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Ultimate Nachos A classic turned ultimate with warm corn tortilla chips, chili, pico de gallo, shredded lettuce, fresh jalapenos, queso, and salsa. Chicken Quesadilla A grilled flour tortilla is stuffed with Cajun seasoned grilled chicken, pico de gallo, and a blend of cheeses. Street Tacos Three snack size soft flour tortillas filled with garlic tossed grilled chicken, pico de gallo, southwestern ranch dressing, and fresh cilantro.

Served with bourbon honey mustard. Crispy Jumbo Shrimp Lightly battered shrimp served with cocktail sauce or your favorite signature sauce. Cheddar Cheese Curds Lightly battered and fried to gooey perfection and these authentic Wisconsin Cheddar cheese curds. Served with southwestern ranch dressing. Fried Pickles Crunchy dill pickle slices are cornmeal-breaded, fried, and served with southwestern ranch dressing. Mozzarella Sticks Fried cheesy goodness served with marinara sauce make these perfect for dunking. Chilli Queso Dip A winning blend of queso and chilli is topped with pico de gallo.

Served with warm tortilla chips. Beer Battered Onion Rings Dunked in beer batter then fried to a golden crisp and thick-cut onion rings. Served with a side of southwestern ranch dressing.

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Chips and Salsa Warm tortilla chips are paired with blended salsa in this timeless classic. Big Twist Pretzel This oven-baked pretzel is jumbo in both size and dipped in a side of creamy queso. Basket Potato Wedges Crispy outside, soft inside, and with sour cream and chive seasoning. Basket Buffalo Chips Thick-sliced and potatoes fried to a golden crisp.

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Boneless wings All white chicken lightly breaded and perfectly cooked to a golden crisp. Traditional Wings New York style wings. Boneless Wing Snack All white chicken lightly breaded and perfectly cooked to a golden crisp. Traditional Wing Snack New York style wings. Southwestern Black Bean Burger Black bean burger topped with Cheddar cheese, avocado, and southwest ranch. Served on warm, toasted brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, red onions, and pickles. Served with French fries.

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich Breaded all white chicken breast is cooked to a golden crisp, covered with Swiss cheese, ranch dressing, and signature medium sauce, then topped with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions. Served with cut French fries. Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap Crispy chicken buffalo tenders are drizzled with signature medium sauce and ranch dressing, then rolled up with a blend of cheeses, lettuce, and tomatoes in a large flour tortilla.

Served with tortilla chips and salsa. Bayou Po Boy Packed with your choice of Cajun seasoned crispy jumbo shrimp or crisp chicken drizzled with creamy Cajun creolo sauce, topped off with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and crisp veggie slaw. Pepper Jack Steak Wrap Juicy tender sirloin is topped with southwestern ranch dressing, then rolled up with Pepper Jack cheese, lettuce, and pico de gallo in a large flour tortilla. Southwest Philly Cheesesteak Tender, sliced sirloin seasoned with desert heat is loaded on a grilled hoagie, and finished with queso and pico de gallo.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich All white chicken breast, grilled and drizzled with honey BBQ sauce, topped with a classic combo of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions plus Pepper Jack cheese, and hickory smoked bacon. Served with natural cut French fries. So browse the menu on our mobile-friendly website. You can order online or give us a call to order fresh, fast pizza delivered to your door.

Of course, not everybody enjoys picking up the phone these days. That's why Pizza offers a variety of ordering options, including placing your order on the safe and secure website or through the Pizza app, available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play. The Pizza app makes online pizza delivery secure, fast and easy. You can access our entire menu, including specials, traditional and specialty pizzas, chicken wings, salads, sides and deserts. We also offer web-only specials. Once you know what you want to eat, you can place your order for future delivery or have it sent right away.

Credit, debit, or cash payment options are available at your door. If you'd prefer takeout pizza , the app lets you know which location is closest and supplies directions. Either way, your online pizza delivery app will sync with your online ordering profile on the website. Since our founding in , has also supported schools, community groups, fundraisers and charities by providing healthy, nutritious lunches to organizations and events across Canada.

We provide quality food and great service at an affordable price, and are happy to help you plan and customize your order. Organizing an event is never easy, and feeding large groups is often one of the most challenging tasks. Through our decades of experience, we've figured out how to feed good, hot food to large groups as efficiently as possible — and we don't charge for pizza delivery or napkins, and we'll pick up the empty boxes for free. An important part of feeding schools, fundraisers, and charities is ensuring that participants have access to safe and healthy food. Our customers' health and safety are of utmost importance to us.

At Pizza, we are proud to recognize that our pizzas meet Ontario's School Food and Beverage Policy, and that our nutrition standards exceed the province's criteria and fall under the 'sell most' category. Our products don't contain MSG, and our pizza crusts and sauces are always free of animal products.

We are also strong believers that nobody should be left out of the pizza day fun. As such, we make sure to offer a variety of dietary options, such as gluten-free crusts for customers with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, and halal toppings, each available upon request. Just remember: large orders are complex — to keep things simple, offers a limited pizza delivery menu of cheese, pepperoni, or veggie for our school lunch program. Depending on the occasion, you can choose from a wide selection of specials, combos, traditional pizzas, specialty pizzas, chicken wings, sides, salads, desserts and drinks.

All our pizzas are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Pizzas come in a vast array of flavours these days, but Pizza believes that classics are classics for a reason. We prepare six varieties of traditional pizza: Deluxe pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper, and red onions ; Canadian pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms, and a three-cheese blend ; Meat Lovers pepperoni, bacon, Italian sausage, and beef ; Veggie green olives, red onions, mushrooms, tomato, and green peppers ; BBQ Chicken grilled chicken strips, red onions, BBQ sauce and extra cheese ; and Hawaiian ham, pineapple, bacon, and extra cheese.

Even the picky eaters in your household will find something to love on our traditional pizza delivery menu.

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When the classic flavours just won't do, you can always turn to our Specialty Pizzas menu, which combines traditional toppings with more experimental tastes. This pizza delivery menu includes the Basil Pesto black olives, red onions, tomato, garlic, goat cheese, pizza mozzarella cheese, and pesto sauce ; Classic Greek black olives, green peppers, feta cheese, red onions, tomatoes, and pizza mozzarella cheese ; Chicken Club chicken strips, bacon strips, bacon crumple tomato, onions, garlic spread, and parmesan and pizza mozzarella cheese ; and the Bacon Cheeseburger red onions, double beef, bacon crumple, three cheese blend, and pizza mozzarella.

We are constantly adding new innovative flavours to keep things interesting.

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If nothing on the Traditional or Specialty pizza menus catches your eye, you can always build your own pizza! Whether you're dining in or ordering takeout pizza , choose either one or two pizzas or the panzerotti and load up on as many or as few toppings as you please.

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This is a great way to order online pizza delivery. Combine pizzas, panzerottis, drinks, dipping sauces, wings, and pizza knots to form a variety of delicious and affordable deals. You can even order our Square Party Size Pizza to surprise and satisfy a large group. Sports fans are known to have their share of friendly disagreements, but on one thing they can all agree: there's nothing like pizza on game day.

Whether you're a hockey fan, football fan, baseball fan or basketball fan, a few slices of delicious delivery pizza are sure to make the game more enjoyable.

That's why Pizza offers a variety of Game Day Specials to feed you and your friends. These specials are tailored to a larger crowd with a big appetite. You can choose to order four one-topping pizzas or 50 wings on their own, or you can opt for one of three combos: three large pizzas with 15 wings; four large pizzas with 30 wings; or a whopping six large pizzas with 40 wings.

However big your gameday party is, Pizza has got you covered. Chicken wings, breaded wings and chicken chunks are some of our other specialties, and you can order them all for delivery or at one of our locations. We serve classic wings, breaded wings and chicken chunks in servings or six, 10, 15 and 20, and our halal wings in servings of six, 10 or Any of these chicken dishes are a great compliment to our selection of pizzas. Chicken wings not your thing?

Try one of our other sides: crispy fries, fries with gravy, poutine, or our potato wedges will satisfy your French fries craving, or grab an order of garlic parmesan pizza knots, breadsticks, or savory garlic bread. Don't forget to pick up a couple dipping sauces for your pizza crusts, too — they come in garlic, ranch, white cheddar habanero, marinara, BBQ, honey garlic, firecracker, and hot and medium flavours. Finished your pizza and wings with room to spare?

Time for some dessert! Choose from a bag of two bite brownies, six sweet cinnamon pizza knots, or four bags of chips to put the finishing touches on your meal. Wash your meal down with an ice cold beverage. Enter your phone number to create an account and order online. It's quick and easy. Help, I forgot my password. Just curious? Feel free to surf our menu and see what's cooking at your local Pizza.

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oshawa wing deals Oshawa wing deals

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