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Are the red taxis Budget taxi the ones that we should take to reach our destination?

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Arrival time 2 pm — ish. By the time I clear custom will be 3 pm; I guess. And it is a Friday noon. Major traffic jam? I will be staying at One World hotel in Petaling Jaya. Go to the airport taxi coupon counter it is usually located just outside the baggage collection area and you will be able to purchase a fixed fare taxi ride from airport to wherever you need to go. Dear Mr. Steward, You can go to the budget meter taxi red color signage and purchase a RM2. In line with the budget meter taxi queue , you can see toffee white taxi with the name TEKS1M on the rooftop.. Hi,great article. We will be arriving in Kuala Lumpur in April ,2 adults with 2 large suitcases,do you think we will be ok in a budget taxi.

Hi until now the best information yet. I have a question of my own, appreciate if you could advice us. So, does a 12 seater taxi work economical? Or do we take a bus to KL city? You might have to split up the group — you can book the taxi at the taxi coupon counter when you exit the airport immigration clearance area.

Thanks for such a useful information. I wish to visit KLCC. How far it is and Is it possible to visit and come back from city center with in 4 hours. Taxi or rapid train which is more suitable for travel between 8 AM to 12AM? I shall be grateful if you guide. Thanks once again. If you have only 4 hours and you are arriving at 8am to 12 noon — then avoid taxi because you will be caught in traffic jams during morning peak hours.

Thanks for this very helpfull informations. I already thought taxi could be cheaper for three persons as the express train.

Now i know how it works with coupon Taxis, I already have read about. Thanks for the article. Hi Guys, I have a party of 4 adults arriving late evening on 1st June, with approximately 5 baggages. Would it be cheaper to arrange 2 x budget taxis or 1 x Executive taxi. We are staying at the Renaissance Hotel, Ampang.

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Thanks , this is vary useful advise for first time travelers. What a fantastic blog…….. We will arrive in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday I have read your blog, and advice, but arriving in the early hours, is there any further advice to take in?

Again, great advice, thank you in advance……Malcolm Cox. I have heart the words Road Toll mentioned….. Thank you again for a great service….. We have a group of 4 arriving KL airport at pm. Is the taxi counter still open before 12 noon? I would like a budget taxi as we only have one hand carry bag. Is the taxi counter still open? Thank u. This is very informative, thank you so much. Two suitcases en 2 carry-one luggage.

As we take the taxi just before midnight, do we have to pay the normal tariff plus EXTRA voor night-tariff? We intend to book a budget taxi to our hotel in Bukit Bintang. Do you know what the fare-price is at this moment? Great page. Very useful advice. Check at the taxi counter to confirm — they will be able to advise — i am not sure how big your kids are. Once the bus is full, it leaves.

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The buses get filled up pretty fast, i waited about 10 mins. So it turned out that no one followed the seat number, just pick any available seat upon boarding. The ticket controller was present to check the printed ticket before boarding. Thank you for the tips. As someone who had been to KL a couple of times , I feel these these tips are priceless. During this lay over time we want to have quick look to few attractions of kuala Lumur city.

Is there any budget taxi available which can take us from airport to the city and some places and get back to the airport again? Hi, We are a family of 6 but as four are only children we squeeze happily into a taxi sedan. However will the taxi driver allow this? Are there any rules offical or unofficial regarding how many passengers a taxi may take? As the budget taxi is very small, they will likely not allow that as it will be quite a squeeze.

You may not be able to see the departure schedule online if the selected date is too far away. One of the destinations in Kuala Lumpur departing from both airport terminals is Puduraya Bus Terminal Pudu Sentral which is metres away and a 6-minute walk from Chinatown in Petaling Street Market. You skip the hassle of taking additional transport from KL Sentral if you are staying around the Chinatown area. Taking a taxi from Kuala Lumpur Airport to City Centre is the most expensive option of all but is still considered cheap if you are coming from Europe and America as the cab fares there are even more costly.

Quite a practical choice to take you directly to the hotel especially when there are small children around or when your flight lands late at night. When you return to Kuala Lumpur Airport from the city centre, do not expect to get the same metered rate as most taxi drivers will quote you an inflated price instead of running the fare on a meter. Count yourself lucky if you get one who is willing to turn on the meter. Some unscrupulous taxi drivers may also detour from the original route to make the distance longer when going by the meter. They can earn more cab fares from innocent tourists knowing that they are unfamiliar with the roads.

Either encounter that you chance upon should not deter your sparkling holiday mood as such shady culture has been going on for decades in KL that it becomes a norm. Furthermore, it is also a matter of luck if you would meet unethical taxi drivers like them. There are 4 types of taxis or limos to choose from — Budget Taxi, Premier Limo, Super Luxury and Family Service according to the car model for accommodating passenger capacity from 3 to 8.

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The taxi can be found in:. There are 3 types of taxi available in Kuala Lumpur Airport to City Centre for 24 hours similar to the those discussed above. Get a coupon from the counter after informing them of your destination. After making the payment, go to Door 4 to queue and wait for a red Budget Taxi. Pass the coupon to the taxi driver to proceed with the journey to your destination. Go to the metered taxi counter and get a coupon for RM2. Queue up for the Metered Taxi at Door 4.

The taxi meter will start running after you hand it to the driver. You will pay the fare displayed at the meter plus other additional costs like toll charges if any. The colour of the Premier Taxi is blue. They are more pricey and spacious than the Budget Taxis. Beware that you have to pay double the price for a more comfortable ride than the smaller ones. They are readily available at all time.

However, that is not usually the case with budget taxis. If you have luggage, then you will be lucky if two adults will fit in a budget taxi. Some taxi drivers allow passengers to store their suitcase in the boot or on the front seat. However, if the suitcase is too big, then the driver will not allow you to put it on the front seat because of safety reasons.

In other words, if you choose to travel on a budget taxi, then you should be ready to sacrifice your comfort. On the other hand, premium taxis are more spacious and comfortable. However, their comfort comes at a price. If you are more than two and you have luggage, then we advise that you choose a premier taxi over a budget taxi.

They are more comfortable and can carry more luggage. Once you get to KL Sentral, you can take a coupon taxi which is reliable and affordable or use the monorail to get to your hotel.

How to Go from Kuala Lumpur Airport to City Centre?

In conclusion, the total cost of travel from the airport to your hotel depends on the means of transport that you choose, the number of people travelling, the time that you are traveling as well as the size of your luggage. However, in general, the bus is the cheapest. Train, on the other hand, is the fastest while the taxi is the most convenient form of transport. This service is available daily. This price include the transfer service with a private car and a driver who can speak a little English. Driver dress in formal, Well behaved, with clean car and reliable service every time.

Book a taxi within minutes and pay by cash or card online.

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Airport taxi coupon counter kuala lumpur

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