narcotics addict favoring Demerol and Talwin[12] , and a more or less professional burglar; and he was, himself, unclean and violated. But he was a gifted burglar, when he burgled — though the size of a young dinosaur, with a massive and almost perfectly square head he used to amuse his friends when drunk by letting them open and close elevator doors on, he was, at his professional zenith, smart, sneaky, quiet, quick, possessed of good taste and reliable transportation — with a kind of ferocious jolliness in his attitude toward his livelihood.

As an active drug addict, Gately was distinguished by his ferocious and jolly elan. He kept his big square chin up and his smile wide, but he bowed neither toward nor away from any man. Gately and the associate went that night to the A. Everything else in the burglarized home looked undisturbed.

The A. He calmly insisted on sleeping there in their home that very night; no hotel: it was like crucial to get right back on the emotional horse, in cases like this, he insisted. And then the next day the A. About a month later, an envelope arrived in the A. Don Gately had sense enough never to work the North Shore again after that. But he ended up in hideous trouble anyway, A. It was either bad luck or kismet or so forth. It was because of a cold, a plain old human rhinovirus. The thing started out looking like tit on a tray, burglary-wise. It was in short a real cock-tease of a home, burglary-wise, for a drug addict.

Except unfortunately the owner of the house turned out to be still home, even though both of his cars and the rest of his family were gone. People turned out so identical in certain root domestic particulars it made Gately feel strange sometimes, like he was in possession of certain overlarge private facts to which no man should be entitled. Gately could easily have screwed out of there and never looked back; but here indeed, in the lamplight, is a seascape over next to the chiffonnier, and the associate has a quick peek and reports that the safe behind it is to laugh at, it can be opened with harsh language, almost; and oral narcotics addicts tend to operate on an extremely rigid physical schedule of need and satisfaction, and Gately is at this moment firmly in the need part of the schedule; and so D.

And the bound, wheezing, acetate-clad Canadian — the right-hand man to probably the most infamous anti-O. The illness. It came out of nowhere. His breathing all of a sudden started hurting the back of his throat. Then that overfull heat in various cranial meatus. Then he sneezed and the stuff he sneezed out was thick and doughy.

It came on ultra-fast and out of the pre-drill blue. The bedside table is littered with both OTC and prescription expectorants and pertussives and analgesics and Vitamin-C megaspansules and one bottle of Benadryl and one of Seldane,[22] only the Seldane bottle actually contains several Tenuate mg. Troeltsch is the sort that can feel his own forehead and detect fever. He speculated on if yesterday when Graham Rader pretended to sneeze on J. He feverishly mentally calls down various cosmic retributions on Rader.

Pemulis has geared up and left for drills. He lies there sweating freely, watching digitally recorded professional tennis, too worried about his throat to feel loquacious enough to call the action. Seldane is not supposed to make you drowsy but he feels weak and unpleasantly drowsy. He can barely make a fist. He cannot believe how fast it came on, the illness.

There are the sad tiny distant-champagne-cork sounds of scores of balls being hit down at the East Courts. Troeltsch drifts at a level just above sleep. He has heavy German eyebrows and big-knuckled hands. And any dreams you do have seem ragged at the edges, gnawed on, incomplete. And is for you alone.

None of the other little boys in the room are awake; the bunk above yours sags dead, motionless; no one moves; no one else in the room feels the presence of something radically evil; none thrash or sit damply up; no one else cries out: whatever it is is not evil for them. And then you wake like that, quivering like a struck drum, lying there awake and quivering, summoning courage and spit, roll to the right just as in the dream for the nametagged flashlight on the floor by the bed just in case, lie there on your shank and side, shining the light all over, just as in the dream.

Lie there panning, looking, all ribs and elbows and dilated eyes. The Enfield Tennis Academy has been in accredited operation for three pre-Subsidized years and then eight Subsidized years, first under the direction of Dr. James Incandenza and then under the administration of his half-brother-in-law Charles Tavis, Ed. James Orin Incandenza — the only child of a former top U. Southwest as one could get without drowning. His strategic value, during the Federal interval G. Ford-early G. Bush, as more or less the top applied-geometrical-optics man in the O.

The tall, ungainly, socially challenged and hard-drinking Dr. Toronto conference on Reflective vs. Reflexive Systems, was rendered even more romantic by the bureaucratic tribulations involved in obtaining an Exit- and then an Entrance-Visa, to say nothing of a Green Card, for even a U. It is known that, during the last five years of his life, Dr. Professor James O. Incandenza, Jr. President J. Gentle EC. Cornell University Press announced plans for a festschrift.

An interview with Incan-denza was posthumously included in a book on the genesis of annulation. And those of E. Far and away the loudest stadium anyplace. He feels like a dick. The beak makes it hard to breathe and see. Two reserve ends do some kind of combined barrel-roll thing. Hands in the top rows reaching and clutching. People laughing. The Interlace cameras panning and tightening; Orin knows too well the light on the side that means Zoom. The left guard is soaring up instead of down.

A couple beaks and a claw fall off somebody and go pinwheeling down toward the green. Orin tacks grimly back and forth. Bonus or no. You can never hear it clearly even on the ground. Enjoy the ride! You have to scream to even be heard. But this crosses every line! Why do we stand for this! Nobody mentioned flying at the trade-table. In New Orleans it was just robes and halos and once a season a zither.

But just once a season. This is fucking awful! You could be a Brown. The organopsychedelic muscimole, an isoxazole-alkaloid derived from Amanita muscaria, a. Two of the kids squeeze tennis balls; two rock and bob Hasidically to stay alert; one has a hat with a pair of fake antennae made of tight-coiled spring. A boy probes at his own navel with great interest. Another pretends to fall over. Low-grade synthetic Bob or not, the bongs worked like a charm. In this dream, which every now and then still recurs, I am standing publicly at the baseline of a gargantuan tennis court.

The court is about the size of a football field, though, maybe, it seems. The lines that bound and define play are on this court as complex and convolved as a sculpture of string. There are lines going every which way, and they run oblique or meet and form relationships and boxes and rivers and tributaries and systems inside systems: lines, corners, alleys, and angles deliquesce into a blur at the horizon of the distant net. I stand there tentatively. The whole thing is almost too involved to try to take in all at once.

High overhead, near what might be a net-post, the umpire, blue-blazered, wired for amplification in his tall high-chair, whispers Play. The crowd is a tableau, motionless and attentive. I can make out in the stands stage-left the white sun-umbrella of the Moms; her height raises the white umbrella above her neighbors; she sits in her small circle of shadow, hair white and legs crossed and a delicate fist upraised and tight in total unconditional support. We sort of play. This is why doctors on psych wards so often wear a vaguely fake frown of puzzled concentration, if and when you see them in fifth-floor halls.

And this is why a hospital M. Kate Gompert wore dark-blue boating sneakers without socks or laces. Kate Gompert was on Specials, which meant Suicide-Watch, which meant that the girl had at some point betrayed both Ideation and Intent, which meant she had to be watched right up close by a staffer twenty-four hours a day until the supervising M. Staffers rotated Specials-duty every hour, ostensibly so that whoever was on duty was always fresh and keenly observant, but really because simply sitting there at the foot of a bed looking at somebody who was in so much psychic pain she wanted to commit suicide was incredibly depressing and boring and unpleasant, so they spread the odious duty out as thin as they possibly could, the staffers.

They were not technically supposed to read, do paperwork, view CD-ROMs, do personal grooming, or in any way divert their attention from the patient on Specials, on-duty. The patient Ms. Gompert seemed both to be fighting for breath and to be breathing rapidly enough to induce hypocapnia; the doctor could not be expected not also to notice that she had fairly large breasts that rose and fell rapidly inside the circle of arms with which she hugged her knees. The staffer was also employing an emery board. The doctor told the staffer that he was going to need a few moments alone with Ms. Gompert, Katherine A.

Data-clerical in a Wellesley Hills real estate office. Fourth hospitalization in three years, all clinical depression, unipolar. One series of electro-convulsive treatments out at Newton-Wellesley Hospital two years back. On Prozac for a short time, then Zoloft, most recently Parnate with a lithium kicker. Two previous suicide attempts, the second just this past summer. Bi-Valium discontinued two years, Xanax discontinued one year — an admitted history of abusing prescribed meds. This latest attempt a straightforward meds O.

Admitted via the E. Hypertensive crisis on the second day from metabolic retox — she must have taken a hell of a lot of meds — the I. Almost died twice this time, Katherine Ann Gompert. Third day spent on 2-West for observation, Li-brium reluctantly administered for a B. Now here on 5, his present arena. Next vitals at h. The attempt had been serious, a real attempt. This girl had not been futzing around. A bona fide clinical admit right out of Yevtuschenko or Dretske.

Over half the admits to psych wards are things like cheerleaders who swallow two bottles of Mydol over a high-school breakup or gray lonely asexual depressing people rendered inconsolable by the death of a pet. The cathartic trauma of actually going in somewhere officially Psych-, some understanding nods, some bare indication somebody gives half a damn — they rally, back out they go. Three determined attempts and a course of shock spelled no such case here.

Can she remember back to what happened? She took an even deeper breath. She was attempting to communicate boredom or irritation. I took everything I had in the world. It did a blood pressure thing. My mother heard noises upstairs and found me she said down on my side chewing the rug in my room. She said I was on the floor flushed red and all wet like when I was a newborn; she said she thought at first she hallucinated me as a newborn again. On my side all red and wet. It means your blood pressure was high enough to have killed you. Sertraline in combination with an MAOI[28] will kill you, in enough quantities.

But who can say. He asked Kate if she could tell him why she had wanted to hurt herself. Had she been angry at herself. At someone else. Had she ceased to feel as though her life had meaning to it. Had she heard anything like voices suggesting that she hurt herself. There was no audible response. The doctor took an early clinical gamble and asked Kate whether it might not be easier if she rolled over and sat up so that they could speak with each other more normally, face to face. His slow nod was studious, blandly puzzled-seeming.

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She rolled an eye up at him for a long moment, sighed meaningfully, and rolled and rose. Katherine Ann Gompert probably felt that here was yet another psych-ward M. This was probably because she did not understand the strict methodological limits that dictated how literal he, a doctor, had to be with the admits on the psych ward. Nor that jokes and sarcasm were here usually too pregnant and fertile with clinical significance not to be taken seriously: sarcasm and jokes were often the bottle in which clinical depressives sent out their most plangent screams for someone to care and help them.

The doctor decided that her open display of irritation with him could signify either a positive thing or nothing at all. I was trying to kill myself. The doctor asked whether she could try to explain what she felt the difference was between those two things. The delay that preceded her reply was only marginally longer than the pause in a regular civilian conversation. The doctor had no ideas about what this observation might indicate. The resident made no attempt to ask Kate Gompert what she meant. She used one finger to remove some material from the corner of her mouth.

Then they show you a 20 X 25 glossy of their dead cat. All these types. Hurt themselves. Or like punish. I just wanted out. I wanted to stop feeling this way. If I could have just put myself in a really long coma I would have done that. Or given myself shock I would have done that. They looked severely magnified behind his attractive but thick glasses, the frames of which were steel. Patients on other floors during other rotations had sometimes complained that they sometimes felt like something in a jar he was studying intently through all that thick glass.

The way she suddenly shook her head was vehement, exasperated. The feeling is the reason I want to die. Why they took my shoelaces and my belt. She slid her foot out of her shoes and touched one bare foot with the toes of the other foot. Her eyes tracked this activity. The conversation seemed to have helped her focus. Like most clinically depressed patients, she appeared to function better in focused activity than in stasis.

But it was always a titanic struggle to get them to do anything to help them focus. Most residents found the fifth floor a depressing place to do a rotation. Her gaze moved off. The resumed study of the movement of her feet. A state of not caring about anything. A kind of blue kind of peaceful state. Her respiration had sped back up. This is a feeling.

I feel it all over. In my arms and legs. My head, throat, butt. In my stomach. It was now not clear whether she was responding to the doctor or not. Everything you see gets ugly. Lurid is the word. Doctor Carton said lurid, one time. And everything sounds harsh, spiny and harsh-sounding, like every sound you hear all of a sudden has teeth.

And smelling like I smell bad even after I just got out of the shower. The doctor looked intrigued rather than concerned for a moment as he wrote all this down. He preferred handwritten notes to a laptop because he felt M. More than pain, or my mom dying, or environmental toxicity.

Katherine Gompert seemed to come out of her dark reverie for a moment. Sharing them. I mean nauseous, like you knew you were going to throw up? Garton is OK but imagine if you felt that way all over, inside. All through you. He was nodding both while he wrote and when he looked up. They sat and looked at each other. The doctor felt some combination of intense clinical excitement and anxiety about perhaps saying the wrong thing at such a crucial juncture and fouling up.

His last name was needle-pointed in yellow braid on the left breast of the white coat he was required to wear. A couple weeks after—? Well how about either give me ECT[29] again, or give me my belt back. Would you be comfortable talking to me about it? You could do that.

Like a controlled coma. You could do that, if you guys want to help. And she gave him back a frightening smile, a smile empty of all affect, as if someone had contracted her circumorals with a thigmotactic electrode. But then I remembered where I am. Her arms had been crossed over her breasts the whole time, and though the room was overheated the patient rubbed each palm continually over her upper arms, behavior one associates with chill.

The position and movement shielded her inner arms from view. Classic unipolars were usually tormented by the conviction that no one else could hear or understand them when they tried to communicate. Hence jokes, sarcasm, the psychopathology of unconscious arm-rubbing. Bob Hope. One kid makes you ask him to please commit a crime. The dealers that stay around any length of time tend to be on the paranoid side.

As if it would fool anybody who knew enough to bother to access the band on the call. She engaged briefly in something the staffers on Specials called the Thousand-Meter Stare. The doctor smelled shame in the room, sour and uremic. Her face had become distantly pained now. The doctor felt comfortable saying once again that he was not sure he understood what she was trying to share with him. She now went through a series of expressions that made it clinically impossible for the doctor to determine whether or not she was entirely sincere.

She looked either pained or trying somehow to suppress hilarity. I have this thing with pot. The doctor was oddly sure that Kate Gompert pretended to sniff instead of engaging in a real sniff. Believe me I know. And anyways I quit. I do stop. And I go back to work and work my fanny off, to make up for the last couple weeks and get a leg up on like building momentum for a whole new start, you know?

And I try to deny it, the feeling, ignore it, because I fear it more than anything. Kate Gompert finally took a real breath. Part of the feeling is being like willing to do anything to make it go away. Understand that. Do you understand? The time this thinking required looked like sober and thoughtful consideration of what Kate Gompert said. None of the clinical literature the doctor had read for his psych rotation suggested any relation between unipolar episodes and withdrawal from cannabinoids. Her face, foreshortened by its downward angle, was working in the spread, writhing configurations of weeping, but no tears emerged.

Just get me out of this. She did not respond directly as such. Nurses with their sneakers in little green bags. Anti-saliva injections. Rubber thing for your tongue. Just some headaches. That old cartridge, Nichols and the big Indian. They give you a general here, right? They put you under. The doctor was summarizing her choice of treatment-option, as was her right, on her chart.

He had extremely good penmanship for a doctor. He put her get me out of this in quotation marks. He was adding his own post-assessment question, Then what? And just before Ol45h. Headmaster Dr. Incandenza had decided he was going to bring Schtitt on board or bust — this even though Schtitt had then just lately been asked to resign from the staff of a Nick Bollettieri camp in Sarasota because of a really unfortunate incident involving a riding crop. By now, though, pretty much everybody now at E.

So but when Schtitt dons the leather helmet and goggles and revs up the old F. Schtitt talks, Mario listens, generally. Mario is basically a born listener. You almost get to eavesdrop. Schtitt has the sort of creepy wiriness of old men who still exercise vigorously.

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He has surprised blue eyes and a vivid white crewcut of the sort that looks virile and good on men who have lost a lot of hair anyway. Mario can sit motionless for really long periods. When Schtitt exhales pipe-smoke in different geometric shapes they both seem to study intently, when Schtitt exhales he makes little sounds variant in plosivity between P and B. A made-up story. For some children. An efficiency of Euclid only: flat. For flat children. Straight ahead! Plow ahead! This is myth. The story that the shortest way between two places is the straight line, yes?

Plow ahead: go: collide: kabong. Where is the efficiently quickly straight of Euclid then, yes? And how many two places are there without there is something in the way between them, if you go? Incandenza passed away, the new Headmaster, Dr. Charles Tavis, a Canadian citizen, either Mrs. Mario is an enormous fan of Gerhardt Schtitt, whom most of the other E. One of the reasons the late James Incandenza had been so terribly high on bringing Schtitt to E.

Most jr. The point about not crunching serious stats is that Schtitt had clued Incandenza in, all the way back at a B. In short, Schtitt and the tall A. Incandenza , whose fierce flat serve-and-haul-ass-to-the-net approach to the game had carried him through M. Were he now still among the living, Dr.

Seemed intuitively to sense that it was a matter not of reduction at all, but — perversely — of expansion, the aleatory flutter of uncontrolled, metastatic growth — each well-shot ball admitting of n possible responses, n2 possible responses to those responses, and on into what Incandenza would articulate to anyone who shared both his backgrounds as a Cantorian[35] continuum of infinities of possible move and response, Cantorian and beautiful because wfoliating, contained, this diagnate infinity of infinities of choice and execution, mathematically uncontrolled but humanly contained, bounded by the talent and imagination of self and opponent, bent in on itself by the containing boundaries of skill and imagination that brought one player finally down, that kept both from winning, that made it, finally, a game, these boundaries of self.

Schtitt likes best of all smoke-shapes to try to blow rings, and is kind of lousy at it, blowing mostly wobbly lavender hot dogs, which Mario finds delightful. The thing with Schtitt: like most Europeans of his generation, anchored from infancy to certain permanent values which — yes, OK, granted — may, admittedly, have a whiff of proto-fascist potential about them, but which do, nevertheless the values , anchor nicely the soul and course of a life — Old World patriarchal stuff like honor and discipline and fidelity to some larger unit — Gerhardt Schtitt does not so much dislike the modern O.

Probably mostly just alien. This should not be rendered in exposition like this, but Mario Incandenza has a severely limited range of verbatim recall. Schtitt was educated in pre-Unification Gymnasium under the rather Kanto-Hegelian idea that jr. It sounds almost frighteningly simple-minded, though not to Mario, across the redwood table, listening. Nothing to contain and give the meaning. The what: this is more unimportant than that there is something. Schtitt one time was telling Mario, as they respectively walked and tottered down Comm. Schtitt reported being seriously smitten with the tree:.

They respectively walked and tottered, ice-cream-bound, Mario moving like the one of them who was truly old, mind off his stride because he was trying to think hard about what Schtitt believed. Always and only the self out there, on court, to be met, fought, brought to the table to hammer out terms.

He is the what is the word excuse or occasion for meeting the self. As you are his occasion. You compete with your own limits to transcend the self in imagination and execution. Disappear inside the game: break through limits: transcend: improve: win. Which is why tennis is an essentially tragic enterprise, to improve and grow as a serious junior, with ambitions. You seek to vanquish and transcend the limited self whose limits make the game possible in the first place.

It is tragic and sad and chaotic and lovely. All life is the same, as citizens of the human State: the animating limits are within, to be killed and mourned, over and over again. Mario thinks hard again. Is that like saying life is pro-death? Mario always chickens out and opts for good old basic chocolate when the moment of decision at the counter comes. Thinking along the lines of like Better the flavor you know for sure you already love.

The chance to play, yes? He is tiny, an elf-sized U. His feet barely reach the floor of the taxi. He is seated, being driven east into the grim three-decker districts of East Watertown, west of Boston proper. The window Tiny is next to has a sticker that thanks him in advance for not smoking.

He normally takes involved routes to avoid Watertown. When Tiny leans down and wipes at the scuff-mark with a slim thumb it only pales and smears. They took away his Florsheims after 24 abstinent hours had passed and he started to perhaps D. They gave him slippers of green foam-rubber with smiley-faces embossed on the tops. The early-November day is foggy and colorless. The sky and the street are the same color. The trees look skeletal. There is bright wet wadded litter all along the seams of street and curb. Except none of the boys seems to be moving.

East Watertown is the obvious straight-line easement between St. With his small round shape and bit of white goatee and a violent flush that could pass for health of some jolly sort, Tiny Ewell looks like a radically downscaled Burl Ives, the late Burl Ives as an impossible bearded child. The rose window is not illuminated from either side. The air conditioner hums and gushes, and the man gazes with rapt intensity into its screen of horizontal vents.

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