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22. Hempler's Uncured Beef Franks

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One of the first is that Oscar Mayer bologna is actually bad. It took us long into adulthood to realize their hot dogs -- which basically consist of said bologna rolled into a gooey, salty tube -- are perilously low on the totem pole. This hurt almost as much as learning that Santa isn't real.

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The appeal of turkey dogs is their ostensible lack of cheap bologna taste, but Foster Farms thought it best to split the difference between that and the texture of a disembodied tongue. No thanks! The casing was snappy and enjoyable, but the interior of Open Nature's dogs had a metallic tinge and squeaky texture that almost felt like cheese curds. The finish tasted like the idea of herbs, which was as nonsensical and off-putting as it sounds. We were hoping for a secret explosion of ranch dressing inside this one, but all we got was a bland, one-dimensional flavor surrounded by a sticky exterior that wrecked the bun in the process.

Better go back to the Hidden Valley and relearn everything you thought you knew about food, my guy. The acceptably dialed-down flavor of Sam Walton's personal wiener brand is offset by a cheapness that's perfect for entertaining large groups of people you don't really know or care about. A trunk full of these will do just fine for your next outdoor engagement, assuming the guilt of shopping at Walmart is lost on you. We had high hopes for Applegate Organic, but the combination of the chewy, crumbly texture and the overwhelming taste of seasoning salt and charred flat-top grill remains did little to compel us to ever want to purchase these again unless some bizarre craving for a salt explosion took precedence over quality and flavor.

This was the top dog of all the turkey varieties sampled. The flavor was pretty nondescript, with a subtle hint of, "Hey! This is a hot dog! Under a different context, it would be hard to have any knocks against this offering from everyone's favorite junk food nexus, but the size and flavor of Trader Joe's dogs had us wondering if they were really just lil' smokies thrown in the wrong package.

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They were delicious, but the truncated size and overt notes of maple syrup led us to believe that Trader Joe's is actually cheating, which we would rather not know about. If you're able to ignore the color of their exterior -- which maintained the kind of pale, fetid tone you'd find on the face of a drowning victim who just got yanked out of the pool no matter how long we cooked them -- this is a fantastic dog by Walmart that hits all the checkmarks of taste and texture in a value-priced package. Arguably the most classic, well-known entrant on the list, Ballpark is an aggressively average dog with a flavor that's deeply ingrained in America's psyche.

The inside is a little slimy and mealy, but it's still entirely possible to happily go through life knowing nothing but the simple joys of Ballpark hot dogs. You can do better, but you don't really have to, which may be the essence of what makes hot dogs so special in the first place.

Like an oiled-up minor league wrestler glistening under the flickering lights of a soon-to-be-razed municipal arena, the casing of Kroger's "high-end" in-house option was almost hypnotic to watch as it crackled and cooked on the grill. The texture and flavor of the inside were nothing to write home about, but goddamn was the juicy snap and salty gloss of that outside something special. While some dogs on the list scored high marks for a distinct casing, Wellshire's highfalutin nitrate-free offering was unique in that our teeth sank seamlessly through the outside into a juicy, lightly sweetened interior that pairs quite well with fruity beers like Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy or Stiegl Radler.

This is the perfect summer dog for a highbrow, white tablecloth affair with an inordinate amount of attendees donning Sperry Top-Siders and Brooks Brothers polos. Oh, you know, just people who decide to spring for slightly-more-expensive hot dogs. As grotesque as it sounds on paper, Farmer John Jumbo Wieners had a smooth and glossy texture that reminded us of a fancy bread pudding crafted from the finest turkey and pork products from John's native home of California.

Why this brand hasn't paid Anthony Kiedis to rap the ingredients over these fantastic dogs over a funky nu-metal beat is a mystery to us, so here's to hoping the Red Hot Chili Peppers's publicist sees this in their Google alerts and makes it so.

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Trimming the fat might have something to do with the predilection for the crispy char and dry crunch that made Boar's Head's franks such a pleasant surprise. Subsequent bites revealed a flavor closer to a mild pepperoni than an actual hot dog, but it's unfair to fault them if that's the happy accident that comes about when cutting the calories is the name of the game.

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