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I actually do have a sand bath for him! I just didn't get any photos of him in it. He seems to enjoy hanging out in it so far, he likes to sit in the sand and groom his tiny face.

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Thanks for the advice! He woke up from his little nap, so I got some more pictures. I'm assuming by "DJ" she was implying Djungarian, which is the 'proper' term for a Winter White, but he's a little agouti Campbells - cute little guy, congrats! Campbells can be prone to developing cage aggression, but this is often a reaction to either a too small enclosure or improper set up up. If he does have cage aggression issues from being at the store, it can be pretty easy to snap them out of it.


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I think the size of your cage should be fine, but I think he'd benefit from a much more natural set up. Oh I see, thank you! Yes - From the way it sounds, he probably was either territorial or had cage aggression due to being confined in such a small space for his whole life. Hamsters with cage aggression usually literally chase your hand and lunge at you though, right?

Maybe he was just so distracted by the fact that he was somewhere new, that he didn't realize my hand was there. If he does seem to have cage aggression though - I will definitely look into a natural setup, didn't realize the setup had anything to do with cage aggression, interesting! It is hard to create a natural set up in the US, I tried it once with one of my syrians and by the time I got done it didn't look very natural. It's difficult to find good natural items. Thanks again for your advice! You'll know if he's cage aggressive immediately after he's settled in - it's impossible to not notice or mistake for something else.

They either had a shallow bedding depth, or just didn't have an enriching environment or a combination of the two.

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Bored Campbells can be pretty nasty. It's not exactly cage aggression, but it is a form of aggression stemming from an unsuitable enclosure all the same.

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You can check out the reptile sections of pet stores either in person or online for natural decor - they're much more stimulating than plastic toys. Cork tubes, grapevine, driftwood, bamboo root, half-log hides, etc - these are things that should be readily available in even American pet stores. Of course; you'll always get the odd Campbells who is particularly territorial and just can't seem to calm down regardless of what you do - but, for the vast majority or at least, I would argue the vast majority they can be snapped out of it with little effort.

I adopted my blind female Campbells, Reuben, from someone a few months ago and she had a relatively large enclosure about 6,cm2 but had really bad aggression issues - it was like putting your hand in a piranhas tank to feed her, she'd latch onto absolutely everything.

Cage set up really does have the ability to make such a difference - with some species, they'll either become fixated on escape or will become lethargic.

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With Campbells, their usual reaction to a boring environment is typically aggression - from my experience, at least. Had a hard time getting him to wait for me to get a picture. It was very hard to get him to sit still long enough to get a photo of him with the cake he was so excited!

The cake was delicious Apple and Oats , he loved it! Your awesome cake was a hit! Each of our boys got a slice and they chowed down! It was a very happy birthday for our Ted. They love them! Thank you so much for my birthday cake!! I just love the pink yogurt frosting and the crunchy bones on the side!! Please enjoy our photo from our birthday party! She, along with her brothers, really loved the cake! Firehouse Annie is licking her lips, waiting to dig in to her Happy Adoptaversary cake. She shared with her pals Buddy and Blondie, who all enjoyed the cake.

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