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Gladstone St. Next to Corner Bakery www. Irvine, California Irvine at Woodbury www. Hampden Ave. Denver, Colorado I and Hampden www. Wadsworth Pkwy. Suite 2 Aurora, Colorado www. Lakewood, Colorado Across from Colorado Mills www. Bowles Ave. C Littleton, Colorado Wadsworth www. Colorado Blvd. Glendale, Colorado Colorado Blvd. University Blvd. Oxbow Crossing, Next to Snap Fitness haircutmenmontroseco. Tower Rd. Milford, Connecticut Next to Whole Foods haircutmenmilfordct. Congress Ave. Jacksonville, Florida Atlantic Blvd. Behind Burger King www. Gandy Blvd.

Jog Rd. Dale Mabry Hwy. Augustine Rd. Racetrack Rd. NW Ft. Walton Beach, Florida Across from Kohl's www. Federal Hwy. D Ft. Cobb Parkway Ste. Cumming, Georgia Market Place Blvd. State St. Marketplace Blvd. Weber Rd. Bolingbrook, Illinois Landings of Bolingbrook www.

Montgomery, Illinois Next to Walgreens www. Kinzie Ave. Bradley, Illinois In front of Lowe's www.

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Elgin, Illinois In front of Menards www. Kensington Rd. Naperville, Illinois Just East of Costco www. South Elgin, Illinois Randall Rd. North Ave Carol Stream, Illinois haircutmencarolstreamil. Next to Walmart and Sports Authority Chicago Ave. Near Barrington Rd. Cicero Ave. Oak Lawn, Illinois th and Cicero www. Route 59 Unit Plainfield, Illinois Rt.

Ashland Ave. Next to Five Guys www. Western Ave. D Carpentersville, Illinois Rt. Jefferson St. Suite F St. Charles, Illinois Rt. Milwaukee Ave. Libertyville, Illinois Near Panera Bread www. Hwy 50 at I Exit 14 www. Randall Rd. Algonquin, Illinois At Randall Rd. LaGrange Rd. An extra star for the cleanliness and the cashier's hard work.

I have very bad experience I hate the staff very Rude I went there couple times to experience different customer service unfortunately they just don't care!!!!! Overpriced and difficult to find items but not alot of other choices in town for craft supplies. Sometimes the store feels understaffed but when available they know what they're doing and do it well.

Some stuff are nice but some are awful and racist. She was very friendly to other customers at a casher but as soon as i taried to chat with her she shut her mouse up i'm Asian beside, she didn't give me any discounts i was suppose to get. I had to have her make sure three times while i had to see her offended attitude and finally i got correct price that was less then the price i got the first place!!

She even tried to confuse me by going to math and numbers. There are not many people in this city who discrimate speaking English as secound languages people. It was realy too bad i got such experience here. My last visit was very pleasant, had everything I was looking for and the cashier was super nice. They usually have a good variety of products but their prices are excessive. Compared to the other Micheals craft stores this one has a strick 1 coupon policy. So, i will not return to this store.

Amazing staff! The store is in the midst of a renovation, so things are in chaos, but the staff can help you find any and everything you need! I like this store but its very expensive like crayola products they sale them for But on the other hand AC moore is way better and cheaper! This store is relatively well-stocked and clean, and the staff are helpful.

Prices tend to be average to just a bit higher than AC Moore. Disappointed that the selection of papercrafting supplies has been reduce over the last few years. Overall, a good place to shop for craft supplies. I found everything I needed and then some! You would be surprised at what they have. Michael's is a horrible overpriced mess. Pretty much everything here is way cheaper online. Staff in here are sparse, and from my personal limited experience, not all that knowledgeable. I asked if a product was carried, told it wasn't, then found it only moment's later next to where I asked the staff member.

Delightful staff! They made me smile. And what a lovely smell when you walk in! To the jonny that works there if u keep hittin on my girlfriend im gonna go there and hit on you literally.. I like this store it has alot of neat things i bought some paint and glue for jar painting for my gf and they have a good selection. I usually like going into this newer store. Today I went in hoping to not only gather some project supplies but take a look around since it had been a while since I've been in.

I couldn't wait to get out of there! The music was blaring! And no, I'm not old. I understand the concept of having music playing, but it's a store, not a nightclub. A girl named Brooklyn, so this is the title and the comment? Ok then,. A girl named Brooklyn helped me out and was as respectful as she could be. I am a franchise owner of another company but I know true ppl when I witness them.

She was great and if you are lucky enough to find her there while she is working then!! Going into the store is fine. But over the phone thier customer service skills are horrible the lad had an attitude and she put me on hold for over 20 minutes. Much the same as all other Micheals stores I've been to. Make sure to check out weekly flyer from this store.

Great selection of art supplies, however there does seem to be a bit of price gouging with certain brands. If the price seems steep, Google it. Chances are it IS sold cheaper somewhere close by, unless it's something specific like copic markers, ect.. I always find what I need for crafting. They have classes for various things from art to cake decorating. Clean and organized, staff are helpful and friendly.

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As with most Michael's stores in the area - busy but well staffed. There's always someone to answer a question. Stocked with exactly the type of yarns I was looking for,. Good art supplies, but a little.

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Pricey at times. The paint brush variety is good. I wish there was a bigger selection but the store is ok. If you can't find it, just look for the old navy in the area it's next to it. They should have little benches while you wait for your girlfriend or wife. Prices are too high. Only shop here if you have a coupon. Lots of stuff that you probably couldn't find elsewhere in Fredericton, but the prices are outrageous.

It's a Michaels the workers are helpful and you'll come out with all your needs. Every time I go in there the staff is very helpful, very clean store and organized. Don't get there much, but enjoy shopping there n employees are very polite and helpful. Had to pick up some random odds and ends. The place is quite sloppy but it's more than made up my the attentiveness of the staff. My favorite one in town always had the best stock they get you in and out its my favorite place to shop I could live in there always clean sticks by there sales no matter what they have a clearance area which I haven't seen in others.

Great staff. Michael's is very crowded, disorganized, and has a thin selection in many areas floral, woodworking , but a big selection in others farming, paper crafts. The store is too small for what it contains, and in addition to the crowded environment, the staff appear disgruntled and are not usually helpful. Had a few pieces of art framed, Megan spent an hour going through the matting and frame options. Extremely impressed with the quality and effort put into the frames. I find it difficult to get help from the staff. They rearranged the store I think, and I like the set up.

The liquidations are great cause everything else is very over priced. The Best place to find all my craft supplies , a bit pricey but what can you do. Big, with a huge selection. Discounts are not as great as in the U. But that's to be expected. Good selection but kinda expensive. I asked questions about a product but the clerks did not know their products.

Nice place where to find a lot of things for crafting, and the have a lot of specials. I would like to find more options for 'men crafting'. While there is a lot of choices for women and kids crafts, the selection for geek crafting cosplay, scale model, etc Is very limited. Very nice store. Crafts galore. The workers are very nice, yet the cashiers are very slow. Everybody is on a slow down in this store but I suppose it is the nature of the beast.

For a long time the only craft store in the vicinity was JoAnn fabrics, and those stores are always a mess. Michael's does not have fabric but you can get custom framing done and the store is always tidy. Every time Everyday I visit always good team members, that are helpful and friendly! Though I wish they had more of a soap making section I love it here.

The staff is amazing. I prefer the North Little Rock store but this one is not too bad. Still it would be way better if more Maker products were sold here. I dont know how we always bypass Michaels for Hobby Lobby. Michaels has great sales all the time and awesome Christmas stuff! Store is fine Always have what we need. Except someone to help you. Always so hard to find help. Then the check out lane Always only one person checking you out So just don't go in and be in a hurry.

Store was clean, they had everything that I needed. The only reason that I am not giving 5 stars because you can never find help when you need it and there was only one person cashing everyone out, so the line took awhile to go through. Otherwise it's a nice store. Dont even bother to ask for help or for them to hold items overnight. I called to ask for an item they have in stock to be held overnight, the clerk said that my item couldn't be held. Even though two other Michael stores held my items with no questions. Definitely not a fan of this store.

However, the custom framing staff were helpful with getting things right the first time. Store was clean and well cared for. The staff were short on assistance and basically not helpful. My normal store in 7 corners Virginia has a dynamic staff that will totally help you however they can. When I showed my teacher's ID, the associate grilled me about the type of school, where it was, its accreditation Needless to say, a bad experience. This craft store is huge. I don't think it's a good place to get fabric but it is great for just about anything else craft related.

Prices here are not so hot. Unfortunately they pretty much have the market cornered with little competition. They also don't seem to be too concerned. With having sufficient check stands open during busy hours. As the lines at checkout can be pretty long. Pretty wide selection of stuff here surprisingly. I mean, the 2 Michaels I normally go to are on the smaller size but this one is fairly big and even has a scrapbook paper section and that's pretty cool. Staff is fine, I'd say you can find basically whatever it is you need for your hobby or idea here.

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Great place to shop for odds and ends, frames, arts and crafts!! My girlfriend CAN'T get enough!! I do love their selection but their prices are ridiculous. Even with their coupons their art supplies are still more expensive than Curry's! I am reminded why I love this store when walking in.

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Everything you could want to be creative. Every medium and craft. Love this store. Great staff, lots of selection and clean. This place is so totally amazing! And the staff is polite, and they remember to ask for airmiles! Somethings are a little expensive but they have great sales! Great staff very helpful Helped me to decide on which Christmas tree to choose. Good for crafting and art supplies. Good deals online as they always have tons of coupons for mobile users available.

Not the biggest Michaels but the staff is great and make all the difference. They are very polite and go out of their way to help you. Store is always clean and tidy and well stocked. Clearance section is good too. Michaels is always consistent and never disappoints with another awesome store for thise times when you feel artistically inclined. You can always find coupons online. Lots of selection for DIY'ers. Staff are friendly. The staff here is very knowledgeable and the store is well laid out.

They always have great coupons to couple with your purchase and also offer craft classes. I find this to be a better location than the other one in Brampton. They have a good selection of anything you need that is art related. Staff is very helpful and they make suggestions when you need questions answered.

The staff here is very helpful, directed me to several different items while I was struggling. Not the biggest selection compared to Hobby Lobby. Prices are consistent. I just wish they had a bigger variety of product and internet coupons. You either find THE most perfect items there or nothing at all. There's usually only 1 register open and it's a new employee insert eye roll. More like they avoided eye contact. Not an impressive store, but it will do in a pinch. Varying business practices. What's kosher one day as it pertains to coupons of which you are bombarded with daily via email may not be the next.

Inconstant at best. We were looking for a specific item and the employees had trouble finding at first. But that was fine. The girl working the cashier was the problem. She yelled at us and refused to take our coupon when we gave it to her. It was a fine coupon that would have worked and saved us money but she refused to use it.

Terrible customer service skills. I will never go to Michaels here again and am advising my fellow crafters in the Burlington area to not shop here either. You're better off going to Jo Ann's. The store was clean.

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Prices were good: I saved money on felt. The store could be bigger. Worst experience EVER by a really rude and entitled female employee. My spouse and I have spent thousands of dollars shopping at Michael's and to be honest, it is one of our favorite places. Well, not anymore!!!! The experience in there yesterday, Monday, February 22, around p. I was very upset from hearing about the experience from my spouse as well as hearing first hand by being on the phone with my spouse.

As my spouse approached her cash register and sat the items to be purchased down, the employee did not even acknowledge my spouse. Jessica my spouse stood there for a minute or two while the employee ignored her. FINALLY, the employee started ringing her up, huffing and signing the entire time and she made my wife feel uncomfortable. At the end of the checkout, the employee put my wife's purchase, which had a decent amount of individual flowers and miscellaneous items in an extremely small bag and kind of threw it at my wife.

As soon as the employee let go of the bag which Jessica did not even have a hold of , the bag toppled over and the flowers dumped out on the floor. The employee did not even apologize or offer to help pick them up. While my wife was gathering up her purchase off the floor, she asked the employee if the copy of the receipt was in the bag or could she get it? With a very rude and mean response, the employee said verbatim "I gave it to you! After my wife walked out, she was so upset and distraught by the time she arrived at the car, she thought she left something in the store.

If her job is that difficult or stressful, she should seek other employment. If I were there to watch the entire situation occur, I would have said something to that employee.

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  6. We are deciding whether we would like to return to Michael's or not! For now, we are still irritated by the way the employee behaved and her tone of voice. The floral arrangements were attractive, store clerks were helpful and they had everything I needed to complete by craft project. Great selection of holiday gifts in the home decor section. Not very happy with the customer service there. When you ask for help finding a product they point and say over there.

    If you still can't find what you want then you're told we're out. Great selection of art and hobby supplies. Usually easy to find things, but I often find that during holiday seasons their seasonal sections can get very messy and with a sparse selection of items. Employee interactions haven't always been great either, with help seemingly being offered grudgingly. I shop there at least 4 or more times per week. There is one employee who ALWAYS takes time to greet me, make sure I know what sales are current, directs me towards the best deals and offers me coupons Ashley is so thorough, considerate and professional at her job.

    Ashley not sure her last name is great at her job! Thank you Ashley for your excellent customer service. Found everything i needed when i got there but i had called the store earlier to check if the items were in stock and was put on hold for 40 mins I'm not too much of a crafty person, but when I need something it's usually here. Great selection of craft supplies and found everything I was looking for. I'd recommend this store to friends and family.

    Great location too. I love this store I go there every other week. Nice store has everything that u need for arts and crafts,weddings, party and more. Nice place ofr arts and crafts. Very friendly and helpful. Went here to purchase an easel and some paint. The only reason I don't give a 5 star is because of the prices. I would recommend this place to others. Very huge selection of all things artsie. If its craft your into then you need to check out Michaels. A great craft store! My wife loves scrapbooking, and goes here all the time to stock up!

    There's plenty of product to choose from, though it's often out of place. Have a question? Ask your phone, staff isn't very knowledgeable. Also, if you have any sinus or allergy issues, pop a Benadryl before entering, this store uses scented spray and the perfume fills the air at obnoxious levels. My daughter likes to buy a project every month. We were there this week to buy a project she could work on.

    I have a 2 year old as well and he was with us. Like any 2 year old he was playing around with some of the summer toys. I was amazed at the nerve of this associate to say something like this to a customer. I complained this to the manager of the store and she had no apology. All she said was she will speak to him. I will not visit this store again. If my 2 year old has to behave like 18 at a store that carries toys I would rather not take him there. Great store as most Michaels are. Courteous and friendly employees. They have a good selection of items. Highly recommend for all those "crafty" people.

    Also, well organized and clean. This Michael's seems a bit messy from time to time. Also they run out of product quickly because they are one of the busier ones. The service was terrible for the matting and framing desk. YP advertisers receive higher placement in the default ordering of search results and may appear in sponsored listings on the top, side, or bottom of the search results page.

    This place seems overpriced unless you have a coupon from one of their ads and they always seems to be out of stock on the things I need. They have a great selection of products and free classes to learn how to do it. Happen to stumble upon Michael's when searching online and decided to try it. The best all around place I've ever been to. The service was amazing…. I went into Michaels to get some posters framed. The salesperson Arian, in the framing department, was very helpful.

    He was patient and stuck with m…. Competitive Pricing. Positively Everything for your office. From Business: Jerry's Proudly serving artists since ! Thank you for choosing Jerry's for purchasing your art supplies. From Business: Banana Island Quilts gives one on one customer service with a smile. We will do our best to help you succeed.

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